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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Welcome Prosperity Wealth with Refrigerator Using Feng Shui

Welcome prosperity and wealth with refrigerators. How can your fridge bring wealth into your life. Refrigerators in f eng shui are considered very important and auspicious. Not only does your fridge make a style statement but it is the most important piece of furniture in your kitchen. It stores your food and , food in feng shui is the most important resource to build energy and life source, which reflects directly in your family’s health and mental well being. Clean up the hidden clutter.
Have noticed that all fridges are different, not physically only, with top doors, two doors, four doors, drinking water facility,  and bottom freezers, small and medium and big sized refrigerators, some are spic and span but empty, some are over stocked with contents falling over you on opening the door, and some are just unkempt.
Feng shui take on refrigerators, simple tips for creating good chi into your kitchen and home. Stale food in fridge emits negative energy and affects the whole family. Once in a week or so depending upon the time you have do clean up the fridge and assess the date of expiry of food items and things , vegetables and fruits, eatables, going stale. See that the food stored is properly covered and stored in your fridge. Do remove packets, empty or those which have passed expiry date out and throw them, as people have habit of giving away this but a thing expired which is not good for you is not good for anyone.
Keep it organized, each thing must have a place of its own, eggs, vegetables, milk , fruits, see that they are placed in their respective places so that every member of the family can find them and you do not lose out on and waste precious food items as of neglect. Do not over stock, as full fridge means good feng shui but over stocked fridge does not mean the same , it means you are unorganized and irresponsible to nature and its gifts from universe, as an over stocked fridge most of the times many items go waste.
Buy fridge according to your family members and needs. Buying a large fridge and keeping it empty most of the time is unrealistic even though you can afford it the refrigerator will emit negative vibes as you will waste precious electricity in keeping it and also space in your kitchen. The fridge should be appropriate according to your family needs and life style. If you need cold storage more space buy a design as that, and if you stock cartons more of juices and chilled drinks think and buy accordingly, and if you need to store more dry items consider a fridge patterned like this.
Your refrigerator the most important part of your family in feng shui your kitchen is the most important to replenish chi positive energy as in cooked and stored food, keep it clean and well maintained, and welcome good health and prosperity into your life, family and home.
All the Best!
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Topaz a Stone of Love and Success

Topaz stones are available in many colors especially yellow, pink, green, red, golden, blue, white and also  colorless. Topaz stone has its healing properties to promote self confidence and acts as decision maker.  Topaz has been considered the stone of love and success as it is believed to bring success in all business as well as personal ventures, by helping the wearer to make right decisions confidently and to trust these decisions..
Topaz stone is also used to aid in improving digestion and solar plexus chakra. It is a facilitator in meditation and spiritual endeavors. It helps to visualize ones dreams, planning and right appropriate decision making for future,  and thus promoting success and great wealth.
A stone for success and true love.
All the Best!

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Heal relationships with Gem Stones

Heal relationships with gemstones. Yes colorful stones can be effectively used to heal relationships.
Relationships gone sour, arguments, misunderstandings, lonliness and low confidence,  rose quartz is the best gemstone that can heal the mind body and spirit. Rose quartz s believed to bring about peace, acceptance and opens the heart chakra for pure love and compassion towards others.
Rose quartz with its soft pink color heals the heart chakra by balancing the chakra and improving flow of positive energy to the body and soul. The stone is believed to bring about harmony in relationships by accepting ones  self and others, and the healing the heart towards acceptance and open to love from others. It is also used to improve self confidence and self esteem by bringing down stress levels , very beneficial after any death or crises  of a close one in the family. It helps in coming to logical solutions for problems.
Rose quartz also improves heart functioning and is also used in healing by many spiritual healers. It is often termed as heart stone as it heals the heart of all issues and brings about peace and harmony. Rose quartz is also used by single people in search for right partner and soul mates as the pink color , considered to be the color of love, attracts marital love luck. For the married the rose quartz acts as love enhancer and develops great understanding and love between the couple and the family in general.
Pink rose quartz allow easier understanding and acceptance of new things and opens heart for changes and trust in new relationships and develops compassion pure love.
All the Best!

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Quartz Stones of Different Colors Healing properties

Quartz stones are available in many colors and have different healing properties.
Citrine, amethysts, rose quartz, yellow quartz, smokey quartz etc there are many varieties in quartz stones. Rose quartz being the most famous and sought after stone used to develop love and compassion and understanding acceptance.
Quartz stones can be used for dual purposes , that to attract earth energy as well as for drawing heaven energy. Quartz stones are also used to purify chakras and improve the flow of energy to all chakras by balancing them. All quartz stones help to connect with the upper higher self and spiritual bodies and improves self confidence and stability.
All the Best!

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pearl Gem stone Healing Properties

Pearl is considered most auspicious and because of its availability from special sources under water , both sea and fresh water, it has energy from earth and heaven. Pearl can be worn by anyone and it has its effect by bringing peace, harmony and good luck.
Pearl is considered the stone of sincerity and respect. Pearls are available in many colors ranging from off white, pink, yellow, black and bluish or grayish colors but never pure white. As pearls look very attractive and are expensive they have been associated with royalty and high status.
Pearls enhance integrity , focus and chastity. It has been considered auspicious and innocent stone. Pearls can be worn in any jewellery as in ear rings, finger rings and necklaces or traditional chokers.
The prices of pearls vary from its origin and source they are from. Pearls bring prosperity,  wisdom, wealth, and saves from misfortune and ill luck. Being the stone of the moon pearl protects from diseases and brings good health and improves beauty and skin color.
Pearls strengthens sexual chakra and improves functioning of heart and improves visual mind stimulation. Pearl lowers acidity and helps in digestive problems. Pearl grants its wearer magical properties of intuition and aids in making right decisions.
All the Best!

