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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Gazing Globes and Yin Yang Mirror Cure in Feng Shui

Gazing globes are one of the important feng shui cures used in many cases. The gazing globes can be used in homes, garden, offices and even the entrance of lobbies or reception areas for attracting positive chi energy flow inside and bringing peace and harmony.
Yin Yang Mirror Feng Shui
The yin yang feng shui cure as eight sided Ba Gua shape is very powerful cure used as protection for main door. The mirror it seems iis used ot reflect back the negative energies that come towards your home and protects the home. Mirrors have been used since ages in ancient Chinese cultures and feng shui mirrors in Ba Gua shapes are the most common as this shape itself promotes complete harmony and good luck.
Ba Gua Shaped Mirror in Feng Shui
The metal sword shape frequently seen along with the yin yang mirror is a symbol of protection and usually hung near the entrance or main door for protection against evil eye and negative energies.
Sword for protection Main Door feng shui

Red Tassels Good Luck Feng Shui
 The symbolic red tassels are seen in most feng shui cures and you wonder why the colour red and its symbolism in feng shui. Red colour is considered most auspicious in feng shui and we see this colour represents good luck, wealth, positive energy and happiness in feng shui. Red colour is a symbolic colour for wealth and used in many feng shi cures as attachment or many people manually tie red ribbons for activating chi.or red threads.
Glass Crystals Globe Positive Chi
 Glass globe or crystal globe is very effective cure used in feng shui again to deflect negative energy and activate chi in the area. In gardens and homes glass globes can be used in any place. Globes are available in many materials including crystals, glass,mirrors etc. The shiny globes when stared at give relaxation and peace of mind and are effective in soothing the emotional turmoils and negativity in individuals.
Globe for Over Head Beams Cure
Globes are also effective feng cures for over head beams in houses. The pressure from over head beams can be reflected and made into positive chi by reflective surfaces.In gardens globes are used as garden ornaments. Near the entrance or center or the back side of your garden a gazing globe can be an attractive garden ornament along with acting as a symbol for protection againsts envying neighbors and negative energies form outside.Glass globes reflect any thing and as a result the negativity is reflected back from the source it has come.
While signing off just a  mention have seen symbols in the sky, two dragons or two serpents, being an healing artist these symbols are very important for me. God's grace is welcomed! Nature has its own language.

Two Dragons in the Sky
 I am afraid I couldn't capture the total picture in my photograph because of over head wires on side of our terrace garden.
All the Best!  
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Good Luck Symbol in Sky Mrs. Rizwana A.Mundewadi

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