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Friday, January 25, 2013

Healing Properties Uses of Natural Stone and feng Shui Placement of Natural Stones

Healing Stones by Healing Artist raz
 Stones in feng shui have been important since ages and many therapists and healers use stones for healing. Healing stones are available in different textures and their feng shui energy is different. As with semi precious stones so also stones of rough texture, smooth, round and different shaped stones, each have different properties and uses.
Natural Pink Stone from Mountains
Collecting natural stones from different mountains , gardens, sea shores, jungles, we understand that the stone collects the energy of the place it is in. A stone by the beach has flowing tide water energy whereas as a natural stone from water falls has stored yang energy accumulated over the years by falling water with pressure.
Round Rough Natural  Healing Stone Feng Shui 
 Mountains with water falls, the rocks found there, have another feng shui energy, one with passive yin from slow trickling water during winters to yang energy from strong water falling during rainy season. Rough textured stone, formed by natural abrasion has yin energy as we use them for healing by slow movements. Whereas smooth textured finish stones allow chi to pass quickly.
Metal Energy Stone for Healing
 Stones have metal energy that give strength and energy to the place they are kept in. Many homes we see people love to collect stones and they bring good luck. Natural stones found in rocky terrains may have developed natural shapes and patterns over the years and look very beautiful artefacts are very good lucky charms.
Smooth Round Healing Stone
In feng shui the stone collects the energy from where it is being brought and we have to understand this basic information that before picking up anything from nature , do ask permission and them take this piece home, for it to bring you good luck or whatever intentions you have. Stones are very effective and they work according to intentions put in them. While you have the stones clean them with flowing water, offer some natural morning sunlight rays to the healing stones and then put the intention you want the stone for. peace, stability, focus, creativity, strength confidence energy, harmony in home, relationships healing, fame and so on.
Not only precious stones and semi precious stones but naturally found stones are also beautiful and will bring about luck.
Placement and uses of stones in feng shui-Stones right from rose quartz, amethysts and the jade have been use din gift articles, feng shui good luck charms, feng shui cures and healing cures since ages. Naturally found stones also help in the same manner if selected carefully and they are comparatively very very cheap.
Feng shui use of stone artefacts as in jade Buddha, amethysts stone tower, rose quartz pendants and pyramids, balls, etc.
Placement of stones in homes for feng shui benefits- as for education luck stones can be assembled and placed in the  north east section. This will also promote feelings of confidence and self realization of goals and bring focussed energy into your life. Rock gardens are best in north east sections of your garden and they bring about good luck and harmony. Also have a stone statue or artefact in the west for strength and creativity luck.
You may also incorporate feng shui by selecting different colored stones according to feng shui colors and use them to bring harmony, wealth and good luck.
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