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Monday, November 21, 2011

Tips for Good Kitchen Feng Shui and Simple Kitchen Cures

Kitchen being the most important part of your home according to feng shui as the whole family is nourished and given energy here, the kitchen is and has to be according to the principles of feng shui for good health and harmony.
While considnering the kitchen design and kitchen decor we rarely think about the lements which later leads to have less energy and boring atmosphere in the kitchen. You do not understand why a turquoise kitchen makes you feel lazy and too relaxed that you lose hunger on entering your kitchen. Sometimes the home maker does not feel like cooking good and nutritious food and lose creativity to make good attractive and tasty dishes. Due to this dull and boring kitchen your family is less inclined to enter the kitchen and they do away with light snacks very often leading to less energy in general with the whole family. Even if the kitchen is very big or very small it does not matter and many times you see families having very small table kitchens also leading a happy and healthy life and very costly designer kitchens also if not comfortable make the family feel aloof which affects their health adversely.
Here feng shui can help to stabilise and increase energy of your kitchen and you will see immediate and vast improvement and posititve change in your family health and relationships.
Tips for good kitchen  feng shui- Consider how the kitchen top that is the gas burners or stove are located. It is best to have your flame burning in the south or south east but every time this may not be possible. Have mirror placed in your kitchen to reflect the flame so that the missing part of your south can be filled by the reflection of the same fire energy for your south. Avoid too many mirrors as thhis may lead to accidents in the kitchen.
Another important tip is to have mirrors reflecting your dining table as this will immedaitely reflect and make the impression of  doubling yoru food. Hang beautiful simple chandeliers or lights that will focus on your dining table so that your food is clearly visible and looks attractive. Have comforatble seating arrangement in yoru kitchen for the family to sit and eat together as this improves relationships among all the family members.
Try to avoid having kitchen burners and wash basins in the opposite direction or facing one another. This is very bad feng shui as water and fire are opposites and they will create a restless environment. Also avoid having your water element and fire in one line. Now if you have this arrangement in your kitchen  and there is no more space and scope for change then use a simple feng shui cure for healing this area.  You can place a small green plant in between the fire and water element and this will balance the opposite energies and create harmony in your kitchen. This will act as a barriere and divide the two different element energies so that you get the benefit of both energies.
Avoid leakages and damp walls and taps. Keep your kitchen clean and fresh with use of air freshners or healhty herb plants placed on your kitchen window sill. These plants will not only make way for positive energy but also make the environment fresh and lively.
Paint the walls of your kitchen according to feng shui. Select colours according to your tastes but avoid dull and very light colours as these look good only in living or bed rooms. Paint yellows, oranges and reds to make your kitchen lively. But please do not over do this colouring part as a strong red kitchen may sometimes also not be an comfortable one. Try to incorporate red and oranges with the colour theme of your kitchen. Have paintings of fresh fruits and vases of colourful flowers to make the environment cheery and bright.In feng shui we prefer to have a white kitchen as everything looks clean and our food can be presented in its natural attractive colour and this is appealing to all our tastes and senses.
Your kitchen fridge is another very important feng shui element in your kitchen. Always keep the refridgerator clean and full with vegetables and fruits. Keep space between your gas stove and fridge of at least a few feets as direct heat is not good for your electric refridgerator and the area may become over heated with two elements along side.
Most important feng shui tip for kitchen feng shui is to have the whole family sit together for at least one meal everyday. Place some fresh frutis on your dining table to make a welcoming environment and thus welcoming chi into your feng shui kitchen.
Try to use feng shui principles for your kitchen and notice immediate and positive difference in the health and happiness of your family.
All the Best!  

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  1. Your articles and contents are encouraging.retro red toaster

  2. Thanks a lot John Brett fro the encouraging comment, Welcome to feng Shui Simple Cures!All the Best from Rizwana!

  3. I have a black refrigerator in the fame area,how do i fix this without buying another one or painting is about 3 years old

    1. Hello Unknown, black is the color of career growth but not so preferred in south. Do you find anything amiss or negative effects due to this color. You can put up pictures /posters of fruits, or geometric triangles in red. That will definitely jump up the fame area!
      Hope this helps!!
      All the Best from Rizwana!

  4. Greetings!

    I have a kitchen on the east direction which again is the health corner & element is wood. Please suggest on this

    1. Put fruits pictures of plants or real plants are best for east.

  5. My sink (in the kitchen island) and stove are facing each other. They are only 3 feet apart. I can not put plants in between. Is there another cure?


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