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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Heal relationships with Gem Stones

Heal relationships with gemstones. Yes colorful stones can be effectively used to heal relationships.
Relationships gone sour, arguments, misunderstandings, lonliness and low confidence,  rose quartz is the best gemstone that can heal the mind body and spirit. Rose quartz s believed to bring about peace, acceptance and opens the heart chakra for pure love and compassion towards others.
Rose quartz with its soft pink color heals the heart chakra by balancing the chakra and improving flow of positive energy to the body and soul. The stone is believed to bring about harmony in relationships by accepting ones  self and others, and the healing the heart towards acceptance and open to love from others. It is also used to improve self confidence and self esteem by bringing down stress levels , very beneficial after any death or crises  of a close one in the family. It helps in coming to logical solutions for problems.
Rose quartz also improves heart functioning and is also used in healing by many spiritual healers. It is often termed as heart stone as it heals the heart of all issues and brings about peace and harmony. Rose quartz is also used by single people in search for right partner and soul mates as the pink color , considered to be the color of love, attracts marital love luck. For the married the rose quartz acts as love enhancer and develops great understanding and love between the couple and the family in general.
Pink rose quartz allow easier understanding and acceptance of new things and opens heart for changes and trust in new relationships and develops compassion pure love.
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