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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Protect your front entrance with feng shui How to soften Poison arrows with feng shui simple cures | Rizwana Mundewadi - Blog

Protect your front entrance with feng shui How to soften Poison arrows with feng shui simple cures | Rizwana Mundewadi - Blog
for some simple feng shui cures for the main door, entrance feng shui, protection from negative energy.
Colorful Stones Crystals for Positive Feng Shui
All the Best from Rizwana!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Green eyed monster Bad evil eye feng shui contemporary cures Symbolic modern paintings for protection from evil eye

Evil eye, Green eyed monster is never at rest and just about everyone seems to find new ways to protect from this negative energy. For family, relationships, offices and business, hotels, salons etc everywhere there are at least one or other evil eye cures displayed for protection. The jealousy and evil eye cure is one thing that every home and office needs and keep needing. The knowledge that is lacking is that karma is at work and looking at other people never solves our problems, but still the evil eye rules and the effects of evil eye  has been stated to such an extent that whole successful bushiness have gone to ashes and happy families have been broken.
Traditional symbols have been used to protect homes and offices from evil eye energy and feng shui also lays much importance on this as however much positive energy we keep adding the strength of negative some times over powers and takes over. We need to constantly keep on purifying space and adding new cures to prevent evil eye effects on our home and work place.
feng shui symbolic Dragons for protection of wealth and attracting fame and wealth original painting by Rizwana
From the feng shui eveil eye cure that has an eye in vibrant colored blue there are many other symbols that can help ward off evil eye.   You can also put a ceramic plate of salt in the office or home that continues to absorb negative energy from family members and does not transfer it to your home energy. Keep the salt clean and change it frequently as it gets soiled, muddy, watery.
Feng Shui Evil Eye Cure
Cleaning the floor space with salt added to water is a great cure that helps keep the space clean and removes accumulated negative energy especially in offices by coming in clients and visitors.
You can also display your religious symbols if you like but many people today try to avoid religious symbols hung in offices as this may sometimes repel customers from coming in, and with today’s contemporary furniture the traditional symbols look misfit. You can go in for spiritual art and symbolic art in contemporary colors and thus giving you the protection as well as making your office get a modern look. Also the purpose for protection is served in a beautiful manner.
While hanging protection cures as artworks or any religious symbols never hang it on opposite wall of your office. Many people hang them on the opposite wall to the door so that negative energy does not come in but lately I have observed failing businesses coming down to many of such cures. The protection symbols must not be visible directly when people enter, but you can hang them above the door inside. The whole purpose of evil eye cures are to work against the negative energy coming in and when you hang these on opposite wall usually many people hesitate to come in , thus you end up losing business.
Go according to your instincts and hang such evil eye cures as also many times the individual is not comfortable with the religious symbols themselves and have hung on suggestion of either the spouse or friend. So they end up with producing  more shar energy than help out.
All the Best from Rizwana!
Always remember there is no replacement to hard sincere effort, for everything else there is feng shui, Take Care!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Drive your way to success Fame with Feng Shui Funky Dragons for Fame

Feng shui for your car has an important element fire energy that can drive you to fame and success. As we know driving to destinations is one important part of success your car seat covers can add that extra boost of energy to your body and mind.
The element of fire represents fame and recognition energy into your life and this can be inculcated in many ways as feng shui cures in your daily life. Right from that red colored shirt to the red tie to your red handkerchief in your dress.
Dragon Car seat covers

Dragons in feng shui are symbolic of fame and success and the images can be added to many objects of daily life. Just be careful of the strong fire energy which may not be handled by everyone. Health problems and heart problems and weak hearted ones must avoid dragon images near body or environment. Also drinkers must avoid having dragon images in car as they are prone to make accidents and drive rashly.
funky dragon car cushion

red dragon mobile phone cover Original art printed products

Greedy dragon tshirt

If driving cars is your business you can have dragon images behind your car seat covers for success.  Take care to avoid more than three dragon images in any space.
From the red purse to your red file covers even the red car is one energy booster that attracts fame energy. Car seat covers in red and with images of dragons gives a boost of energy and makes you feel more confident to take the day ahead!
All the Best From Rizwana!
Feng Shuii paintings for sale

Thanks a lot for being such an important part of  my spiritual journey, and I will keep sharing my healing, Feng shui advice,  and healing art to the best of my talent and abilities, Thank you All. 
All the Best from Rizwana!
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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Buy a Red Dress for Success Dress up for success with feng shui Color Red for Interviews and Work