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Tourmaline gem Stone Healing Properties

Tourmaline gemstones have been used in healing and have been proved to have psychic abilities to heal. As Tourmaline stones are available in many colors each stone has its own healing properties. Tourmaline stones are used to improve concentration, develop compassion and understanding, also used to help in many diseases related to mind by relaxing the mind and bringing about harmony and peace. They dispel negative energies, neutralize them, and protect and develop confidence. Tourmalines also aid in detoxification of the body.
Red or pink tourmaline has properties similar to any pink stone, like rose quartz, to attract love and develop love and compassion and acceptance towards others. Blue Tourmaline has psychic abilities and powers to open the third eye , increases intuition abilities and protects from psychic attacks and mostly used by healers. These are considered very good for channeling energies from the universe, higher force.  Communication stone the deeper the blue the more powerful its properties for improving communication skills and intuition. Yellow Tourmaline is specially good for business and job employment. Colorless Tourmaline is best stone for healing.
Red is an energy enhancer for increasing self confidence and energy, and green used for attracting wealth and money. Black Tourmaline is used for protection from negative energies. Dark blue is also used for restful sleep and peace. The best colour, it looks very attractive,  in Tourmaline stone is the water melon stone having pink and green, used to balance yin and yang energies and attract love. This water melon stone is used to balance male and female energies in the wearer and acts upon the intentions made by the users.
Love, friendship, peace, health, money wealth, communication skills, concentration, and psychic abilities all can be enhanced by use of this Tourmaline gemstone. Tourmaline stones are favorites of artist, actors and those jobs requiring in communication skills.
All the Best!

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Monday, January 28, 2013

Important How to Choose Tips to Buy Feng Shui jewellery

Want to buy feng shui jewellery but are not sure what to buy and how much to spend on this type of healing funky colorful symbol jewellery.How to choose and buy feng shui jewelry, with market flooded with feng shui ornaments and jewellery made specially for clientelle who enjoy funky chunky symbol on their jewellery  ther erae few simple tips you can consider before speeding a fortune on such ornaments.
Most of the times the jeweler will guide you about symbols in lay person language as bringing good luck, great fame and recognition, lucky stone jewellery  or the one to protect from evil eye. These I have found the most searched after and sought by ladies especially in feng shui jewellery.
As Reiki symbols are painted or engraved on ear rings , rings and also pendants for bringing protection and good luck so also feng shui symbols of prosperity ,the eight auspicious symbols of Buddhism, even bangles and traditional style chokers are engraved with healing symbols and people love the uniqueness of such feng shui jewellery.
While selecting choosing buying feng shui jewellery consider these simple guidelines-
Always buy from reputed shops and jewelers only, yes brand names are costlier but they also assure you the authenticity of the metal used, platinum, gold, sterling silver, silver or  a mixture of five metals. Many times people focus only on the symbolic value of the feng shui jewellery and  forget how much more they are paying for the piece of feng shui jewellery. I have seen many shop owners sell fake diamonds stones and semi precious stones with the label of feng shui jewellery. Buying from reputed jewelers will give you and authenticity and grade purity certificate of the metal and stone used to make the feng shui jewellery, which will help you later on when the feng shui piece looks outdated or you get over this and wish to sell the piece.
making charges should not be outlandish for a feng shui piece of jewellery and you pay only a reasonable more for this and not double. It is also possible  that you bargain on this piece of jewellery to get best deals.
While buying online shopping feng shui jewellery you must consider buying from reputed sites only.
Dark Blue Tourmaline Stone jewellery Picture by Rizwana A

Golden Brown Stone Image by Rizwana A

Pink Healing Stone Image by Rizwana A 

Blue Tourmaline Photo by Rizwana A.
You may also first brush through the net online jewellery sites to find out which piece and symbol you love or are attracted to and then select a feng shui jewellery piece of ornament.
It is advisable to keep a budget for buying feng shui reiki symbol jewellery , remember it is the wearer who gives power to the symbols and the symbols in themselves do not have any magical powers, they are just colorful lines! the gem stones and semi precious in themselves have no power, it is the intention of the healer or the wearer that brings in the stone powers of healing.
While buying semi precious stones jewellery and rare gemstone jewellery, do consider the size and shapes by looking at the pictures and read the fine print carefully. The $200 gem stone ear rings may , when you receive them be very small good for a child's ear!as everything looks hunky dory on the web!
calculate the costs of the materials used for making this  feng shui jewellery and then maybe add the transport cost and the gemstones cost and make a stable purchase.Nowadays many online shopping sites are selling cheap feng shui jewellery so if you are buying feng shui jewellery for the trendy funky look go in for plastic or cheap metal jewellery which is quiet cheap and you also get good bargains online free home delivery.
(we never own stones , there is a belief that you cannot take away anything from nature, however much you like it, if you buy it for healing or self, they are just care takers, and you have to give love and care for your healing jewellery for it to work wonders for you!)
All the Best!

