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Friday, September 28, 2012

Healing Art What if it Works? - by Rizwana A Mundewadi

I do not promise miracles, just a ray of hope, for desperate souls..healing art is in no way a replacement for medical therapy but along with, as a support system it this will create miracles!
I am not a miracle maker or magician, just a simple pure soul, think pure, avoid negative energies and people and sell dreams! A dream seller, a seller of happiness to the whole world. Just a pure Reiki channel, an empty hollow tube wherein passes loads of pure energy spreading happiness and universal love.
Do not expect miracles from me, let the symbols work for themsleves, let the inner self, channelize the healing, let your spirit guides guide you. Welcome to visual healing! a means of communication, a conversation with self and symbols, and on the path of this spiritual journey healing yourself and others.
New horizons have to be reached, new dreams have to be fulfilled, achieving the ultimate bliss, a door towards enlightenment, a window to your soul. Resolve all past lives karmic issues, begin new dreams, the universe does not like empty spaces or void, fill it with your dreams, don't just exist, start living!
So I say what if it works?
All the Best!  
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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Your Toilet Seat Toilet Cleaners and Feng Shui

Much has been mentioned about toilet in feng shui and hygiene and cleanliness is an important part of feng shui.Feng shui energy leads to happiness and good health and like we lay utmost importance to kitchens to replenish our body energy chi, toilet is another very important part of your home where you empty the negative energy.
Toilet seat and feng shui has been linked to diseases causing health problems and leading to bad health and extra expenses on medical bills. Not only does your toilet accumulates a large amount of germs but also is considered a shar in feng shui. Usually feng shui masters prefer to have mirrors reflecting the toilet doors to reflect the negative energy back and stop it from spreading into your home. the toilet seat is a major place for germ buildup and keeping your toilet and toilet seat clean is of utmost importance for you and your family's health.
You may keep the toilet door always closed when not in use and also the toilet seat lid must be closed after each use. The reason behind this is as water is considered money in feng shui and your bathroom and toilet having so many nozzles and openings look similar to a big hole which drains away your money wealth.hence it is advisable to keep your toilet seat lid closed after each use. As apartments nowadays have attached toilets along with each bedroom having a  personal attached toilet there is major chances of germs spreading into your home when the toilet door is kept open or the toilet seat lid is kept open.
Air fresheners and toilet cleaners are also important to keep your toilet clean and fresh smelling. Do use one in a while the salt cure for purifying your toilet from negative energy.But with the hectic schedules it is a good option to get good toilet cleaners that leave your toilet spic and span and clean which is important for the health of your family.
Feng shui does not promote decorative bathrooms and glamorous bathroom fittings as bathroom and toilet is considered a place which reduces the chi of your home. Minimize the energy flow from here into your home by using air freshners and hygienic toilet cleaners.
All the Best!  
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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Gazing Globes and Yin Yang Mirror Cure in Feng Shui

Gazing globes are one of the important feng shui cures used in many cases. The gazing globes can be used in homes, garden, offices and even the entrance of lobbies or reception areas for attracting positive chi energy flow inside and bringing peace and harmony.
Yin Yang Mirror Feng Shui
The yin yang feng shui cure as eight sided Ba Gua shape is very powerful cure used as protection for main door. The mirror it seems iis used ot reflect back the negative energies that come towards your home and protects the home. Mirrors have been used since ages in ancient Chinese cultures and feng shui mirrors in Ba Gua shapes are the most common as this shape itself promotes complete harmony and good luck.
Ba Gua Shaped Mirror in Feng Shui
The metal sword shape frequently seen along with the yin yang mirror is a symbol of protection and usually hung near the entrance or main door for protection against evil eye and negative energies.
Sword for protection Main Door feng shui

