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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Feng Shui Cure for Promoting Fertility Along with Latest Infertility Treatments

With many couples working and also marrying at a later age many couples are facing with delayed pregnancy and infertility problems. With stress in personal and job the couple need strong feng shui cures to bring back passion in their personal relationship. After medical check up and tests if the coupled o not have any biological or medical problem with fertility then feng shui cures can help to promote fertility.
Clutter clearing in the room and office. Also try to remove personal blocks by using healing methods if possible. Try to clean the bed if there is storage underside and once cleaned do not try to clean it till for few months when trying to conceive for baby as we want stable energy for the bed.
Have paintings of red flowers or two fragrant candles lighted daily for some time in your bedroom. Do put the candles off before going to sleep. We do not want any accidents using feng shui. A painting of apple orchards with red apples full is considered very good as also paintings of orange trees or bowl full of oranges. The best cure is of painting of pomegranate as this cure has been used since ages and even our ancestors believed that this fruit, as pomegranate resembles many seeds, is very lucky to promote fertility. The couple an also eat pomegranate fruit as this is very good for health.
You can also place pomegranates in the bowl in your bedroom near your bed. If this is not possible to have real fruits then you can have plastic ones and even if this is not possible have a painting hung on the west wall of your bedroom. West area of your bedroom is the creativity and children area of your home and is most important to promote fertility.
Also hang baby pictures on this section of your bedroom and view them daily. Never hang a calendar or clock on your bedroom door as this will put undue pressure on the couple to have baby as time is passing.
If possible do take a break from your job or vacation to some relaxing place, not adventure sports, just some quiet relaxing place to promote fertility and kindle passion between the couple. And remember feng shui can be done along with any medications or latest infertility treatments as feng shui promotes good energy and will only hasten up the process of you getting a baby. Best of luck!
All the Best!  

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How to Get Job Promotion and Salary Rise Using Feng Shui

Ask any job employee and you will understand the need for rise in salary and job promotion. Working for years together if you have not got any promotion and your employer does not pay much attention towards you, try using simple feng shui cures to attract wealth and good respect from others.
First of all use feng shui cures where they are needed. Here since your career is involved the best area to feng shui would be the north and north west. Also the left side of your living room which is the wealth area of your home and the south east also the most important area for the home owner has to be feng shuid. Not to forget the main door feng shui which is required to welcome chi and good luck and prosperity into your home.
Make your front door attractive and also your name and address along with flat number clearly mentioned. Also consider all the other feng shui tips for main door from my previous posts.
Dragons of Fame Rizwana Mundewadi

Abundance Reiki symbol Modern painting Raz

Confidence is Beautiful Reiki symbol motivational art Rizwana Mundewadi
Your business card plays a very very important role in this case and the most easy and quick fix feng shui tip is to make a business or your position card according to your position. It does not mean you select a red card for your post as an software consultant trying for a managerial position. If you are an marketing agent trying to rise and become an area manager or some one trying to go up the corporate ladder everyone knows that your business and position card represents you and gives a first impression about you.  
Try to keep your name on the left hand side of your card and select clear fonts as you want people to know you by your first name at a glance. Many people have cursive fonts and designer personal cards and then they do not know why people do not remember their names!
Try to put up happy pictures of your office and colleagues and of course your boss in the north west section of your home. Viewing these pictures you will unconsciously build up happy memories regarding your boss and your colleagues. Everyday before leaving for office make positive intentions and view these pictures for few moments and then leave for office.  
You can also place an feng shui cure in your office in this section in form of a bamboo plant and do try to take care of this plant as I have seen many people buy the bamboo plant and feel it will grow itself without watering! Pay attention to office table feng shui and keep it clean but not empty, as this will indicate you are not doing any work, do try to keep files in place and all stationary arranged in working mode and not in the pen holder. Whenever anyone enters your cabin they must get the impression that you are with work at hand. All this will attract money luck.
Feng shui cure paintings are very easy solutions for all job related problems, be it salary rise or upgrade in position. You can have paintings of horses galloping as these bring strong energy and bring in loads of luck and wealth as well as opportunities. The feng shui greedy dragon is one painting that is a must for high achievers along with money board paintings with your personal intentions.
Trying your hand at simple feng shui you will understated that luck favours those who keep working toward betterment of their position. So try upgrading your skills list and always keep upgrading your resume with new additions which will definitely lead to a higher position up the corporate ladder. And for the heaven and earth luck use feng shui cures. Results can be seen as soon within few weeks.
All the Best from Rizwana!!  