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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Wireless Home Office Security Systems Feng Shui

Wireless home security systems are makign way from the old fashioned elaborate security locks and huge metal grills that would make a person feel caged as if in prison. Wireless security systems are making way into homes and offices due to so many crimes on rise everywhere around the globe.
Wireless systems in all forms is considered good in feng shui as wires and long  hanging jumbled cords are considered to make clutter and disorganised feelings. As wires when hanging get tangled and are always in a mess  home security systems having wireless working system is more safe and secure. with improved technology wireless is better as there are no physical attachments and laser beams installed for protection and safety.
There is also always the risk of in manual wired security systems of the wires getting entangled while cleaning or pets around nibbling on the wires. small children are also at risk with loose wires hanging around and hence wireless systems are considered good, though according to feng shui every security piece installed in the house  or office must give the feelings of safety and peace and not one of risk and fear, as this will create shar energy which is like a poison arrow to all the inmates.While selecting home office security systems one must go in for good reputable service providers.
With wireless security systems we feel safe and each part of the home office and money lockers can be safe with wireless security. Even big corporate offices and banks have wireless security systems installed for safety.
All the Best!

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Feng Shui Tables for Success

Feng shui tables for success, artists when selected judiciously can attract lots of good luck, prosperity and success. Artists' table in feng shui rules would be such that will help the craft person and artist to be more creative and bring out great works of works of art.
Feng shui tables , the element wood, is considered to be the most auspicious element and natural material on the earth.Wood as coming from earth has loads of earth energy for success and prosperity in any field. Wood brings stability and metal brings strength.
Artists crafts people and painters need to be highly creative and always open for ideas and inspirations. A artist table must have wooden base and strong four legs giving support to the table so that it is easy for the artist to work. here the best feng shui shape would be square or rectangle, it is also good to have a coated table top , not glass,(glass is fragile and not a good base for artist tables)  that can be easily wiped and cleaned when you spill paint or glue or materials used for making your art and craft.
Metal element and money luck can be incorporated by having colored metal knobs that are circular in shape.
Drawers in the artists table would be such that are easily opened and all materials are easily accessible while making art. Storing your artworks carefully in your work table must have such facility so that the art is covered and protected from outside grime and dust. Some artists also prefer round shaped tables so that they have easy access to the art while making paintings, collages or artworks if they need to move around and work from all sides.
Painters also have easel lined up with their working tables so that their art can be worked upon near with using the art materials from their artist table.
All the Best!

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Best Feng Shui Business Table with Feng Shui Rules

Best feng shui business tables will show in miraculous results in form of attracting good business opportunities and increased wealth. How to select best business tables using feng shui simple rules and get the maximum benefit in business and wealth. Following certain feng shui rules as guide you can go in for contemporary designer  office tables and improve your office decor along with getting feng shui benefits in form of attracting increased  business and wealth luck.
Best business tables in feng shui are made considering the elements used for making them and their shapes.
The best material used still wood rules here in any tables, as wood brings stability and is conducive for decision making and good business.
Metal tables are also good with the strength of metal, which is great feng shui enhancer for wealth and prosperity. The shape of feng shui table depends upon the business you are owning. For corporates and big companies a huge wooden table suits best where top level management people make big business decisions. A rectangular shaped table is good when there are two heads in the company.
Golden Ladder Symbolic Feng Shui Painting Prosperity Wealth by Mrs Rizwana A.Mundewadi
A circle shaped office table is good for advertising and other such related fields professionals in the media and limelight. This is better where all members of the team have equal sharing of ideas and mutual decisions are made. A square shaped business office table is also good when there are equal authority top level people involved in decision making of the company.
Glass table tops in business tables are not very favoured in feng shui as they are delicate and transparent, though now there are many contemporary designs in office tables with wooden borders and legs for stability and support.
All the Best!
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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Feng Shui Cure Paintings Video Effective Feng Shui Cures as Paintings

Watch this video of a few of my feng shui paintings that can be easily and effectively used as feng shui cures. Feng Shui cures as feng shui paintings have become the easiest way to attract feng shui luck in any part of your life.

All the Best!

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Friday, January 25, 2013

Healing Properties Uses of Natural Stone and feng Shui Placement of Natural Stones