Red Tassels Good Luck Feng Shui
 The symbolic red tassels are seen in most feng shui cures and you wonder why the colour red and its symbolism in feng shui. Red colour is considered most auspicious in feng shui and we see this colour represents good luck, wealth, positive energy and happiness in feng shui. Red colour is a symbolic colour for wealth and used in many feng shi cures as attachment or many people manually tie red ribbons for activating chi.or red threads.
Glass Crystals Globe Positive Chi
 Glass globe or crystal globe is very effective cure used in feng shui again to deflect negative energy and activate chi in the area. In gardens and homes glass globes can be used in any place. Globes are available in many materials including crystals, glass,mirrors etc. The shiny globes when stared at give relaxation and peace of mind and are effective in soothing the emotional turmoils and negativity in individuals.
Globe for Over Head Beams Cure
Globes are also effective feng cures for over head beams in houses. The pressure from over head beams can be reflected and made into positive chi by reflective surfaces.In gardens globes are used as garden ornaments. Near the entrance or center or the back side of your garden a gazing globe can be an attractive garden ornament along with acting as a symbol for protection againsts envying neighbors and negative energies form outside.Glass globes reflect any thing and as a result the negativity is reflected back from the source it has come.
While signing off just a  mention have seen symbols in the sky, two dragons or two serpents, being an healing artist these symbols are very important for me. God's grace is welcomed! Nature has its own language.

Two Dragons in the Sky
 I am afraid I couldn't capture the total picture in my photograph because of over head wires on side of our terrace garden.
All the Best!  
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Good Luck Symbol in Sky Mrs. Rizwana A.Mundewadi

Monday, September 10, 2012

Feng Shui Tips for Placement of Latest LCD and LED Television Sets

Latest LCD and LED televsion sets are seen in every home and as there is space crunch in many home people let go of the big tv sets and prefer the sleek Televsions sets. In feng shui there are certain places in your home where if you place electronic gadgets like TV you get best results from them and also they do not break down frequently.
Usually according to the feng shui principles like every electronic gadget television is also considered a metal element. Since most of the television parts consist of metal part and usually the LED set is also of black colour it would be advisable to hang your LED or LCD television set on the west or the north west wall. As silver, black and white colours correspond to the metal element and usually your LCD or LED television is also of this colour you can have your sets in the west section or the north west section of your living room. Many people have customised TV units where they can have their TV monitor along with the dish tv connection set top box can be placed inside the unit shelf. 
The area corresponding to helpful friends and travel also falls in the section of north west hence having your TV set in this area will also help to activate your travel luck. This also helps to keep the area charged with energy if the TV set is kept on frequently.
According to feng shui principles we prefer to be one with nature and these latest LED or LCD TV sets though a product of vast research and latest in TV monitors one must understand their implications on you and your family's health. Since the LED and LCD monitors emit radiation which may is harmful for your body you must place the TV sets at a distance and also keep the seating arrangement far from the TV monitor. This was not so much for the older TV sets but with the latest LED TV sets the rays when exposed for long term may be harmful and also precipate some chronic diseases of the body , internal as well as external.
LCD and LED monitors must be hung securely on the wall with good fittings. If the fittings of your TV set are not strong or not in proper line you will view the slanted TV pictures and also there will be risk of the TV set falling down, this will send negative shar energy into your home and family. Thus anything or object sending fear emotions into you is considered bad feng shui. You will always be in state of constant fear when watching or passing near by from your LED TV.
Electronic wires and fittings  for your LED or LCD TV set must be secure and safe. When you follow feng shui principles there is peace and harmony into your home.
All the Best!  
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Modular Kitchens and Sleek Kitchen Designs in Feng Shui