How to Pay Off Your Home Loan Using Feng Shui

How to pay off your home loan using simple feng shui?
Home loans have become a part of the new generation as property rates are very high and everyone needs to buy a house of their own. Since home loans are the easiest way to fulfill your dream of buying a new dream home you do feel stuck up with your loan and paying off the loan sometimes pulls your finances too much. Let us see how feng shui can help you pay off your home loan.
The feng shui of your main door is very important here to welcome good opportunities and increased income. Also consider feng shuing your north west section of your living room. Place feng shui cures here for attracting help from unexpected quarters and good supportive friends which are most essential during the times of loan repayment, though you do not expect them to give you money but understanding and supportive friends are always welcome to give your right guidance.
Feng shui money cures will help you here and keep a orange plant of real or artificial one near your main entrance. Oranges in feng shui are similar to money and wealth and this also represents gold. You can also place a small metal turtle in water facing the door. Turtles arte believed to have long life and this will give you support and strength in your loan repayment times. Also money going out in form of expenses will curb down and you will learn to save with whatever funds you have. Over the rime you will get accumulated funds and you can repay your loan on time or even much earlier that the tenure.
Tie few feng shui gold coins and money with red ribbon and place it near the main door to welcome wealth into your house. Having feng shui cures paintings for promoting money luck can also help you to improve your money luck and welcome wealth into your life.
Keep the toilet door and toilet seat lid always closed after use to minimise the drain of money and expenses and also repair all leaking pipes and other leakages of your home or outside your home. Being in any loan indicates that your money finances are not sufficient and you need to put in more effort to improve your finances. Try to feng shui your career area to get new and improved opportunities to improve your financial status which in turn will bring new money and help you to come out of any loan.
Do put up a feng shui money board painting with all your dreams and intentions for achievements as this will unconsciously promote you to go through your dream daily and having the picture of your dreams before you will make way to work towards fulfilling your dream of coming out of any loan and owning a dream home.
Yes and please do not forget there is no replacement to sincere effort and hard work and do not try to use feng shui cures as an excuse to do less work and wait for miracles! keep working towards paying off your loan and leave the rest on feng shui and see how easily and smoothly your home loan is paid off.
All the Best!  

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Important Feng Shui Cure for House at Lower Level Than Road

One of the important rules in feng shui is that your house that is the most important aspect of your life and family must always be at a higher level than the outside world. This is best feng shui for any home but this may not always be possible. We see houses built at lower levels and sometimes the road outside is turned straight to a sharp corner. Your house also is not good feng shui when the road outside your house is steep uphill and your house falls at lower level.
What happens in such cases is that the energy of your house is pushed below ground and there is always pressure among the inmates. With financial problems along with relationship problems always the members have to give extra push in every aspect of their life. Since the road is above ground level the outside word always puts undue pressure on you and you have to face extra competition and unnecessary pressure.
There is no fault with you or your house and it is the place that requires feng shuing and even though you may apply many feng shui cures for your house the fault which is in the outside land will not be corrected.
If you are purchasing a new home try to avoid buying houses that fall below ground level and the road  is higher than the house door. You go down in life and as the outside world is an indication of good luck , health and wealth, recognition , you unconsciously go down in life. If you already own such a house if possible try to sell off this property since this land problem will keep affecting your other aspects in life.
Another solution would be to fill up the land and increase the level of your house or make the level of the road same as your house, which many people do but this is very expensive option. Land filling coasts a fortune and this is the most expensive option available to improve the feng shui of your house.
You can also opt for a simpler solution of making steps outside your house. Your main door can be raised to a slightly higher level and having steps will increase the level of your house off the ground. This will indicate that when you enter your house you have to rise and climb above the road which will also improve the feng shui as chi will travel from the main road and rise above to enter your home. And we all know that it is better to have wind travel in curved manner than straight hit the home.
Now if these major changes are not possible and here you try feng shui and let miracles happen in your life.
Take a fresh look at your house from outside as a stranger. What feelings do you get. If your house is just a bit at lower level than the outside road and is visible from outside then you can try simple feng shui cures.
Make your front door attractive with feng shui cures for main door and also add extra protection symbols for encouraging positive chi inside your house. Place a small water feature to clear off negative energy from outside and allow birds to drink and bathe here. This will immediately improve the feng shui of your main door by bringing heaven luck. Plant colorful flower beds to make your entrance attractive but avoid blocking your main door and pathway. Make sure your flat number and your name plate is clearly visible from far also. You can also put up light above your main door for lighting this area.
Now if your house is totally not visible from the road then you lead an unknown existence. People come and go and they cannot locate your house so also your opportunities pass away. For this an important and easy cure would be to put up a name plate with clear directions towards your house. If you do not wish to make another name plate it will also help if you plant a tree, especially a fruit tree that will attract birds or tall plant at this junction and then put up your house number or name or business name. You can also put up a light lamp post here to attract and make others aware that there is as house below. Try to make you pathway connecting your house to the main road with flower beds and colorful flowers and a well lighted pathway will surely bring people and energy to your house. You can also put placards with directions from t eh main road at small intervals with correct and easy directions. Chi is welcoming grace and by making a pathway you will welcome grace into your life.
With these simple tips you can improve the feng shui of your house and attract good luck and prosperity.
All the Best!  

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How Many Feng Shui Cures Can I Use? Case History of Working Feng Shui

