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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

How to Pay Off Your Home Loan Using Feng Shui

How to pay off your home loan using simple feng shui?
Home loans have become a part of the new generation as property rates are very high and everyone needs to buy a house of their own. Since home loans are the easiest way to fulfill your dream of buying a new dream home you do feel stuck up with your loan and paying off the loan sometimes pulls your finances too much. Let us see how feng shui can help you pay off your home loan.
The feng shui of your main door is very important here to welcome good opportunities and increased income. Also consider feng shuing your north west section of your living room. Place feng shui cures here for attracting help from unexpected quarters and good supportive friends which are most essential during the times of loan repayment, though you do not expect them to give you money but understanding and supportive friends are always welcome to give your right guidance.
Feng shui money cures will help you here and keep a orange plant of real or artificial one near your main entrance. Oranges in feng shui are similar to money and wealth and this also represents gold. You can also place a small metal turtle in water facing the door. Turtles arte believed to have long life and this will give you support and strength in your loan repayment times. Also money going out in form of expenses will curb down and you will learn to save with whatever funds you have. Over the rime you will get accumulated funds and you can repay your loan on time or even much earlier that the tenure.
Tie few feng shui gold coins and money with red ribbon and place it near the main door to welcome wealth into your house. Having feng shui cures paintings for promoting money luck can also help you to improve your money luck and welcome wealth into your life.
Keep the toilet door and toilet seat lid always closed after use to minimise the drain of money and expenses and also repair all leaking pipes and other leakages of your home or outside your home. Being in any loan indicates that your money finances are not sufficient and you need to put in more effort to improve your finances. Try to feng shui your career area to get new and improved opportunities to improve your financial status which in turn will bring new money and help you to come out of any loan.
Do put up a feng shui money board painting with all your dreams and intentions for achievements as this will unconsciously promote you to go through your dream daily and having the picture of your dreams before you will make way to work towards fulfilling your dream of coming out of any loan and owning a dream home.
Yes and please do not forget there is no replacement to sincere effort and hard work and do not try to use feng shui cures as an excuse to do less work and wait for miracles! keep working towards paying off your loan and leave the rest on feng shui and see how easily and smoothly your home loan is paid off.
All the Best!  

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