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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Your Toilet Seat Toilet Cleaners and Feng Shui

Much has been mentioned about toilet in feng shui and hygiene and cleanliness is an important part of feng shui.Feng shui energy leads to happiness and good health and like we lay utmost importance to kitchens to replenish our body energy chi, toilet is another very important part of your home where you empty the negative energy.
Toilet seat and feng shui has been linked to diseases causing health problems and leading to bad health and extra expenses on medical bills. Not only does your toilet accumulates a large amount of germs but also is considered a shar in feng shui. Usually feng shui masters prefer to have mirrors reflecting the toilet doors to reflect the negative energy back and stop it from spreading into your home. the toilet seat is a major place for germ buildup and keeping your toilet and toilet seat clean is of utmost importance for you and your family's health.
You may keep the toilet door always closed when not in use and also the toilet seat lid must be closed after each use. The reason behind this is as water is considered money in feng shui and your bathroom and toilet having so many nozzles and openings look similar to a big hole which drains away your money wealth.hence it is advisable to keep your toilet seat lid closed after each use. As apartments nowadays have attached toilets along with each bedroom having a  personal attached toilet there is major chances of germs spreading into your home when the toilet door is kept open or the toilet seat lid is kept open.
Air fresheners and toilet cleaners are also important to keep your toilet clean and fresh smelling. Do use one in a while the salt cure for purifying your toilet from negative energy.But with the hectic schedules it is a good option to get good toilet cleaners that leave your toilet spic and span and clean which is important for the health of your family.
Feng shui does not promote decorative bathrooms and glamorous bathroom fittings as bathroom and toilet is considered a place which reduces the chi of your home. Minimize the energy flow from here into your home by using air freshners and hygienic toilet cleaners.
All the Best!  
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  1. Hi greetings!

    I have a bed room on the south direction & an attached bathroom door facing east. The sink is toward the south & facing north while sitting on it. I guess south is not a good direction for toilet sink instead north west is best but i cannot change. Could you please advise on this. I searched the internet & found south is fire element. To exhaust it i learn that i should place earth element, may be pebbles or crystals. Please advice.

    1. For south fire energy is required but you cant have fire and water together, see if you can place a red triangular holder for some indoor plants, that would help

  2. I also have a bedroom in the south east direction (its a rental house) with a bathroom attached & the bathroom door too is on the same wall. I have the sink on the extreme south east direction facing the west. South east direction are for Wealth & element for south east is wood. Please suggest on this too

    1. Oh the wealth sector bathroom creates so many money issues, even if you work hard and have heaven luck. 1) activate south of bedroom with red. 2) try to keep bathroom door closed after every use.3) since bathroom is southeast you can have symbols of wealth.can by golden objects, show pieces, purple colour is also good. You can display these simple arty show pieces on this wall. Or maybe tiles of colour symbols posters, just see how with your budget you can have wealth symbols.

    2. Hi,

      As you had suggested earlier to keep triangular holder with indoor plants in the south east directions. what material should these triangular be of. Wood or Metal. Metal is destroyed by fire as triangle shapes represents fire. Please comment on same

  3. Hi Amal, go in for neutral materials, plastic would do, if you take metal triangle , paint it red.


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