Recently I visited a home where I could feel the presence of feng shui everywhere. Meaning there were obvious feng shui cures every where visible and just too much. The front door was in red, a bit too loud for the educated family and it had a mirror to deflate all negativities from outside. Wind chimes would make a lot of sound as there were just too many for every corner of the house, which led to in fact make it feel like noise. There were red paintings, red flowers and also red fire place with bricks of red colour. On entering the bedroom there were paintings of two love birds with special big chandelier in the south west which was a bit over sized and jarring for the bedroom atmosphere.  A couple of fragrant candles were kept burning as the couple were heading for divorce and feng shui was their last hope. All in all the entire atmosphere was tense and feelings of disharmony were obvious.
First of all my advice was to clear away all the feng shui cures since they had already accumulated a lot of negative energy from the house and its inmates. Here I would like to advice that feng shui is all about balance and harmony. Anything that breaks the harmony be it the best cure will not give you the desired results. The house needed purification with salt water and incense regularly for at least three weeks and a minimum of seven days if done daily. Sitting and conversing the couple did have lots of love which was visible in their aura and their emotions over flowed about the willingness to carry the relationship but every time they tried it led to some misunderstanding and fight.
The main problem needed to be analysed as the couple did not have any problem with finances and as they were trying hard to have a baby this pressure generalised in their whole life. Ending a relationship is not the solution and with feng shui there is always hope. First the clutter clearing was essential as the lady had accumulated many old past things and items which were of no use. The displayed  antique objects were good and very costly with antique golden vases and ceramic items.  There was one structure looking like a bottle with tiny toy dolls and birds inside it and the lid was sealed.
 On first glance it was a beautiful  artwork but looking closely I felt the dolls and babies inside the closed structure were as if people were in bondage and stifled. This was a rare gift from her elders and she could not part with it. So the advice for her was to cover the antique objects for at least three months, the time to see the feng shui cures work. There was no need to sell the items and only keeping them away from sight would be enough.

Another big and important point was there was too much feng shui. On this the couple did admit that it was a bit uncomfortable and even the  husband would not feel relaxed on entering the house after a days work in office. All these feng shui cures were bought after reading a lot on feng shui and trying cures. So here the wind chimes were also removed. The couple was allowed to hear each wind chime separately and the most pleasant sounding chime was selected and the rest were kept in storage. The red paintings were also removed and only the fire place existed for the south area as this was immovable!
The bedroom the most important room in the house , especially when there are arguments among the couple, was later taken to hand. Clearing off all the present  objects and trying to focus on simple cures was the motto. All the existing feng shui cures were removed as they had already accumulated too much negativity. Painting of double happiness and feng shui symbols used here was refreshing a serene. The big chandelier also did not find the place in the bedroom and this was shifted to the living room where it was looking majestic and good. One wall was totally covered with a glass water fall as this was what the lady loved. This had to be removed and shifted to the living room as in feng shui we do not like to have water in any form in the bedroom.
The kitchen did have some visible negative elements in form of painting of   eagles  and other birds The couple   felt these eagle picture were for long vision and good progress where as in fact charging and raging eagles are not very good symbolic paintings, not for any room. Only a soaring eagle may be good for fame area but still I like to avoid any cures which may have double meanings. Here pleasant flowers painting and fruits artwork were placed.
The door bell was also replaced with musical one as also the clock that had loud sound on every hour, which the couple were not comfortable with as this always brought to their notice the passing of every hour in their relationship.
Then began the pleasant journey of the couple with true feng shui cures and their faith. They installed a small quiet corner in their living room where the couple sat for few minutes daily without having any conversation. This area was the south west of the living room. The bedroom was also given a special seat for two in the north east section for them to think and realize their self goals. This helped a lot as they got the time to understand each other without conversing and love which already existed between the couple bloomed once again. A pink rose quartz stone in their bedroom near their bed was also put up with intentions to spread love and harmony.
That’s it, they are living happily now, touch wood, and the lady is expecting soon. May God give them understanding and keep their love strong and may they live happily every after!
Life when kept simple is very good and pleasant and feng shui is all about being simple!
All the Best!  

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Lucky Number and the Unlucky Flat Number in Feng Shui

Flat numbers and house lanes numbers play an important role in the success of your career, family relationships and finance, especially your finance. Since your house should be clearly visible to get good opportunities and business openings it is also very important to be noticeable from outside for inviting good luck and good energy.  It is often seen that people with very tall trees covering their houses are living a life of unknown identity and also do not have many friends either in neighborhood or at work. They live a secluded life and even though they miss out on friends their situation does not change. Here feng shui can help to bring about a drastic and positive change in your situation.
First of all consider your main door that is chi or mouth of your home. Keep it clean and clutter free. Attractive items and healthy plants can be displayed as welcoming gesture. Avoid very tall plants that w ill cover your main door or flat number. Have a good designer feng shui name plate showing very clearly your house address, flat number and your name.
Now we know that there are certain lucky numbers as well as certain unlucky numbers in feng shui. What if you have an unlucky flat number say one or thirteen or some number which is not good feng shui number for your personally. Though you can change various aspects in feng shui it may not be possible to change your flat number unless of course, you choose a major decision of shifting your house. In such cases you can use si8mple feng shui cure by underlining your flat number with golden colour. You can also cure this problem by making a round circle to your flat number. This will improve the feng shui of your number and also remove the negative energy of this number.
Having a metal door knocker will improve strength of your main door and the knock of your door will bring luck into your house. This feng shui for numbers can also be applied to office numbers or shop numbers and also for the working category their table numbers. For your name plate in office use clear alphabets with clear spellings of your name and designation and this must be seen from far away also. If there are numbers involved do underline them for best results or make a circle around unlucky numbers to deflate their negative energy and make them powerful for you.
Another important feng shui tip to enhance main door feng shui of unlucky flat number is to have a bright light over your door and shine your name and flat number. This positive light energy will remove the negativity of your house number and also improve visibility of your flat.
Using feng shui for your main door will enhance relationships and bring welcoming positive energy which in turn will bring good business and great wealth towards your home.
All the Best!  

