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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

How to Get Job Promotion and Salary Rise Using Feng Shui

Ask any job employee and you will understand the need for rise in salary and job promotion. Working for years together if you have not got any promotion and your employer does not pay much attention towards you, try using simple feng shui cures to attract wealth and good respect from others.
First of all use feng shui cures where they are needed. Here since your career is involved the best area to feng shui would be the north and north west. Also the left side of your living room which is the wealth area of your home and the south east also the most important area for the home owner has to be feng shuid. Not to forget the main door feng shui which is required to welcome chi and good luck and prosperity into your home.
Make your front door attractive and also your name and address along with flat number clearly mentioned. Also consider all the other feng shui tips for main door from my previous posts.
Dragons of Fame Rizwana Mundewadi

Abundance Reiki symbol Modern painting Raz

Confidence is Beautiful Reiki symbol motivational art Rizwana Mundewadi
Your business card plays a very very important role in this case and the most easy and quick fix feng shui tip is to make a business or your position card according to your position. It does not mean you select a red card for your post as an software consultant trying for a managerial position. If you are an marketing agent trying to rise and become an area manager or some one trying to go up the corporate ladder everyone knows that your business and position card represents you and gives a first impression about you.  
Try to keep your name on the left hand side of your card and select clear fonts as you want people to know you by your first name at a glance. Many people have cursive fonts and designer personal cards and then they do not know why people do not remember their names!
Try to put up happy pictures of your office and colleagues and of course your boss in the north west section of your home. Viewing these pictures you will unconsciously build up happy memories regarding your boss and your colleagues. Everyday before leaving for office make positive intentions and view these pictures for few moments and then leave for office.  
You can also place an feng shui cure in your office in this section in form of a bamboo plant and do try to take care of this plant as I have seen many people buy the bamboo plant and feel it will grow itself without watering! Pay attention to office table feng shui and keep it clean but not empty, as this will indicate you are not doing any work, do try to keep files in place and all stationary arranged in working mode and not in the pen holder. Whenever anyone enters your cabin they must get the impression that you are with work at hand. All this will attract money luck.
Feng shui cure paintings are very easy solutions for all job related problems, be it salary rise or upgrade in position. You can have paintings of horses galloping as these bring strong energy and bring in loads of luck and wealth as well as opportunities. The feng shui greedy dragon is one painting that is a must for high achievers along with money board paintings with your personal intentions.
Trying your hand at simple feng shui you will understated that luck favours those who keep working toward betterment of their position. So try upgrading your skills list and always keep upgrading your resume with new additions which will definitely lead to a higher position up the corporate ladder. And for the heaven and earth luck use feng shui cures. Results can be seen as soon within few weeks.
All the Best from Rizwana!!  



  1. These are excellent tips to prosper in business world. I'll definitely recommend Feng Shui technique to people who really need job promotion and salary increment. Thank you so much for sharing such a useful information.

    Jimmie Menon
    Payroll Services Guelph

    1. Thank you Jimmie for the lovely comment, welcome to feng Shui Simple Cures. All the Best from Rizwana!

  2. Awesome tips you have here! I'm sure this'll be very helpful for everyone. I also recommend the psychic reader in Philippines for more. Anyway, Thanks for sharing!

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