Healing Stones by Healing Artist raz
 Stones in feng shui have been important since ages and many therapists and healers use stones for healing. Healing stones are available in different textures and their feng shui energy is different. As with semi precious stones so also stones of rough texture, smooth, round and different shaped stones, each have different properties and uses.
Natural Pink Stone from Mountains
Collecting natural stones from different mountains , gardens, sea shores, jungles, we understand that the stone collects the energy of the place it is in. A stone by the beach has flowing tide water energy whereas as a natural stone from water falls has stored yang energy accumulated over the years by falling water with pressure.
Round Rough Natural  Healing Stone Feng Shui 
 Mountains with water falls, the rocks found there, have another feng shui energy, one with passive yin from slow trickling water during winters to yang energy from strong water falling during rainy season. Rough textured stone, formed by natural abrasion has yin energy as we use them for healing by slow movements. Whereas smooth textured finish stones allow chi to pass quickly.
Metal Energy Stone for Healing
 Stones have metal energy that give strength and energy to the place they are kept in. Many homes we see people love to collect stones and they bring good luck. Natural stones found in rocky terrains may have developed natural shapes and patterns over the years and look very beautiful artefacts are very good lucky charms.
Smooth Round Healing Stone
In feng shui the stone collects the energy from where it is being brought and we have to understand this basic information that before picking up anything from nature , do ask permission and them take this piece home, for it to bring you good luck or whatever intentions you have. Stones are very effective and they work according to intentions put in them. While you have the stones clean them with flowing water, offer some natural morning sunlight rays to the healing stones and then put the intention you want the stone for. peace, stability, focus, creativity, strength confidence energy, harmony in home, relationships healing, fame and so on.
Not only precious stones and semi precious stones but naturally found stones are also beautiful and will bring about luck.
Placement and uses of stones in feng shui-Stones right from rose quartz, amethysts and the jade have been use din gift articles, feng shui good luck charms, feng shui cures and healing cures since ages. Naturally found stones also help in the same manner if selected carefully and they are comparatively very very cheap.
Feng shui use of stone artefacts as in jade Buddha, amethysts stone tower, rose quartz pendants and pyramids, balls, etc.
Placement of stones in homes for feng shui benefits- as for education luck stones can be assembled and placed in the  north east section. This will also promote feelings of confidence and self realization of goals and bring focussed energy into your life. Rock gardens are best in north east sections of your garden and they bring about good luck and harmony. Also have a stone statue or artefact in the west for strength and creativity luck.
You may also incorporate feng shui by selecting different colored stones according to feng shui colors and use them to bring harmony, wealth and good luck.
All the Best!

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Contemporary Glass Table Tops and Feng Shui

Contemporary furniture glass table tops is seen in most of the homes now and as glass is transparent , according to interior designers it creates space, that it it makes the room appear spacious with its reflective surface.
Feng shui energy of glass according to feng shui masters is that the Chinese prefer wooden table tops as compared to any other material for its properties of stability and strength. As for glass table tops for tea tables, dining tables though the style statement it makes is great but the feng shui energy is that which harnesses negative energy. As glass is fragile and can be easily broken any furniture made of glass is delicate and needs constant care while in the room.While sitting for eating over the dining the glass table top makes the feelings of sensitivity and fear of breaking, which affects your health, as you are careful while eating and focus more on the glass table top than your food.
Glass table tops also have another fear of people always banging into them as the edges are not visible while walking through the room, and it creates shar energy which affects the home. If you have glass table tops as in tea tables, office tables, dining tables it is better to have edges of metal or wood , that is frame outside of any other metal so that the edges are secure and visible. Contemporary tables are now having thick glass tops that are safe and unbreakable, as people love the transparency of glass it is also advisable to take care of the feng shui energy by selecting tables with glass tops having borders of wood or metal, to create harmony and balance in the home.
All the Best!

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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Illegal Items in House and Office Feng Shui

Illegal items and illegal places hold lots of negative energy. feng shui is all about harmony and balance and as feng shui masters believe each object and place has its own feng shui energy even things that are acquired with illegal means, robbed, stolen goods, foreign good not paid the dues, illegally taken away property and other things all accumulate a lot of feng shui negative energy which at first may not be prominent but will come out in later life as karmic blocks in some way or the other.
This does not mean that all foreign products things all have negative energy. When the custom taxes dues are not paid and the objects are bought from illegal shops they possess a form of energy which may be of different intensity. Many times most of the thing shave mild negative energy which moves out when the new owner uses them after purifying but there are some that have excessive negative energy which will affect adversely the new owners home and family. Music systems illegally acquired, televisions illegal ones and even cosmetics which are illegally purchased all have some form of negative energy which the buyer buys in secret and also is afraid to share. This will affect the user every time they use such products.

Feng shui masters have faced many problems in purifying antique jewellery  antique paintings and many such things acquired illegally.
Karmic blocks also come up with taking property illegally from any person by fraud or misleading people and selling things. People do forget the main law of nature, what goes out comes back to you.
The effect of such objects will be seen in accumulated negative karmic blocks and energy which will come up in losses in financial business and relationships break ups later on.Deteriorating health issues and even leading to suicides from such shop owners.
Whenever you are purchasing things do buy from reputed dealers and shops , you may have to pay a few  on your part and the thing will sure bring your good luck. extra but there will be no guilt Money earned from illegal means also will accumulate negative energy. It is always better to buy legal things and use them happily than to save a few rupees and use illegal goods which will affect your whole life and later on karma.
Feng Shui Best Wealth Cure Golden Laughing Buddha
All the Best!