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List of Furniture Items and Placement Tips According to Feng Shui

In feng shui the most important aspect which I love is that it always goes with the flow and never against. Any feng shui cure which does not go with your nature and environment is not a good cure and will not show results. Hence very often I mention that please do not go in for very costly feng shui cures and major renovations of your home and offices for improving your luck.
In feng shui we follow the principles of the five elements and if the cycle is placed in the progressive form then you get very good results by right placements of your furniture. As fire leads to ashes or earth which in turn forms metal which using water brings new growth in form of wood which can be burned using fire to get earth. This way all the elements are balanced and placing your furniture considering these aspects will give you good results from using feng shui in your home or office. By understanding these principles it will be very easy for you to place your furniture correctly according to feng shui rules.
Let us now consider the selection of furniture to place in these particular areas. Usually any home consists of basic few items of furniture and though there is no limit to this list we can consider a few common examples and learn their right placement suggestions in feng shui. The living room consists of sofa set, center table, chairs and puffis , lounge or easy sofa, wardrobe, TV set, fish tanks and of course the list of knick knacks is endless. Let us consider first the sofa set and chairs and center table. Think right in the beginning  for purchasing these important furniture items about the element which you prefer. People are considered to be metal, wood, water, wind  and fire types so you can see your preferences. If you select a wooden sofa set and seating arrangement then it is best to place these items in the east and south section. If your seating arrangement furniture is of metal try to have it in the north and north west region, you will not only enhance the element of your house by increasing its chi but also have happy relationships with family and friends. You also will consider your decorative knick knacks and other fancy items according to their element make up. Example you can have a tall healthy plant in the south and east direction where as have a metal ship in the north and have chandelier in the south west.
TV and music systems go in the west wall as also computers and laptops. Telephones and mobiles are best placed in the north and north west directions. Whereas a fish tank can be placed in any direction of your living room where you need improved positive chi as long as it is kept clean.
Let us move to the other most important room that is kitchen. Here your fire element has to be strong. Place your gas stove in the south or east. Select dining table according to your space available. If you have place in south and east then have a wooden table whereas  you can also go in for a wrought iron and metal dining table for the west and north section. Though in feng shui we prefer to have a wooden dining table as this is considered auspicious and good for your health you can have any material table and even glass looks very elegant and creates a feeling of more space in a small kitchen. Your fridge and gas must never be in one line. Have your water sink and basin in the north to correspond the water element. Ovens and microwave can be kept in the  west position and avoid keeping your microwave on your fridge as two powerful energies are not good together and will heat up this area considerably. In fact in feng shui we prefer to have less of micro wave food and lead a healthy lifestyle with more fresh fruits and vegetables. Though this is the need of the hour and every home has an oven you can place it on solid wooden board or kitchen stone platform in the west as all these equipments are made of metal and west is the best area for metal objects.
Bedroom furniture consists of bed, wardrobe, side tables to name a few. Place these furniture according to your bets position for good results. Here you will not only consider the elements of your furniture but also consider your best sleeping position and luck position to get good relaxed sleep and energy.
Children’s bedroom is another very important room in feng shui. here I would like to mention few tips for those who have children as well as those who are trying to have baby. As you move into your new home do make space and room fort eh entry of new member in your family. If you have children give utmost importance to the west and north along with north west area of your child’s room. A happy and enthusiastic child will be seen only when they have comfortable furniture and right arrangement of the same. Same principles will apply here also according to the basic elements of your home and the material used for the furniture for children's room. Usually children have bed, wardrobe, study table, book shelf and play area. Very important to consider that these furniture items are safe and strong to bear the use of energetic children. Try to avoid any sharp edges in your child's furniture and place it according to feng shui in their room. Best placement of study table is north, north west, south and north east. Among all these the north east is best for improving education luck. Play area must be in the west to encourage creativity and do have a notice board or display board in the wets of your child's room to display their achievements and artwork.
Bathroom furniture includes all water elements and it is considered an area where you lose energy. Hence in feng shui we focus on keeping the drain and toilet door closed at all times. You can also keep the lid of your toilet seat always covered after use to avoid precious drain of finances. Many people have decorative items in bathroom but in feng shui we prefer to keep our toilets simple and only utility based. Though you can have a plant or mirror in your bathroom as a feng shui cure.
If you have a garden or lawn attached to your house also consider furniture for this according to feng shui. Have plants according the element that corresponds to an element of your house. Example if you have a south garden this is best and you can have to liberty to have many healthy plants and of any colour. But in case you have a garden in the north or north west it is advisable to have less plants and more of a rock garden to bring in education and self realization luck. Also select plants of different colour and avoid very tall plants in the north section of your home. Her your garden seat and table can be of wood or usually metal since this furniture has to bear heat and rains in every season. Select the material which you feel comfortable with and also which is tough for your feng shui garden. Have a pond or water feature in north and west and have wooden seating arrangement and table in south and east direction of your garden. Though the bets location for seating arrangement in your home garden is north west.
Part room or entertainment room is another important room that is seemingly becoming popular. In feng shui entertainment plays an important role in improving the energy of your home. As you feel happy and energized after having party and functions you can have furniture according to the elements of your house area. Usually music systems and other equipments are placed in the west and you can also have it in the n north as these area correspond to the metal element it is best to have entertainment room area of your home with furniture according to your tastes and needs. Party of friends will have informal furniture and a more informal seating arrangement where as senior people who love to party will have  more comfortable seating arrangements and tough furniture. Select furniture according to the element in feng shui.
Servants room furniture is of utmost importance as we all know the role of good domestic help in the  harmony and happiness of our life. Having servants room in the north west or east section is considered good. You need to have good cook and reliable domestic help so place utmost importance in your helpful friends area. You can have their bed and wardrobe or cupboard according to the direction of your house. If the servants room falls in the east have wooden furniture and if in the west of north have metal furniture.
All in all have knick knacks to balance the energy of each room and you can always use feng shui simple cures to fill in the missing parts of your home. Select simple cures and improve the feng shui of your home.
All the Best!  

