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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Best Feng Shui Business Table with Feng Shui Rules

Best feng shui business tables will show in miraculous results in form of attracting good business opportunities and increased wealth. How to select best business tables using feng shui simple rules and get the maximum benefit in business and wealth. Following certain feng shui rules as guide you can go in for contemporary designer  office tables and improve your office decor along with getting feng shui benefits in form of attracting increased  business and wealth luck.
Best business tables in feng shui are made considering the elements used for making them and their shapes.
The best material used still wood rules here in any tables, as wood brings stability and is conducive for decision making and good business.
Metal tables are also good with the strength of metal, which is great feng shui enhancer for wealth and prosperity. The shape of feng shui table depends upon the business you are owning. For corporates and big companies a huge wooden table suits best where top level management people make big business decisions. A rectangular shaped table is good when there are two heads in the company.
Golden Ladder Symbolic Feng Shui Painting Prosperity Wealth by Mrs Rizwana A.Mundewadi
A circle shaped office table is good for advertising and other such related fields professionals in the media and limelight. This is better where all members of the team have equal sharing of ideas and mutual decisions are made. A square shaped business office table is also good when there are equal authority top level people involved in decision making of the company.
Glass table tops in business tables are not very favoured in feng shui as they are delicate and transparent, though now there are many contemporary designs in office tables with wooden borders and legs for stability and support.
All the Best!
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