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Friday, January 18, 2013

Choosing Red and Blue Wall Paints for Living Rooms and Feng Shui

Red color, a vibrant high energy color, that is great in feng shui to bring good luck fame and wealth, used on walls may not be that good!Blue the color of career and wealth, the north when painted for the whole room may not be so good in feng shui.
Feng shui there are colors corresponding to each element and as we follow the feng shui ba gua map of all directions we also know that having the corresponding color in that area will improve the chi there and attract good luck and prosperity. With two most commonly chosen colors red and blue we see them in every home but the feng shui energy of these two are totally different. As red brings loads of feng shui energy and is considered very good uplifter of moods feng shui masters advise to use it sparingly in homes. A full room painted in red is not only over powering but also brings lots of high energy which is not good for a home. It makes individuals exposed to high red color energy irritable, angry and restless. With red color painted walls rooms there are more chances of flaring arguments and hot discussions, hence feng shui masters advise to use red with care. As Red color is the most important color that brings fame and recognition and is used for the south area of your home, but painting the whole living room red will make the home atmosphere uncomfortable and uneasy and even the guests will feel drained of energy and uncomfortable to sit for a while at your place, this will affect your family relationships  career and business as  well as wealth if the visitors are important business partners, colleagues, you inlaws  and boss, your employer, your friends.
Blue another very commonly  selected color for walls has its own soothing serene energy. painting too much blue brings too much relaxing energy which may not be good for all rooms, especially the living room which needs some energy level for socializing and communicating with all the inmates.
In feng shui masters believe red color indicates and represents fire, the fire element as we all know has lots of energy which needs to be used judiciously for your benefit.While having a red single wall of the south painted with red paint can do wonders for fame luck, a whole room may indicate the house is on fire, not literally but all the members will have strong fire energy which may lead to quarrels arguments frequently in such living rooms. You may have a red colored symbolic feng shui painting, a red flower arrangement or a red textured single wall for bringing in feng shui fame and recognition luck.
As for blue feng shui masters advise using it again sparingly in living rooms. As blue is soothing and great for bedrooms and it may not be such a good choice for living rooms where some energy is required. Blue indicates water element and painting the whole living room walls blue may indicate the whole house is drowning in water, which is not good. North is represented by blue color and as we know in feng shui blue is for career and money luck, travel and helpful friends, having too much of blue is not good. You may use this blue color as supportive to the base color used on your living room walls.
In feng shui living rooms walls are best painted using off white, beige or cream colors and you may use the element color as highlight textured painted single walls. Art pieces and wall paintings using feng shui colors is also a way to uplift the energy of your living room and also bring in lots of feng shui good luck wealth and prosperity.
Feng Shui Best Wealth Cure Golden Laughing Buddha
All the Best!
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Choose Right Crockery Dinner Sets with Feng Shui Buying Gifting Costly Crockery Dinner Sets,

Choosing the right dinner sets and crockery using simple feng shui tips . Buying costly dinner sets for personal use or gifting crockery use these simple feng shui guidelines. 
Kitchen plates, dinner sets, and crockery form an important part of our kitchen. As we pay so much importance on the dining table, the dining chairs and the kitchen decor, that is walls and artefacts the most important feng shui energy is brought by the crockery we use. Each object has its own feng shui energy be it a ceramic eating plate or the costliest silver ware used to serve on occasions and for special guests.
Elements that the crockery is made of is very important while you select any dining sets. In simple terms let us understand each piece feng shui energy of the selected cutlery. As steel is dominating in most households, for its easy cleaning and toughness, forks and spoons are best in this metal giving shine and strength. The material used for dining plates and bowls used in houses vary from each place to place and family to family. While families having small children prefer tough crockery of metal stainless steel, others who have more adult members and are comfortable use ceramic and glass. Using costly dining sets does not assure you good feng shui energy, if your family is always scared of chipping some piece or accidentally breaking it.
While you may have pure silver cutlery , which has good feng shui energy, as it gives strength to the food served in them, it is also true that if you are very possessive and extra careful with them then the whole purpose of serving food is marred, to give you and your family energy.
Dinner sets having many pieces is also a trend nowadays and many people go out any buy costly dinner sets to keep up with the latest trends in lifestyle, but having a costly dinner sets displayed on the dining table does not assure great feng shui in your kitchen.
Feng shui simple tips for selecting dining sets and kitchen cutlery crockery- Very very important is to understand your family needs and each individual needs. A family with small children though can afford greats ilver ware , must have sturdy dinner sets and crockery, and they can display their antiques in a kitchen unit.This will bring in the strength of positive feng shui energy into your Kitchen with happy and comfortable individuals while eating, and also improve chi in the kitchen with displayed silver crockery. In feng shui also there is extensive use of wooden spoons and spatulas, they work into improving chi in two ways, one the wooden spoons do not get hot and the cook is comfortable using them while cooking, and the feng shui energy of wood is added into your cooked food. Wood also connects us to earth, as wood is got from earth, in the positive feng shui cycle of productivity. Chinese also prefer to cook in wooden utensils and serve in ceramic or wooden bowls.
One feng shui take on selecting and having  costly large dinner sets is that one must first see the area allocated for the kitchen and dining. If the kitchen area is small and makeshift in the passage or small then no point in having a large piece, it is best in displaying section with artefacts. Also if the family is always on the go, that is working, and spend less for formal meals, again formal dinner sets are of no use.
While selecting designer dinner ware , as there are many patterns colors and designs available square shapes in dinner plates and bowls look good and also give stability energy.But the usual circle shape still rules in dinner sets and while you select designer abstract dinner sets and off beat shapes try to see that the dinner cutlery and crockery does not have any sharp edges, and are smooth and curved outlines.
Do consider your lifestyle also while you wish to use formal designer crockery in the kitchen, it may just add up to clutter if you do not have time to clean them, and most of it is unused while having meals. Buying and gifting designer dinner sets has always been in the top lists of gifting but do consider the following feng shui tips and bring in positive chi into your kitchen. You may store the costly crockery carefully and bring out only during special times, or if you have a big wall do display all your finest crockery and improve your status as well as feng shui energy of your kitchen and home.
In feng shui Masters believe, white color plates and crockery is best, or with toned down colors.Your designer crockery can have any color along with white, as white color highlights the natural food color and brings out the natural look of the food.
All the Best!
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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Understand How Your Painting Feels - Trauma - by Rizwana A Mundewadi

Every painting has its own energy, with the frame. As it adorns our wall we hardly notice it as a unit. We just look at the art but the whole frame has also a energy. It is very very important to tie the frame firmly and securely when we display art. Strong and firm hooks on the walls, strong twines, so the artwork feels safe, one of the reasons why some art does not reflect what the artist has projected, its own energy is reflected to the viewer. Stretched paintings need lots of care as a scratch may tear the artwork. Old paintings need more love and care due to atmospheric exposure, avoid direct sunlight, strong winds, better to keep in controlled environment. Your paintings made with your heart and soul in it need your care as you are the care takers till they find the right homes.