Red color symbolizes energy and good luck. In Chinese the color red has always been associated with wealth and fame. Red is the color for success and confidence. And also makes you look attractive and invite more sales.
Red is the color of the Root chakra providing energy to our existence and giving grounding earth energy.  The individuals with strong root chakra are usually well adjusted and practical in thoughts and work and are loved by everyone. If you lack some of the energy or your day has not begun with the right note you can add up this energy as in your dress or accessories for the day and thus uplift your personal chi.
Red Tie for Feng Shui Energy Success
Again red is also the color for protection and often symbolizes power and status.
Red Dress for Success
But that does not mean that you wear a flaming shocking bright red top/ shirt for an interview, as this does may not go well with the dress codes, unless you are in the fashion or modeling industry.
Red Purse for Success
For interviews and job, and dealing with clients for business red can be incorporated in your dress in many ways. Men  can use a red tie to attract energy and also a reddish brown wallet or a red handkerchief can do wonders to your personal chi and attract more success and confidence.
For the ladies there are umpteen options to incorporate the colro red in their dress. Buy a red dress. Carry a reddish maroon purse. Wear a red gemstone bracelet or pendant. You can also wear jewellery in red gemstones, rubies, in a finger ring  to attract more wealth and good luck.
Gold and red are the most auspicious feng shui color combinations for prosperity.
Choose shades and hues of red to attract feng shui goodluck energy, and Have a Great Day!
All the Best from Rizwana!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Bed Mattress is Very Important for the feng shui of your bedroom What to do If you Love Your Old Mattress

Bed mattress is very important as however the bed is great the mattress also plays an important role in getting a good night’s rest. Bed mattresses are made of different materials and their costs also vary a lot.
Foam or Latex mattresses are available. Then some also go in for coir and foam, a combination of materials for bed mattress.  
The material has to be that supports the body and adjust according to the curves. The bed mattress must not be such that the sleeper’s body sinks inside. Then the materials stuffing must be such that helps absorb sweat and gives a good night’s sleep.
Beautiful Comforting Bed Mattress

Eco friendly mattresses and budget range mattresses are also available in a wide variety. Most of the choices in bed mattresses depend upon comfort level and brand name. Each individual has their own preferences and comfort level.
There are many who love their old mattresses, because of their comfort level, shapes, materials and size. Still the cotton mattresses are loved by many even after the contemporary foam and latex ones with their modern box style shapes.
Old mattresses can be reused by cleaning the cotton and made into new mattresses or given a  new cover in latest upholstery material. Getting the old mattress vacuum cleaned and fresh can help prevent dust mites and also choosing a new cover can make the old mattress almost new.  People prefer to have a combination of inside materials like coir and foam which gives the body support as well as is airy and allows body to breathe.
The loved mattress can be customized and used on new bed according to the size, stitched into new bed mattress covers. Usually bed mattresses are the reasons for not getting a good rest and comfortable sleep.  So if you love your old mattress reuse the same with a bit of refurbishing and continue to enjoy your comfort level mattress. 

Bed Bugs in Old Mattress
Change the bed mattress, how ever much you love it,  if it is infested with mites or in bad conditions as it will affect your health and prosperity. 
All the Best from Rizwana!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Is your Bed Feng Shuid Choose Right Sized Bed According to feng shui

Choosing the right size and material of your bed  is one important feng shui energy enhancer that will affect your health and life. When we talk of feng shui for bedroom we mean not just the walls and the furniture as a while but each and every detail that will affect your good nights sleep.
The bedroom is the most important feng shui room where the body gets rest, is recharged, and ready to face the new day. Your work, studies, job, performances all have an imprint in attracting wealth and prosperity in your life. Your bed is one important furniture that can bring about a lot of imbalance and unhappiness in your life if not selected properly.
Feng Shui Bedroom
The right size of bed can give you a comfortable night’s sleep and give complete support to your whole body. People often choose combos in furniture and packages in bedroom furniture in sale and think they have got a good bargain. When in fact he furniture pieces may be smaller in size and made of low quality materials also.
The right size of bed is essential according to your body type and height. The person who is going to sue the bed is also important. For children’s bedroom if one child is sleeping single bed suffices but for more children with they can have single pieces or large king sized, or one made customized size bed for more children to sleep comfortably. Bedroom beds also vary in size from queen size, king size, large size, small or medium sized for couples.

The best feng  shui bed-
1) The sleeping individual must be able to rest comfortably and the whole body gets proper support.
2) Cushions and mattresses must also be comfortable and of right size.
3) Bed linen and cushion covers must be comfortable and of soft material.
4) Neatly tucked bed linen is important for restful sleep.
5) Height of your body is important while choosing the size of bed. When the individual sleeps flat the toes and head should rest comfortably leaving some extra space from all sides.
6) The material preferred in feng shui for choosing bed is wood but today we get a lot of contemporary style beds in metal, stone and other materials.  Go for comfort level.
7) Get a customized sized bed as each individual is different.
8) Select a rectangular bed, preferred, as our body is tall and will get maximum comfort. Today people go in for style and contemporary furniture bed designs that have beds in various fancy shapes , circular, abstract and even triangular. This gives a feeling of getting lost from where to get up and get down.
9) Select the right comfortable size of bed. It must not be very huge that the couple feels lost at two different ends while sleeping and also not too small that there is no space to move, either ways the comfort level is compromised.
All the Best from Rizwana! 
For some contemporary bedroom paintings or getting one made according to budget and size visit my website or email