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Feng Shui Cure Paintings of Angels for Heaven Luck

Luck favors those that keep the ball rolling. By this I mean luck and grace favor those people who are consistent and sincere in their efforts. By learning new skills and refurbishing, enhancing and upgrading your resume you start getting new opportunities in life and career. Sometimes though with all the efforts you put in there are no results proportionately seen? Why does this happen as we all know there is everything in abundance in the universe? Such things happen in our life due to karmic blocks of this or past karma.
Let us consider few cures for removing karmic blocks and inviting feng shui heaven luck on your side.
You can use a simple and easy feng shui cure of paintings of angels and fairies. Yes I know this may seem childish and many people will question this cure and say my house is not a fantasy island with pictures of fictional images. But it is true that paintings and pictures of fairies, angels, unicorns and of course various Gods and Goddesses all will bring you unexpected success and good luck. This feng shui cure will not only work on your personal problems but also bring in unexpected friends and help form unknown sources in your life. Suddenly you will feel the flow of energy in the right direction and also get good financial gains from known as well as unknown sources.
Where to display such paintings of fairies and angels is another important aspect of feng shui. Here we lay much importance on right placement and what may look good in one place may not necessarily give you the right results but if the element area according to feng shui principles is balanced than you sure will get very good results from feng shui simple cures. The right place to display such symbols and paintings is the north and North West direction.
Why north west and north? Well these directions favor heaven luck. Since the west corresponds to creativity and north direction favors career opportunities and business success it is well rational to place such heaven luck symbols in these directions. North west area corresponds to the area of helpful people and this is of utmost importance that you get very good and reliable friends in your life. Many times people struggle alone with their business and feel stuck up in career. Even though they may have an impressive resume and are hard working luck does not favor them. Here people and heaven help come in terms of friends who guide them and also support them with enthusiasm in their ventures. You feel you are guided with the right directions and advice time to time which leads you to the path of success both in professional as well as personal life.
Since we see many people struggling with their career graphs and feeling frustrated with their finances this cure is very essential and effective for every home.
Unexpected phone calls for career opportunities, rise and progress in present job position, new projects to work on, reliable advisory team and support system of good friends, entry of new people who offer new opportunities in your career are few of the effects you can see with the use of this feng shui cure.
By improving your relationship with your present boss and getting a substantial raise in salary there are many results you will notice from using feng shui cures to bring heaven luck on your side.
All the Best!  

For buying any of my healing symbolic feng shui paintings for protection from negative energies, good luck, wealth, fame, happiness, focus, prosperity, education luck, health, karmic healing or getting one made according to your budget and size of painting customized  please visit my website Rizwana Mundewadi's Healing Art. Thank You!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Tips for Good Kitchen Feng Shui and Simple Kitchen Cures