As a healer I understand the energy each object has. With flowing pulsating energy in every individual I have seen the healing painting going through trauma of falling down. As strong negative energy or some one who is in dire need of positive healing energy pass near the symbols the painting has fallen from wall, this has happened twice for one of my healing artworks, even when it is tied .

Artist as you continue making art, pay some attention when you display paintings, to your brush, your paints, your easel, your painting frames, thank all these as they help you make art, your art will reflect all this as a whole!
I wish to make simple colorful understandable art, art that heals.
All the Best!
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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Feng Shui Simple Cures Video

Feng Shui cures video of paintings
All the Best!
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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Simple Feng Shui Tips for Cleansing Costly Antiques Artefacts

Simple Feng Shui Tips for Cleansing Costly Antiques Artefacts 
Buying costly artefacts and antique objects and furniture is the latest trend. With contemporary furniture we do love to collect few collectibles like antique old furniture, carved wooden trunks, or small porcelain vases with Chinese calligraphy. Like contemporary style homes have minimalistic furniture they sure have rare antiques on display and antique old furniture pieces along side. While buying few precautions must be taken as for the feng shui energy of each antique object or resale antique old furniture.
In feng shui Masters believe each object has its own energy. As with new objects of art, paintings so also old rare antique objects and artefacts carry a lot of energy with them. the stored energy comes to the new home as you buy a piece of antique costly artefact. The previous owner, the antique shop, the place where it was displayed and the reason of the previous owner for selling this piece of costly antique piece and art. Whenever we go out to buy a antique show piece or painting we do not realize this, we just look to the price tag and what we like and would fit into our requirements. Most of the time there is good energy, but sometimes bad energy comes along to your home with the object. The previous owner may have suffered financial losses and sold this costly art piece, or the owners may have died leaving this antique furniture which ended up in garage sale, the owners may be mentally sick, or the antique dealer may have possessed this piece with fraud. The object will have this stored energy in it as it lies in the antique shop and as you buy it it transfers to your home and family.
Now I do not mean to scare people from buying old furniture or antiques, even we do like certain pieces and have added to our home, just taking right care for cleansing and then displaying would be fine. The antique shops may be gloomy and dusty and the piece though rare may have lots of stored negative energy, whereas in good reputed antique shops the furniture and antique objects are taken good care of with love and regular cleansing. I have seen people burn incense regularly and keep the premise clean with proper care of cleaning and keeping the antiques in great condition, they must with, the fortune the pieces cost!.
Simple feng shui tips for buying costly antiques- Buy costly antiques from reputed antique dealers, you do not want to buy a duplicate and pay for the original!They assure you that you get good rare pieces, along with the bill. Here you are also assured of the history of the antique furniture, as it is not stole or got by fraud. While buying copper silver and gold antiques and rare gemstone pieces this is very very essential as you will be paying a fortune for buying these rare artefacts.
Feng Shui Simple Cleansing Care for Your Antiques- The most important step for any piece be it antique furniture, antique artefact, old painting, antique rare gemstones jewellery, you have to perform the cleansing ritual yourself. Sometimes the purification may be required more times f the furniture has lots negativity which will be felt by the inmates of the home as restlessness, uncomfortable feeling, fear, anger depression, or just feeling of the antique piece not fitting into the decor. Remember there is a place for every thing and unless you find the right place even a costliest antique piece or art or furniture would not give you satisfaction.
Costly antique Jewellery pieces need to be cleaned with utmost care, hold under running water, ( have a container below, you do not want to lose any part that may be loose or falls) very mild soap, add a few pinches of salt in water and clean them, do not soak as some precious stones may crack, not rubbing but gently cleaning the stones and metal. Immediately clean with fresh running water and dry with soft muslin cloth. Intentions for gem stone jewellery is important to give you a lasting relationship with the costly antique choker, or earrings or gem stone rings, put an intention that you get good auric healing, vibes from them as protectors and bring lots of luck to you..
As for carved antique wooden furniture, wipe it with soft dry cloth, add salt to some water and wipe the furniture with this water, again taking care not to rub the carving very hard. Clean small knicks and corners also as there may be stored negative energy in cracks and corners. after this burn incense and purify the whole furniture while this you may also chant some of your religious scriptures. While the purified furniture feels light and clean now you can place it in your home and begin its use.
Antique Metal sculptors bought also would follow the same cleansing ritual before displaying it in your home.
Costly antique artefacts do brighten up your homes and also adds rare energy to the environment  one of specialness and uniqueness. But proper care is essential to help bring in positive vibes from these costly antique art pieces.
After care of antique artefacts is also essential to maintain the feng shui energy of these rare objects of art. Keep them regularly clean and let these antique artefacts bring loads of positivity and good luck into your home.
All the Best!

