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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Feng Shui Cure Paintings of Angels for Heaven Luck

Luck favors those that keep the ball rolling. By this I mean luck and grace favor those people who are consistent and sincere in their efforts. By learning new skills and refurbishing, enhancing and upgrading your resume you start getting new opportunities in life and career. Sometimes though with all the efforts you put in there are no results proportionately seen? Why does this happen as we all know there is everything in abundance in the universe? Such things happen in our life due to karmic blocks of this or past karma.
Let us consider few cures for removing karmic blocks and inviting feng shui heaven luck on your side.
You can use a simple and easy feng shui cure of paintings of angels and fairies. Yes I know this may seem childish and many people will question this cure and say my house is not a fantasy island with pictures of fictional images. But it is true that paintings and pictures of fairies, angels, unicorns and of course various Gods and Goddesses all will bring you unexpected success and good luck. This feng shui cure will not only work on your personal problems but also bring in unexpected friends and help form unknown sources in your life. Suddenly you will feel the flow of energy in the right direction and also get good financial gains from known as well as unknown sources.
Where to display such paintings of fairies and angels is another important aspect of feng shui. Here we lay much importance on right placement and what may look good in one place may not necessarily give you the right results but if the element area according to feng shui principles is balanced than you sure will get very good results from feng shui simple cures. The right place to display such symbols and paintings is the north and North West direction.
Why north west and north? Well these directions favor heaven luck. Since the west corresponds to creativity and north direction favors career opportunities and business success it is well rational to place such heaven luck symbols in these directions. North west area corresponds to the area of helpful people and this is of utmost importance that you get very good and reliable friends in your life. Many times people struggle alone with their business and feel stuck up in career. Even though they may have an impressive resume and are hard working luck does not favor them. Here people and heaven help come in terms of friends who guide them and also support them with enthusiasm in their ventures. You feel you are guided with the right directions and advice time to time which leads you to the path of success both in professional as well as personal life.
Since we see many people struggling with their career graphs and feeling frustrated with their finances this cure is very essential and effective for every home.
Unexpected phone calls for career opportunities, rise and progress in present job position, new projects to work on, reliable advisory team and support system of good friends, entry of new people who offer new opportunities in your career are few of the effects you can see with the use of this feng shui cure.
By improving your relationship with your present boss and getting a substantial raise in salary there are many results you will notice from using feng shui cures to bring heaven luck on your side.
All the Best!  

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