Kitchen being the most important part of your home according to feng shui as the whole family is nourished and given energy here, the kitchen is and has to be according to the principles of feng shui for good health and harmony.
While considnering the kitchen design and kitchen decor we rarely think about the lements which later leads to have less energy and boring atmosphere in the kitchen. You do not understand why a turquoise kitchen makes you feel lazy and too relaxed that you lose hunger on entering your kitchen. Sometimes the home maker does not feel like cooking good and nutritious food and lose creativity to make good attractive and tasty dishes. Due to this dull and boring kitchen your family is less inclined to enter the kitchen and they do away with light snacks very often leading to less energy in general with the whole family. Even if the kitchen is very big or very small it does not matter and many times you see families having very small table kitchens also leading a happy and healthy life and very costly designer kitchens also if not comfortable make the family feel aloof which affects their health adversely.
Here feng shui can help to stabilise and increase energy of your kitchen and you will see immediate and vast improvement and posititve change in your family health and relationships.
Tips for good kitchen  feng shui- Consider how the kitchen top that is the gas burners or stove are located. It is best to have your flame burning in the south or south east but every time this may not be possible. Have mirror placed in your kitchen to reflect the flame so that the missing part of your south can be filled by the reflection of the same fire energy for your south. Avoid too many mirrors as thhis may lead to accidents in the kitchen.
Another important tip is to have mirrors reflecting your dining table as this will immedaitely reflect and make the impression of  doubling yoru food. Hang beautiful simple chandeliers or lights that will focus on your dining table so that your food is clearly visible and looks attractive. Have comforatble seating arrangement in yoru kitchen for the family to sit and eat together as this improves relationships among all the family members.
Try to avoid having kitchen burners and wash basins in the opposite direction or facing one another. This is very bad feng shui as water and fire are opposites and they will create a restless environment. Also avoid having your water element and fire in one line. Now if you have this arrangement in your kitchen  and there is no more space and scope for change then use a simple feng shui cure for healing this area.  You can place a small green plant in between the fire and water element and this will balance the opposite energies and create harmony in your kitchen. This will act as a barriere and divide the two different element energies so that you get the benefit of both energies.
Avoid leakages and damp walls and taps. Keep your kitchen clean and fresh with use of air freshners or healhty herb plants placed on your kitchen window sill. These plants will not only make way for positive energy but also make the environment fresh and lively.
Paint the walls of your kitchen according to feng shui. Select colours according to your tastes but avoid dull and very light colours as these look good only in living or bed rooms. Paint yellows, oranges and reds to make your kitchen lively. But please do not over do this colouring part as a strong red kitchen may sometimes also not be an comfortable one. Try to incorporate red and oranges with the colour theme of your kitchen. Have paintings of fresh fruits and vases of colourful flowers to make the environment cheery and bright.In feng shui we prefer to have a white kitchen as everything looks clean and our food can be presented in its natural attractive colour and this is appealing to all our tastes and senses.
Your kitchen fridge is another very important feng shui element in your kitchen. Always keep the refridgerator clean and full with vegetables and fruits. Keep space between your gas stove and fridge of at least a few feets as direct heat is not good for your electric refridgerator and the area may become over heated with two elements along side.
Most important feng shui tip for kitchen feng shui is to have the whole family sit together for at least one meal everyday. Place some fresh frutis on your dining table to make a welcoming environment and thus welcoming chi into your feng shui kitchen.
Try to use feng shui principles for your kitchen and notice immediate and positive difference in the health and happiness of your family.
All the Best!  

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Importance and Placement of Crystal Globe in Feng Shui

Crystal globe is one of the important cures in feng shui that has universal appeal. With so many cures for home and all areas this cure in feng shui especially works for office and business to bring in good business and increase in finance.
Crystal Globe in Feng Shui
 It is important that you buy a good and original feng shui cure of crystal globe for success in home and office. If you have an office as work from home then this crystal globe can be placed on your office work table.
Placement of Crystal Globe for Prosperity
Crystals as we all know have the power to collect light and energy thus making them good energy enhancers for any area. In feng shui this crystal globe cure can be used  by anyone to improve their financial luck and welcome prosperity and good business. Placement of the crystal globe in the right direction will not only bring business form unexpected quarters but also improve and increase the business from existing clients of the company.
The globe has a metal ring usually of golden colour. It is advisable to use this cure judiciously to improve your money luck. Always keep your globe shiny and clean. As you begin your day make it a daily routine to clean your globe and place it with positive intentions on your office table.
All the Doors to Goodluck
Where to place the crystal globe for best benefit as feng shui cure- the best place according to feng shui is first to consider the area in which you have your office. East, west, north or south. If your table is in the south and south east this is the best location. Place the crystal globe on the left hand side of your table and always maintain cleanliness in your office.
Avoid placing the crystal globe near the edge of your office or study table since there is risk of falling and breaking which is harmful and since this fear will always be there this will create bad feng shui and poison arrow every time you view your crystal globe.
A crystal globe cure is used to bring great business opportunities and bring wealth and prosperity. The globe gives you the open opportunity of global level and increase business many folds.
All the Best from Rizwana!  

Important Places for Fish Tank in Feng Shui

 Fish Tank  Feng Shui Cure for Wealth
 With fish tank coming as a fashion statement every living room is seen to have huge fish tanks with latest pumps and cleaning facilities. You can see big fish, small fish, turtles, snails, sucker fish and gold fish that arte more favourites among feng shui lovers.
Water according to feng shui represents wealth and water in any form will promote good luck and prosperity and help in increasing the energy of your wealth area. From all places a fish tank is seen placed in the south, north , west or east and in fact any room and any area of the house. You may also see people placing fish tanks in kitchens for enlivening the environment.
Gold Fish in Feng Shui
It is true that in the Chinese culture every restaurant will have a huge fish tank at the entrance for welcoming guests and the Chinese do believe that fish bring them good luck. So also here many business structures are having fish tanks at the entrance for increasing energy of that area and bringing wealth.
At home it is not advisable to put fish tank in kitchen and bedroom. Also avoid placing fish tank in the children's room. The best place to put up a tank is in the living room. Here the tank will increase the beauty of your room and enhance the decor as well as be easy to maintain along with increasing the energy of that area. Finding the right place according to your lucky area and especially the wealth area which falls in your living room you can place a fish tank here.
Have 9 gold fish in the tank in which 8 are golden and one is black in colour. In feng shui when fish die they take away some of your bad luck so you have to replace the dead fish immediately with new gold fish.
An important point to note with fish tanks is they are excellent cures for money luck and can be used effectively and easily in feng shui but you have to take utmost care to keep your fish tank clean. Dirty tanks and dead fish will create negative energy and affect adversely the area of your wealth. This may lead to bad name in business and financial losses.
Avoid placing fish tank in bedroom as water is never encouraged in bedroom. Even if your lucky best area and career area or metal area of west falls here you would never ever put a fish tank in your bedroom. Moving water is not advisable in feng shui especially for bedroom as this will have a bad effect on husband wife relationship and may lead to regular fights and may also end up in divorce.
Children who love pets would like to have tanks in their bedroom but according to feng shui any water above the ground level is risky and contains pressure. There will also be risk of children accidently breaking the fish tank while playing and getting hurt. Children's bedroom and study room must not have any fish tanks.
Is it good to have a fish tank near the entrance like in restaurants? No the same rule that will work for restaurants to bring in prosperity is harmful for your home. Avoid placing fish tank near the entrance as this will again affect the relationship between inmates adversely.
Keep it in a place where you can see it comfortably and also it does not fall in the high traffic area of your living room, that is frequently used walk way. Best location in feng shui is the north, north west and even many feng shui consultants advise to have fish tanks in south east, remember the area has to be south east and not south, calculate it well as water in south is bad for fame and will diminish the desire to work and achieve anything in life. The life force area in south is very important and so do not take any risks with this area.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