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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Art Collectors are Looking for? - by Rizwana A Mundewadi

Looking for, art collectors are always in search of fresh new art. As we see so many artists painting and continuing so does every piece sell, or is every painting a collectors item, so to say?
While we, as artists churn out painting after painting, spreading color, pouring our heart and soul into each piece of canvas, this year 2013 new resolution, think, stay put, think, roll over ideas, toss and turn, and then paint!,  While i have finished a canvas painting which hangs now for my critical review a line not looking straight needs repainting. I will be much more critical of my art before I present it to the world. I know art is not perfection but least we must be satisfied ourselves.
Art collectors are looking out for fresh talent, those who have the staying capacity. Even a poster ont eh road sells, and your art will also over time, It is not the price of the painting that is criteria for selection but looking from the eye of the art collector, they want good art, a reasonably known artist, even emerging or new but known, and of course if you are willing to check out / negotiate ,prices, good.
observe art collectors, they do not buy cheap art! The group of collectors in the world, eyeing, keeping watch, following art, loving some genres, themes, colors, you never know.As ana rtist never keep jumping from one style to another, follow one road and you will sure reach destination.
I wish to make colorful abstract symbolic understandable art, art that heals.

Saatchi Online art gallery Showdown this month, January 2013 'In Living Color' Simply Geometric, what a wonderful beginning of this new year 2013.
I am so excited and honoured that my art is selected , it feels great to see the painting,  each artist puts their heart and soul in every artwork, up for display where the whole world can see it.
All the Best!

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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Large God paintings Placing lot of God Idols All Over Home and Main Door Feng Shui Energy

It is considered inauspicious to have over powering presence of God idols all over your home. The feng shui energy created is one of imbalance and disharmony. Though displaying God idols is considered auspicious according to feng shui, usually for protection of main door feng shui but having too much is not good. It creates disharmony and discord in relationships as not all family member swill be comfortable with this concept.
All over the house when we see idols in all rooms there is no space for creativity and other aspects of leading life. Religion and symbolic protection from negativity should not be the main issue in your mind, it seems like obsession with religion or collecting idols which may not go down well with everyone. Some people display God idols and other protection symbols over the main door. This may create disharmony among neighbours and visitors who may feel repelled to enter your home. The over powering energy of symbols may hinder a good relationship or a great business deal offer coming your way. People may not have the same religious beliefs and thus displaying over powering symbols of God over the man door and around the home may also hinder in the sale of your flat.
Some people also hang large paintings and pictures of God and religious symbols, which again creates lot of over powering chi energy, and we all know even positivity  , too much is harmful. By having a special place for puja and religious rites you may have the area decorated with God idols and burn incense here. Praying here will spread the positive energy to your home and family. As for main door feng shui it is best to have symbolic knick knacks or simple religious icons for protection, that which are not very huge but do the needful.
Hence in feng shui we talk all about harmony and balance. Green healthy growing plants are best feng shui protectors from negative energy as they soothe the senses and convert all negative energy into positive one before it reaches your home. God idols and God paintings are best in puja rooms and also in size appropriate to the room.
All the Best!

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How to bring Fresh Energy at home Feng Shui Simple Cures for Home will bring Fresh Feng Shui Energy

When life energy is stagnating and business is a bit slow, children are less attentive and arguments are on soar, try a simple feng shui cure. Simple painting of walls is the cheapest and sure way to bring tons of feng shui chi into your home and life.
There is no need to spend fortune on painting or refurbishing your home. Try simple painting of walls and this will bring new chi  feng shui energy into your home. The whole process involves movement of stagnating energy for the better. Homes over the years develop negative energy in form of cracks, leakages, falling paint, and dullness. While painting walls the whole furniture is removed or shifted and also cleaned, by this we sort out what is needed and what can be thrown, clutter clearing a very very important part of feng shui, and this happens when you start painting walls of your home.
Cracks are filled and painting done with the choice of your colors will make all members happy and excited. While this is going on the kitchen and bathroom and all the taps are also inspected for any leaks and repaired hence saving water, money in feng shui, which was  going down the drain. Using feng shui color guide for painting living room, kitchen and bedrooms along with children’s room and guest rooms will also bring positive energy into your home. Here a suggestion would be to follow your personal preferences and colors you and your family are comfortable with and not blindly follow the ba gua feng shui color guide. Feng shui colors can be incorporated in terms of artefacts feng shui paintings or small knick knacks to balance the color and element of that area.
The smooth colored walls allow positive chi to flow smoothly and hence makes the people energetic and full with new energy. Painting homes a cheap way to bring lots of positivity into your home and lives, and while selecting texture paint and rough finishes for walls do take the opinion of the whole family, the needs of the rooms and individual family members using them,  and also the cost required. Stones and rough textures in wall paints slows down chi and is not good where more energy is required. A cozy bedroom wall needs smooth walls and rough stones may make the environment cold, here again the customer is spoiled for choice and there are may healing colors and textures that benefit by textured walls when a great painting is displayed, that attracts the viewers eye!
Symbolic Paintings Rizwana A

Healing Paintings Rizwana A.Mundewadi

Ba Gua Painting razarts

Geometric Painting Living room
All the Best from Rizwana!

