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Monday, January 28, 2013

Important How to Choose Tips to Buy Feng Shui jewellery

Want to buy feng shui jewellery but are not sure what to buy and how much to spend on this type of healing funky colorful symbol jewellery.How to choose and buy feng shui jewelry, with market flooded with feng shui ornaments and jewellery made specially for clientelle who enjoy funky chunky symbol on their jewellery  ther erae few simple tips you can consider before speeding a fortune on such ornaments.
Most of the times the jeweler will guide you about symbols in lay person language as bringing good luck, great fame and recognition, lucky stone jewellery  or the one to protect from evil eye. These I have found the most searched after and sought by ladies especially in feng shui jewellery.
As Reiki symbols are painted or engraved on ear rings , rings and also pendants for bringing protection and good luck so also feng shui symbols of prosperity ,the eight auspicious symbols of Buddhism, even bangles and traditional style chokers are engraved with healing symbols and people love the uniqueness of such feng shui jewellery.
While selecting choosing buying feng shui jewellery consider these simple guidelines-
Always buy from reputed shops and jewelers only, yes brand names are costlier but they also assure you the authenticity of the metal used, platinum, gold, sterling silver, silver or  a mixture of five metals. Many times people focus only on the symbolic value of the feng shui jewellery and  forget how much more they are paying for the piece of feng shui jewellery. I have seen many shop owners sell fake diamonds stones and semi precious stones with the label of feng shui jewellery. Buying from reputed jewelers will give you and authenticity and grade purity certificate of the metal and stone used to make the feng shui jewellery, which will help you later on when the feng shui piece looks outdated or you get over this and wish to sell the piece.
making charges should not be outlandish for a feng shui piece of jewellery and you pay only a reasonable more for this and not double. It is also possible  that you bargain on this piece of jewellery to get best deals.
While buying online shopping feng shui jewellery you must consider buying from reputed sites only.
Dark Blue Tourmaline Stone jewellery Picture by Rizwana A

Golden Brown Stone Image by Rizwana A

Pink Healing Stone Image by Rizwana A 

Blue Tourmaline Photo by Rizwana A.
You may also first brush through the net online jewellery sites to find out which piece and symbol you love or are attracted to and then select a feng shui jewellery piece of ornament.
It is advisable to keep a budget for buying feng shui reiki symbol jewellery , remember it is the wearer who gives power to the symbols and the symbols in themselves do not have any magical powers, they are just colorful lines! the gem stones and semi precious in themselves have no power, it is the intention of the healer or the wearer that brings in the stone powers of healing.
While buying semi precious stones jewellery and rare gemstone jewellery, do consider the size and shapes by looking at the pictures and read the fine print carefully. The $200 gem stone ear rings may , when you receive them be very small good for a child's ear!as everything looks hunky dory on the web!
calculate the costs of the materials used for making this  feng shui jewellery and then maybe add the transport cost and the gemstones cost and make a stable purchase.Nowadays many online shopping sites are selling cheap feng shui jewellery so if you are buying feng shui jewellery for the trendy funky look go in for plastic or cheap metal jewellery which is quiet cheap and you also get good bargains online free home delivery.
(we never own stones , there is a belief that you cannot take away anything from nature, however much you like it, if you buy it for healing or self, they are just care takers, and you have to give love and care for your healing jewellery for it to work wonders for you!)
All the Best!

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Thank You!


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