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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Feng Shui Name Plate What Points to Consider Before Selecting a Feng Shui Name Plate

Feng shui name plates can be effective cures for problems related to fame, recognition and wealth problems. The name plates are an effective medium for improving your luck. The trend nowadays has us seeing beautiful designer name plates. From simple name of the owner to designer name plates having names of family are seen and at first glance we see how the name is placed on the main door. With designer name plates made from different materials like wood, metal, plastic and even paintings having names mentioned of the owners.
Our first impression is a lasting one when we are welcomed by an impressive name plate. Feng shui name plates have become very popular and easy and effective cures for recognition.
What points to consider before selecting a Feng Shui name plate for the main door- It is not important to spend loads of money for name plates if it does not correspond with your and your family's nature and interests.
First important point to consider is to see how you and your family represent and your personal likes. Do not select a fashionable name plate if you are simple in nature and like soothing colours. Try to explain to the designer for considering your personal likes and interests and consider the size, material and colours used before finalizing any name plate design.
Consider if you wish to have a large name plate near your main door wall or a smaller one with attarctive pattern on your main door.
According to feng shui the main door has an very important role in your success and recognition along with the wealth coming into your house. Your relationships with the outside world and your incoming business and money all depends upon the first impression you give to the outside world. With utmost importance given to have a clutter free main door the name plate is next in importance for success and prosperity.
Symbols on name plates can be an individual choice and many people choose religious symbols for protection and luck. Consider the element that corresponds to your main door. Try to balance this with the material of your name plate. For example if your main door faces east then have a wooden name plate and if it faces west, north west or south west you can choose metal as a material for your name plate.
Have your name printed clearly and your flat number which is visible at a glance. Do not select complicated fonts in your name as the viewer will not be able to see your name clearly and this will affect your business and future prospects adversely. Also if you have to have your daughters married or require good business opportunities then feng shui name plates can act as very effective and easy cures to attract money and marital luck. Have your name, flat number clearly visible and you can also have additional focus lights to brighten up your feng shui name plate for your main door feng shui.
Finally select the design for your name plate which you are comfortable with, this is the main criteria for selecting a feng shui name plate. You must feel comfortable after viewing it and your name plate must represent your identity and who you are as a person and your family as a whole.
You can also choose objects and knick knacks that go along with your name plates for improving the positive energy at your main door like wind chimes, mirrors and healthy growing plants. A designer theme for the main door would work at all levels, be soothing and attractive to the eyes, be bold and also be according to the element that corresponds to that area of your house.
All the Best!  

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  1. "Thanks for sharing your blog regarding Feng Shui Name Plate its so useful and valuable for all.

    1. Thank you RoopGraphics! Glad you liked my post!

  2. Hi, i am new here. I am in confusion to place my aquariua. I want to place it in center of my drawing-Dining room. My tank is all side open no blocked side. And I will keep 1/3 arowanas in this tank. This tank may used to seperate drawing and dining area.
    My house is east facing. You can see aquariuam just left side after entering from main door.
    Is it ok Or any thing change is rewuired ?


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