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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Feng Shui Cure for Promoting Fertility Along with Latest Infertility Treatments

With many couples working and also marrying at a later age many couples are facing with delayed pregnancy and infertility problems. With stress in personal and job the couple need strong feng shui cures to bring back passion in their personal relationship. After medical check up and tests if the coupled o not have any biological or medical problem with fertility then feng shui cures can help to promote fertility.
Clutter clearing in the room and office. Also try to remove personal blocks by using healing methods if possible. Try to clean the bed if there is storage underside and once cleaned do not try to clean it till for few months when trying to conceive for baby as we want stable energy for the bed.
Have paintings of red flowers or two fragrant candles lighted daily for some time in your bedroom. Do put the candles off before going to sleep. We do not want any accidents using feng shui. A painting of apple orchards with red apples full is considered very good as also paintings of orange trees or bowl full of oranges. The best cure is of painting of pomegranate as this cure has been used since ages and even our ancestors believed that this fruit, as pomegranate resembles many seeds, is very lucky to promote fertility. The couple an also eat pomegranate fruit as this is very good for health.
You can also place pomegranates in the bowl in your bedroom near your bed. If this is not possible to have real fruits then you can have plastic ones and even if this is not possible have a painting hung on the west wall of your bedroom. West area of your bedroom is the creativity and children area of your home and is most important to promote fertility.
Also hang baby pictures on this section of your bedroom and view them daily. Never hang a calendar or clock on your bedroom door as this will put undue pressure on the couple to have baby as time is passing.
If possible do take a break from your job or vacation to some relaxing place, not adventure sports, just some quiet relaxing place to promote fertility and kindle passion between the couple. And remember feng shui can be done along with any medications or latest infertility treatments as feng shui promotes good energy and will only hasten up the process of you getting a baby. Best of luck!
All the Best!  

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