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Monday, December 4, 2017

Activate Feng shuii with Christmas Cards and Gifts Best Feng shuii 7 Placement

Christmas Cards, Christmas gifts, all happiness objects when placed in important feng shuii sectors can activate feng shuii for your life instantly! Did you know where you place your Christmas gifts can affect your life feng shuii?
While we receive a lot of Christmas gifts , greeting cards, and many people stack these in a corner of the room, or in the wardrobe, just take a few moments and organize these and see the magic of feng shuii!
Christmas Santa clause Magica Fantasies Collection
1) Sectors such as south west are great for family bonding and forming new friends. Keep family gifts, and gifts from extended families here.
2) The Northwest sector will bring in mentor luck and unexpected heavenly luck, keep gifts from friends colleagues and business contacts here.
3) For academic friends, school friends  and college friends gifts, teachers gifts, choose the north east to place these gift cards and gifts.
4) Blue colour gifts, blue cards and professional symbol gifts like pen and tie, clutch and purses, choose the north sector.
5) If you have received a lot of gifts wrapped in red and green paper, shiny gift wraps too can help activate feng shuii. Place these in south.
6) Your Christmas tree can be best in south east or east sector. Yes, some prefer north sector, that is also ok.
7) Activate chi! life force, put lights and all lighting gifts, Christmas ornaments, gifts of gemstone jewelry in South. This will bring a spurt of positive energy pushing you to move ahead in work and life as the New Year sets in.
Remember there is magic in days and moments of Christmas and year ending, as the New Year sets in. use Feng shuii knowledge to give that desired , required push to your life, Activate Feng Shuii with Gifts!
All the Best from The Red Pilgrim!
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