All you Need to Know About Crystals Use as Cures in Feng Shui

Pure Crystal
 Crystals are a very effective cure for healing in feng shui. Time has proved that crystals due to their light refractive properties are very effective in curing relationships and also improving the feng shui of any area. Considering a few important points of placement crystals can be hung, placed or laid in boxes according to the elements of that particular area to be feng shuid.
Crystal Very Good Cure in Feng Shui
 There are some places for best placement and results from crystals. South area of your home or office will benefit for hanging clear crystal in improving your fame and recognition luck. As the shape of south area is triangle it is best to have a circular crystal with a point and hang it in this area for improving your fame luck.
Pink Crystal for Curing Relationship
Pink coloured crystals are very effetcive in improving relationships and are good to be placed in the bed room to improve romance and marriage luck. Hanging a crystal wind chime in the south west area will improve all relationships and a crystal in the north west area will welcome help from unknown friends and unexpected means. This will energise the area of helpful mentors in your and your family's  life.
How to select crystals in feng shui-  with so many shiny crystals we are confused in selecting the right type of crystal for best feng shui cure. If you have a preference or your stars favour a particular type of crystal then you can go in for it. Each coloured crystal has different benefits and as some are good for improving health some for improving luck whereas some like the tiger eye to ward off evil luck.
If you are new and do not wish to get more confused the best choice would be to go in for a transparent and glossy colourless crystal which is pure and shiny. Since it is understood that white is a superior colour and above all the rest of colours in the colour spectrum it would be good feng shui to select a crystal for any place.
Sharp Crystals- feng shui places lots of importance on curves and this also will be considered before selecting a crystal. Choose a good cut crystal that has smooth edges and does not have pointed or very sharp edges that may hurt anyone, as this is bad feng shui to have sharp objects near us. Avoid hanging crystals where in they have the pointed portion facing towards us.
How to hang a crystal- A triangle shaped crystal with the pointed shape pointing upwards is the best way to hang a crystal for best results as feng shui cure. If you are placing a crystal in a open plate for wealth cure, place some coloured stones or beads and then place the crystal between for best results in your wealth area. Avoid hanging crystals that come in your way in the house or office as you may accidently get hurt.
Another important point is to secure the hung crystal with a strong twine or chain so that there are no accidents. The point of the crystal when hung up must not point downwards as this will act as a negative arrow and give bad energy below. Nowadays we get ready made stands for placing crystals which are secure and strong and all one has to do is to put it on your table or desk.
Where to buy crystals in feng shui- first of all purchase good qaultiy and authentic crystals for reputed sources of crystal sellers or jewellers. Many people buy cheap crystals that come cheap but after few days the shine and gloss just disappears and you realize you have been cheated in the name of genuine crystals for a piece of glass! So buy crystals from a reputed crystal dealer. Remember to avoid spending a fortune on crystals as there are cheaper cures in feng shui but you can buy a single or few crystals if this is what you want as these are effective cures and they do look very attractive and good along with acting as cures in feng shui.
Purification of Crystals in feng Shui- buying a crystal is one aspect of the feng shui cure and maintaining its freshness and effectiveness is another. Like any other thing even our crystals seem to accumulate energy and especially if it is bad negative energy then your crystal will start looking weak, light and also lose its shine. Some times if there is lots of negativity in the room then some crystals also crack and break.
How to maintain your crystals and their effectiveness for life long is that like you take bath do the same purification for your crystal. If you feel the crystal is not showing results then clean the crystal with fresh water, remember to avoid chlorinated water. Add some whole rock salt and clean the crystal with this water. Avoid soaking the crystal for long in salt water. Once the crystal is clean wipe it with a clean soft muslin cloth. Remember to use a soft cloth for cleaning your crystal as harsh fabric will make scratches on your precious crystal surface and it will lose its shine.
After cleaning the crystal place it for some time under the morning fresh sunlight so that it is charged with positive ions form the sun energy. Burn some incense and put positive intentions and command to your crystal and then hang it or place it according to the feng shui area. If you are new to handling crystals please do not try the purification process of crystals at home and you can take help of a good feng shui consultant for the same as you may risk either scratching your crystal or completely breaking it in process of cleaning.
Also there are special liquids available for cleaning crystals and cleaning your crystal with soap and water may remove the protective coating of your crystal and make it dull and less shiny.
You can use crystals as cures for many problems in your life. Wearing pink crystals will help to control anger and emotional outburst and mood disorders. A crystal with yellow tone or black will ward off evil eye and bad luck. A clear crystal will also reflect back negative energy and thus lead to good health and good luck. Hanging crystals in north west and south west is very good for anybody to improve relationships gone sour and to invite heaven luck and mentors luck in your life. So if you are not getting any help or support from family or friends in your personal or professional life then try a crystal feng shui cure. A sure shot for healing bad marriage is to place a pink crystal near the bed of the couple with positive intentions and you can save a marriage from break up. Sibling rivalry is another aspect which you can cure with use of crystal cure. Placing or hanging pure crystals near the window where the crystals gets some amount of sunlight daily will help to improve the feng shui of the area and heal relationships. In offices you can place a crystal on a stand on the left side of your table, and do remember to rub your crystal daily to keep it sparkling clean to attract positive growth in business and also improved existing clients relationships.
Feng shui is a simple science of placing the right objects in the right place and they need not be costly cure for results to be seen. Crystal Chandeliers and wind chimes are a good way to bring feng shui crystal cure in your life and they also go with your home d├ęcor!
All the Best!  

