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Friday, January 18, 2013

Choosing Red and Blue Wall Paints for Living Rooms and Feng Shui

Red color, a vibrant high energy color, that is great in feng shui to bring good luck fame and wealth, used on walls may not be that good!Blue the color of career and wealth, the north when painted for the whole room may not be so good in feng shui.
Feng shui there are colors corresponding to each element and as we follow the feng shui ba gua map of all directions we also know that having the corresponding color in that area will improve the chi there and attract good luck and prosperity. With two most commonly chosen colors red and blue we see them in every home but the feng shui energy of these two are totally different. As red brings loads of feng shui energy and is considered very good uplifter of moods feng shui masters advise to use it sparingly in homes. A full room painted in red is not only over powering but also brings lots of high energy which is not good for a home. It makes individuals exposed to high red color energy irritable, angry and restless. With red color painted walls rooms there are more chances of flaring arguments and hot discussions, hence feng shui masters advise to use red with care. As Red color is the most important color that brings fame and recognition and is used for the south area of your home, but painting the whole living room red will make the home atmosphere uncomfortable and uneasy and even the guests will feel drained of energy and uncomfortable to sit for a while at your place, this will affect your family relationships  career and business as  well as wealth if the visitors are important business partners, colleagues, you inlaws  and boss, your employer, your friends.
Blue another very commonly  selected color for walls has its own soothing serene energy. painting too much blue brings too much relaxing energy which may not be good for all rooms, especially the living room which needs some energy level for socializing and communicating with all the inmates.
In feng shui masters believe red color indicates and represents fire, the fire element as we all know has lots of energy which needs to be used judiciously for your benefit.While having a red single wall of the south painted with red paint can do wonders for fame luck, a whole room may indicate the house is on fire, not literally but all the members will have strong fire energy which may lead to quarrels arguments frequently in such living rooms. You may have a red colored symbolic feng shui painting, a red flower arrangement or a red textured single wall for bringing in feng shui fame and recognition luck.
As for blue feng shui masters advise using it again sparingly in living rooms. As blue is soothing and great for bedrooms and it may not be such a good choice for living rooms where some energy is required. Blue indicates water element and painting the whole living room walls blue may indicate the whole house is drowning in water, which is not good. North is represented by blue color and as we know in feng shui blue is for career and money luck, travel and helpful friends, having too much of blue is not good. You may use this blue color as supportive to the base color used on your living room walls.
In feng shui living rooms walls are best painted using off white, beige or cream colors and you may use the element color as highlight textured painted single walls. Art pieces and wall paintings using feng shui colors is also a way to uplift the energy of your living room and also bring in lots of feng shui good luck wealth and prosperity.
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