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Cleaning your antiques

Buying Old Home Resale Flat feng Shui Energy

Buying an old home, or flat in resale, many people try to get a good bargain deal and are happy with getting a house at lower rate than other flats in that locality. We try to convince ourselves that the sale is a desperate sale and the flat owner needs money hence they are selling it for low price. Only when you shift do you come to know the history of the house and this also affects the new buyer in terms of illnesses, quarrels and arguments in family and also financial unexpected sudden losses.
Feng shui energy of every home must be carefully checked by enquiring about the history of the previous owners staying here. It so happens that some one has died of accident, illness, or maybe the previous couple have had arguments and divorced, maybe they were a childless couple and newly weds entering such homes will be affected with this negative blocked energy in the home. Feng shui consultants do believe that any home needs space clearing to remove negative energy and also after any arguments or illnesses the home needs to be space purified to allow positive energy into your home and life.
It is best to avoid such sales even if you get it very cheap, or if you have no option then a thorough space clearing at least for a month be carried from a professional space clearing feng shui consultant. There is blocked energy over the years that will not come out easily by just burning incense or doing one ritual or blessing the home. In feng shui we know that each object has energy, the furniture, doors, television and also your garden, all pulsate with energy all the time. In case of dead energy, that is home left closed for months, years there are major blocks and stagnating energy in and around the home that will affect any new owner who enters the place. In case the previous owner ahs left all the old  furniture you must also purify all these items individually. If a sick couple have been bedridden on the bed, if the easy chair had hosted a mental patient, or if the childless couple were lonely for their life, all this will affect the new owners life.
It is important that if you get a family home where there is lots of energy bubbling with small children and teenagers then this energy is good , even if the previous owners family may be facing financial problems, energy from small children is considered good and a home blessed with children is considered auspicious in feng shui. History not seen before hand may lead to major energy disasters leading even to extreme mental breakdown and separation of the new owners.
By using feng shui purification space clearing this stubborn negative energy blocks are loosened and removed to allow free flow of chi into the home. It is advisable to respect the energy and ask permission to allow for changes there. As in life even in energy there is good energy and bad energy in every individual and object. If this energy balances with your energy you are happy and peaceful in the home and if it clashes then you feel disturbed, this is also one of the reasons why you do not get along with some people and with some you rock!
Simple tips for space clearing would involve burning incense regularly with open windows and doors to remove all negativity. Furniture, wardrobes, kitchen cabinets also need space clearing. You may also chant  your religious mantras in and around the house for purification. Symbols for protection on the main door, and also sprinkle holy water around the whole place, even your backyard, attic and garden if the home has one.
All the Best!

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Textures in Upholstery Bedsheet Cushions Fabrics and Feng Shui Energy

Wishing all readers of Feng Shui Simple Cures a very Very Happy Healthy Healing New Year 2013. With the home getting a fresh coat of paint the feng shui energy has instant recharged! That will be discussed in another post. Let us understand textures in fabrics used in our homes and their feng shui energy.
Textured upholstery fabric, rough sequined cushions, velvety bedsheets, are all a part of the upholstery we see in every home. Each fabric has its individual feng shui energy. This way when you understand the feng shui energy of fabrics you can make way for peaceful feelings for bedroom or energetic living rooms loaded with lots of chi in your home.
 With rough fabrics in cushions the energy moving is slow as the ridges and rough texture prevent chi to travel in straight line and slowers the movement of energy in a room. Thus when you wish to get a slow energy feeling , like in a relaxed living room when the family winds up for the day and watches television , you may select cushions that are soft fuzzy velvetty , that which slow the feng shui energy inside the room and make a feeling of stability and peace.
While selecting fabrics for upholstery curtains the same principle applies. If the fabric is rough and textured the curtains are heavy and do not move with the wind. Such fabrics are advisable when you need privacy and the living room or office faces a bad scene outside. Silk and soft materials for curtains are used when you wish to have an open feeling, such fabrics allow chi to move smoothly and make the environment peaceful and relaxing for the inmates.
While we lay importance on textures we also must keep in mind the element shapes and feng shui colors for selecting fabrics for upholstery purposes, not forgetting the area for display, a living room needs a different textured fabric whereas an office will have different requirements. It is very important to choose the correct textured fabric for upholstery and not just go in for costly latest designs. A silk printed curtain, however rich looking would not be suitable for an office where the wind constantly blows as this will make for negative energy in form of always holding the curtain in place, or the curtain flying in the face of clients!
Angelic Healing Throw Cushions Rizwana Mundewadi

Vibrant Love Reiki healing art Duvet covers Razarts

Vibrant Love throw cushions 

Arty Florals Razarts

Yin Yang Healing art Rizwana Mundewadi

Arty Cushions 

Creative floral art Throw pillows
Bedsheets of rough texture would not be good as they will not give a good nights sleep and you would be tossing and turning in bed.
Feng shui in life brings peace and harmony and makes your home inviting and relaxing. Choosing the right fabric brings lots of positive energy into your home and office.Shiny fabrics have yang energy and increase the flow of energy into any space. Rough fabrics have yin energy that slows down energy into any room. Usually for offices and great business offices yang energy is required.hence selecting bright vibrant color upholstery improves chi. Square patterns for east, round for west, triangles for south and wavy patterns for north section of the home are advisable.
All the Best from Rizwana!
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