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Friday, September 7, 2012

Why to Visit Holy Places and Temples? Feng Shui Explanations

Sufi Saint Salim Chisti Dargah Fatepur Sikri Agra
 Our recent trip to many temples and holy spots made me experience the different energies surrounding the holy places. Why do we visit holy places, temples. Why is it the tradition to visit holy temples during festivals or auspicious beginnings of entering a new home. Why do people burn incense sticks?apply fragrant attars,  light candles and diyas and offer flowers in a holy place?
Buddhist Temple Kullu Manali
 When you visit any holy place a Hindu temple, a Buddhist temple or monastery, a sufi saint dargah or a heritage structure, a trip to holy pilgrimage, when you get the feelings of peace and when you come out you feel refreshed and pure.
Feng shui take and explaination of visiting temples and holy places is the aura of the place, the whole atmosphere is charged with loads and loads of positive energy. Over the years people have been visiting holy places and I especially felt great when we visited the Sufi saint Salim Chisti Dargah in Fatepur Sikhri near Agra. Also the same emotions developed of renergising the spirit and body when we visited a Buddhist temple in Kullu manali Himachal pradesh. The Nizammuddin Aulia Dargah New Delhi is another great place to visit for any spirtual enthusiast as the place oozes with positivity and spiritual energy. The feng shui energy surrounding these holy areas have developed over thousands of years. It is said that when you pray or do puja regularly over the years in the same place the energy of the area keeps on increasing and it so happens that at a stage the whole surrounding area also is charged with positive chi. When positive energy surmounts the negative energy many folds the area cannot be affected by any negative energy however strong it may be.
Sufi Saint Hazrat Nizammuddin Dargah New Delhi
People in every holy place come and burn incense so the atmosphere is continually being energised and purifed over the years. There are also many spiritual singers who keep reciting Bhajans, sufiyana kalams and holy hymns and all this reciting and singing also purifies the area with sound energy healing technique.
Hence whenever any person who is suffering from any ailment feels relaxed and relieved when  they visit holy places.
Usally  Buddhist temples also consider the elements theory and keep the five elements in harmony in such spiritual temple areas. There are stones piled up near and around the temple to maintain harmony and stability of positive chi. In feng  shui it is believed that ghosts and evil spirits travel in straight lines hence when you visit a temple it will have curved forms in prominence.Even the Hindu temples are shaped in pyramid structure forms for this feng shui balance.
Viewing colours also activates your positive energy. Golden colour is considered to be a very auspicious spiritual colour along with red, orange and blue purple. Since all these colours have been associated since ages to energy and spirituality once you visit holy spots you are also healed through colour therapy.
Feng shui is not a religion and does not support any religion it is a science of placement of your furniture and surroundings in harmony with nature to give you the best of balanced energy. Hence you can visit any spiritual place where you feel relaxed and re-energised whenever you feel a bit low in energy or upset with any downfalls in business, study or life. Try using the accumulated stored positive feng shui energy to come out of your problems and see the difference.
All the Best!  
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