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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Feng Shui Name Plate What Points to Consider Before Selecting a Feng Shui Name Plate

Feng shui name plates can be effective cures for problems related to fame, recognition and wealth problems. The name plates are an effective medium for improving your luck. The trend nowadays has us seeing beautiful designer name plates. From simple name of the owner to designer name plates having names of family are seen and at first glance we see how the name is placed on the main door. With designer name plates made from different materials like wood, metal, plastic and even paintings having names mentioned of the owners.
Our first impression is a lasting one when we are welcomed by an impressive name plate. Feng shui name plates have become very popular and easy and effective cures for recognition.
What points to consider before selecting a Feng Shui name plate for the main door- It is not important to spend loads of money for name plates if it does not correspond with your and your family's nature and interests.
First important point to consider is to see how you and your family represent and your personal likes. Do not select a fashionable name plate if you are simple in nature and like soothing colours. Try to explain to the designer for considering your personal likes and interests and consider the size, material and colours used before finalizing any name plate design.
Consider if you wish to have a large name plate near your main door wall or a smaller one with attarctive pattern on your main door.
According to feng shui the main door has an very important role in your success and recognition along with the wealth coming into your house. Your relationships with the outside world and your incoming business and money all depends upon the first impression you give to the outside world. With utmost importance given to have a clutter free main door the name plate is next in importance for success and prosperity.
Symbols on name plates can be an individual choice and many people choose religious symbols for protection and luck. Consider the element that corresponds to your main door. Try to balance this with the material of your name plate. For example if your main door faces east then have a wooden name plate and if it faces west, north west or south west you can choose metal as a material for your name plate.
Have your name printed clearly and your flat number which is visible at a glance. Do not select complicated fonts in your name as the viewer will not be able to see your name clearly and this will affect your business and future prospects adversely. Also if you have to have your daughters married or require good business opportunities then feng shui name plates can act as very effective and easy cures to attract money and marital luck. Have your name, flat number clearly visible and you can also have additional focus lights to brighten up your feng shui name plate for your main door feng shui.
Finally select the design for your name plate which you are comfortable with, this is the main criteria for selecting a feng shui name plate. You must feel comfortable after viewing it and your name plate must represent your identity and who you are as a person and your family as a whole.
You can also choose objects and knick knacks that go along with your name plates for improving the positive energy at your main door like wind chimes, mirrors and healthy growing plants. A designer theme for the main door would work at all levels, be soothing and attractive to the eyes, be bold and also be according to the element that corresponds to that area of your house.
All the Best!  

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Feng Shui Paintings a Powerful Cure for All Problems

Feng shui paintings are a powerful cures for many problems. Being an healing artist I have been painting feng shui and healing artworks and have time and often kept mentioning the effects of paintings on our emotions.
Viewing a beautiful flower makes us happy and by looking at a cute cat brings a smile to our face. Paintings have immense effect on our psyche and by viewing positive and happy symbolic paintings we can immediately improve our mood and even our environment.
In feng shui we pay utmost importance to our environment and balance of the five elements in any area and room. When the placement of our furniture and other knick knacks relate with the corresponding elements then there is peace and harmony which can be felt by the inmates of the house or office.
By just a little tweaking here and there we can show great improvement and hence I mention that people must not go in for major changes or costly feng shui cures, there are many simple feng shui cures that can help heal your problem and help to bring about balance and harmony.
Feng shui paintings can be used as cures for many problems like health problems, wealth problems, relationship problems, career problems, lack of energy problems, depression and other such problems which are faced in our day to day life by every individual at some or the other point in our life.
How do feng shui paintings work: It is all but natural for anybody to think how these paintings work. According to modern science we understand how visual things affect our mental status and change our mood. Feng shui paintings work on the same principle and has immense effect on our mind and body. Motivational paintings are a very good example of feng shui paintings that can improve your career and motivation an lead to a positive growth.
All the Best!  

For buying any of my healing symbolic feng shui paintings for protection from negative energies, good luck, wealth, fame, happiness, focus, prosperity, education luck, health, karmic healing or getting one made according to your budget and size of painting customized  please visit my website Rizwana Mundewadi's Healing Art. Thank You!