Modular kitchens and sleek kitchens have become a familiar trend in every home and with every new purchase of a home people before shifting try to make all the required furnture and kitchen accessories and furniture beforehand. This not only helps to keep your home organsied with custom made kitchens but also avoids clutter in from of extra huge unwanted furniture, thus promoting good feng shui.
Advantages of modular kitchens are many as you save a lot of space in buying individual furniture as well as avoiding the decisions of purchasing unwanted furniture.In feng shui we pay a lot of importance on space and organization of your furniture. Considering the elements theory you can select materials for your modular kitchens according to your lucky elements.Customised furniture in kitchen would also allow you the liberty to select colours and materials according to your taste and budget.
Feng shui principles favor modular kitchens except for the dining areas. As your modular kitchen would have all the cooking accessories and cutlery in organized drawers and shelves you also have in many homes attached dining area. In feng shui the Chinese believe that having a free area for having food helps to make more opportunities into your life. In a restricted small dining area the family members feel restricted and thus this affects the opportunities in your life and they all feel restricted in their respective fields, be it finance, relationships or health matters. Thus many people prefer to have dining area in the living room as this helps them to get the open feeling and also gives more space as this is attached with the living room area.
There are latest designs in modular kitchens and many online websites offer you sleek and affordable kitchen interior decoration. Remember according to feng shui principles follow the colour theory for each direction that is south prefer to have reds and oranges in your furniture, whereas if your kitchen faces west prefer silver and white in your modular kitchen designs. You may also select any material for your kitchen furniture or color acording to your personal taste and then balance it according to feng shui principles with an artefact or feng shui painting. The main rule here is clean uncluttered lines in your modular kitchen design..
All the Best!  
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Friday, September 7, 2012

Why to Visit Holy Places and Temples? Feng Shui Explanations

Sufi Saint Salim Chisti Dargah Fatepur Sikri Agra
 Our recent trip to many temples and holy spots made me experience the different energies surrounding the holy places. Why do we visit holy places, temples. Why is it the tradition to visit holy temples during festivals or auspicious beginnings of entering a new home. Why do people burn incense sticks?apply fragrant attars,  light candles and diyas and offer flowers in a holy place?
Buddhist Temple Kullu Manali
 When you visit any holy place a Hindu temple, a Buddhist temple or monastery, a sufi saint dargah or a heritage structure, a trip to holy pilgrimage, when you get the feelings of peace and when you come out you feel refreshed and pure.
Feng shui take and explaination of visiting temples and holy places is the aura of the place, the whole atmosphere is charged with loads and loads of positive energy. Over the years people have been visiting holy places and I especially felt great when we visited the Sufi saint Salim Chisti Dargah in Fatepur Sikhri near Agra. Also the same emotions developed of renergising the spirit and body when we visited a Buddhist temple in Kullu manali Himachal pradesh. The Nizammuddin Aulia Dargah New Delhi is another great place to visit for any spirtual enthusiast as the place oozes with positivity and spiritual energy. The feng shui energy surrounding these holy areas have developed over thousands of years. It is said that when you pray or do puja regularly over the years in the same place the energy of the area keeps on increasing and it so happens that at a stage the whole surrounding area also is charged with positive chi. When positive energy surmounts the negative energy many folds the area cannot be affected by any negative energy however strong it may be.
Sufi Saint Hazrat Nizammuddin Dargah New Delhi
People in every holy place come and burn incense so the atmosphere is continually being energised and purifed over the years. There are also many spiritual singers who keep reciting Bhajans, sufiyana kalams and holy hymns and all this reciting and singing also purifies the area with sound energy healing technique.
Hence whenever any person who is suffering from any ailment feels relaxed and relieved when  they visit holy places.
Usally  Buddhist temples also consider the elements theory and keep the five elements in harmony in such spiritual temple areas. There are stones piled up near and around the temple to maintain harmony and stability of positive chi. In feng  shui it is believed that ghosts and evil spirits travel in straight lines hence when you visit a temple it will have curved forms in prominence.Even the Hindu temples are shaped in pyramid structure forms for this feng shui balance.
Viewing colours also activates your positive energy. Golden colour is considered to be a very auspicious spiritual colour along with red, orange and blue purple. Since all these colours have been associated since ages to energy and spirituality once you visit holy spots you are also healed through colour therapy.
Feng shui is not a religion and does not support any religion it is a science of placement of your furniture and surroundings in harmony with nature to give you the best of balanced energy. Hence you can visit any spiritual place where you feel relaxed and re-energised whenever you feel a bit low in energy or upset with any downfalls in business, study or life. Try using the accumulated stored positive feng shui energy to come out of your problems and see the difference.
All the Best!  
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