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Friday, January 25, 2013

Contemporary Glass Table Tops and Feng Shui

Contemporary furniture glass table tops is seen in most of the homes now and as glass is transparent , according to interior designers it creates space, that it it makes the room appear spacious with its reflective surface.
Feng shui energy of glass according to feng shui masters is that the Chinese prefer wooden table tops as compared to any other material for its properties of stability and strength. As for glass table tops for tea tables, dining tables though the style statement it makes is great but the feng shui energy is that which harnesses negative energy. As glass is fragile and can be easily broken any furniture made of glass is delicate and needs constant care while in the room.While sitting for eating over the dining the glass table top makes the feelings of sensitivity and fear of breaking, which affects your health, as you are careful while eating and focus more on the glass table top than your food.
Glass table tops also have another fear of people always banging into them as the edges are not visible while walking through the room, and it creates shar energy which affects the home. If you have glass table tops as in tea tables, office tables, dining tables it is better to have edges of metal or wood , that is frame outside of any other metal so that the edges are secure and visible. Contemporary tables are now having thick glass tops that are safe and unbreakable, as people love the transparency of glass it is also advisable to take care of the feng shui energy by selecting tables with glass tops having borders of wood or metal, to create harmony and balance in the home.
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