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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Buying Old Home Resale Flat feng Shui Energy

Buying an old home, or flat in resale, many people try to get a good bargain deal and are happy with getting a house at lower rate than other flats in that locality. We try to convince ourselves that the sale is a desperate sale and the flat owner needs money hence they are selling it for low price. Only when you shift do you come to know the history of the house and this also affects the new buyer in terms of illnesses, quarrels and arguments in family and also financial unexpected sudden losses.
Feng shui energy of every home must be carefully checked by enquiring about the history of the previous owners staying here. It so happens that some one has died of accident, illness, or maybe the previous couple have had arguments and divorced, maybe they were a childless couple and newly weds entering such homes will be affected with this negative blocked energy in the home. Feng shui consultants do believe that any home needs space clearing to remove negative energy and also after any arguments or illnesses the home needs to be space purified to allow positive energy into your home and life.
It is best to avoid such sales even if you get it very cheap, or if you have no option then a thorough space clearing at least for a month be carried from a professional space clearing feng shui consultant. There is blocked energy over the years that will not come out easily by just burning incense or doing one ritual or blessing the home. In feng shui we know that each object has energy, the furniture, doors, television and also your garden, all pulsate with energy all the time. In case of dead energy, that is home left closed for months, years there are major blocks and stagnating energy in and around the home that will affect any new owner who enters the place. In case the previous owner ahs left all the old  furniture you must also purify all these items individually. If a sick couple have been bedridden on the bed, if the easy chair had hosted a mental patient, or if the childless couple were lonely for their life, all this will affect the new owners life.
It is important that if you get a family home where there is lots of energy bubbling with small children and teenagers then this energy is good , even if the previous owners family may be facing financial problems, energy from small children is considered good and a home blessed with children is considered auspicious in feng shui. History not seen before hand may lead to major energy disasters leading even to extreme mental breakdown and separation of the new owners.
By using feng shui purification space clearing this stubborn negative energy blocks are loosened and removed to allow free flow of chi into the home. It is advisable to respect the energy and ask permission to allow for changes there. As in life even in energy there is good energy and bad energy in every individual and object. If this energy balances with your energy you are happy and peaceful in the home and if it clashes then you feel disturbed, this is also one of the reasons why you do not get along with some people and with some you rock!
Simple tips for space clearing would involve burning incense regularly with open windows and doors to remove all negativity. Furniture, wardrobes, kitchen cabinets also need space clearing. You may also chant  your religious mantras in and around the house for purification. Symbols for protection on the main door, and also sprinkle holy water around the whole place, even your backyard, attic and garden if the home has one.
All the Best!

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  1. Yup, that is what some people believe in. I've tried that once and the expert said that I should move my Sofa Bed Single to the farther side of the room to let the good luck in. It's pretty weird but somehow basic how they can tell these different things.

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