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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Important Feng Shui Cure for House at Lower Level Than Road

One of the important rules in feng shui is that your house that is the most important aspect of your life and family must always be at a higher level than the outside world. This is best feng shui for any home but this may not always be possible. We see houses built at lower levels and sometimes the road outside is turned straight to a sharp corner. Your house also is not good feng shui when the road outside your house is steep uphill and your house falls at lower level.
What happens in such cases is that the energy of your house is pushed below ground and there is always pressure among the inmates. With financial problems along with relationship problems always the members have to give extra push in every aspect of their life. Since the road is above ground level the outside word always puts undue pressure on you and you have to face extra competition and unnecessary pressure.
There is no fault with you or your house and it is the place that requires feng shuing and even though you may apply many feng shui cures for your house the fault which is in the outside land will not be corrected.
If you are purchasing a new home try to avoid buying houses that fall below ground level and the road  is higher than the house door. You go down in life and as the outside world is an indication of good luck , health and wealth, recognition , you unconsciously go down in life. If you already own such a house if possible try to sell off this property since this land problem will keep affecting your other aspects in life.
Another solution would be to fill up the land and increase the level of your house or make the level of the road same as your house, which many people do but this is very expensive option. Land filling coasts a fortune and this is the most expensive option available to improve the feng shui of your house.
You can also opt for a simpler solution of making steps outside your house. Your main door can be raised to a slightly higher level and having steps will increase the level of your house off the ground. This will indicate that when you enter your house you have to rise and climb above the road which will also improve the feng shui as chi will travel from the main road and rise above to enter your home. And we all know that it is better to have wind travel in curved manner than straight hit the home.
Now if these major changes are not possible and here you try feng shui and let miracles happen in your life.
Take a fresh look at your house from outside as a stranger. What feelings do you get. If your house is just a bit at lower level than the outside road and is visible from outside then you can try simple feng shui cures.
Make your front door attractive with feng shui cures for main door and also add extra protection symbols for encouraging positive chi inside your house. Place a small water feature to clear off negative energy from outside and allow birds to drink and bathe here. This will immediately improve the feng shui of your main door by bringing heaven luck. Plant colorful flower beds to make your entrance attractive but avoid blocking your main door and pathway. Make sure your flat number and your name plate is clearly visible from far also. You can also put up light above your main door for lighting this area.
Now if your house is totally not visible from the road then you lead an unknown existence. People come and go and they cannot locate your house so also your opportunities pass away. For this an important and easy cure would be to put up a name plate with clear directions towards your house. If you do not wish to make another name plate it will also help if you plant a tree, especially a fruit tree that will attract birds or tall plant at this junction and then put up your house number or name or business name. You can also put up a light lamp post here to attract and make others aware that there is as house below. Try to make you pathway connecting your house to the main road with flower beds and colorful flowers and a well lighted pathway will surely bring people and energy to your house. You can also put placards with directions from t eh main road at small intervals with correct and easy directions. Chi is welcoming grace and by making a pathway you will welcome grace into your life.
With these simple tips you can improve the feng shui of your house and attract good luck and prosperity.
All the Best!  

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  1. My house is at the end of a cul-d-sac on a down hill towards the sea. My front door (ground level) is well below street level with a huge tree and steps leading down to front door (I consider this as the back of the house) My garages are all on street level with direct entrance to the top floor(bedrooms) of the house. Main bedroom is on ground level.Every room has a seaview. After reading everything about bad energy for houses on slopes I really need help on how to turn it into positive

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