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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

How Many Feng Shui Cures Can I Use? Case History of Working Feng Shui

Recently I visited a home where I could feel the presence of feng shui everywhere. Meaning there were obvious feng shui cures every where visible and just too much. The front door was in red, a bit too loud for the educated family and it had a mirror to deflate all negativities from outside. Wind chimes would make a lot of sound as there were just too many for every corner of the house, which led to in fact make it feel like noise. There were red paintings, red flowers and also red fire place with bricks of red colour. On entering the bedroom there were paintings of two love birds with special big chandelier in the south west which was a bit over sized and jarring for the bedroom atmosphere.  A couple of fragrant candles were kept burning as the couple were heading for divorce and feng shui was their last hope. All in all the entire atmosphere was tense and feelings of disharmony were obvious.
First of all my advice was to clear away all the feng shui cures since they had already accumulated a lot of negative energy from the house and its inmates. Here I would like to advice that feng shui is all about balance and harmony. Anything that breaks the harmony be it the best cure will not give you the desired results. The house needed purification with salt water and incense regularly for at least three weeks and a minimum of seven days if done daily. Sitting and conversing the couple did have lots of love which was visible in their aura and their emotions over flowed about the willingness to carry the relationship but every time they tried it led to some misunderstanding and fight.
The main problem needed to be analysed as the couple did not have any problem with finances and as they were trying hard to have a baby this pressure generalised in their whole life. Ending a relationship is not the solution and with feng shui there is always hope. First the clutter clearing was essential as the lady had accumulated many old past things and items which were of no use. The displayed  antique objects were good and very costly with antique golden vases and ceramic items.  There was one structure looking like a bottle with tiny toy dolls and birds inside it and the lid was sealed.
 On first glance it was a beautiful  artwork but looking closely I felt the dolls and babies inside the closed structure were as if people were in bondage and stifled. This was a rare gift from her elders and she could not part with it. So the advice for her was to cover the antique objects for at least three months, the time to see the feng shui cures work. There was no need to sell the items and only keeping them away from sight would be enough.

Another big and important point was there was too much feng shui. On this the couple did admit that it was a bit uncomfortable and even the  husband would not feel relaxed on entering the house after a days work in office. All these feng shui cures were bought after reading a lot on feng shui and trying cures. So here the wind chimes were also removed. The couple was allowed to hear each wind chime separately and the most pleasant sounding chime was selected and the rest were kept in storage. The red paintings were also removed and only the fire place existed for the south area as this was immovable!
The bedroom the most important room in the house , especially when there are arguments among the couple, was later taken to hand. Clearing off all the present  objects and trying to focus on simple cures was the motto. All the existing feng shui cures were removed as they had already accumulated too much negativity. Painting of double happiness and feng shui symbols used here was refreshing a serene. The big chandelier also did not find the place in the bedroom and this was shifted to the living room where it was looking majestic and good. One wall was totally covered with a glass water fall as this was what the lady loved. This had to be removed and shifted to the living room as in feng shui we do not like to have water in any form in the bedroom.
The kitchen did have some visible negative elements in form of painting of   eagles  and other birds The couple   felt these eagle picture were for long vision and good progress where as in fact charging and raging eagles are not very good symbolic paintings, not for any room. Only a soaring eagle may be good for fame area but still I like to avoid any cures which may have double meanings. Here pleasant flowers painting and fruits artwork were placed.
The door bell was also replaced with musical one as also the clock that had loud sound on every hour, which the couple were not comfortable with as this always brought to their notice the passing of every hour in their relationship.
Then began the pleasant journey of the couple with true feng shui cures and their faith. They installed a small quiet corner in their living room where the couple sat for few minutes daily without having any conversation. This area was the south west of the living room. The bedroom was also given a special seat for two in the north east section for them to think and realize their self goals. This helped a lot as they got the time to understand each other without conversing and love which already existed between the couple bloomed once again. A pink rose quartz stone in their bedroom near their bed was also put up with intentions to spread love and harmony.
That’s it, they are living happily now, touch wood, and the lady is expecting soon. May God give them understanding and keep their love strong and may they live happily every after!
Life when kept simple is very good and pleasant and feng shui is all about being simple!
All the Best!  

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