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Friday, November 24, 2017

Rented Costly Designer Wear for Weddings Parties Practical Feng Shuii Tips

Rented designer clothes is the latest trend among elite, and what more you get a designer dress of your choice, custom fitted for four days for a fraction of the price! Flaunt the patterns, be a show stopper in any function and the glint of sparkle as the bride and brides maid.
Designer robes, womens gowns, lehangas, anarkalis and western outfits all are available at rent for four to eight days as per your requirements. This package is delivered neatly packed to whatever destination you ask for and according to your booking date. In men's wear they have designer kurtas, sherwanis, suits and much more.
The new concept of rental clothing is taking rage amongst the top elite and today designer outfits go to a minimum of 60 to 70 thousand and then the wardrobe goes on filling as we do not like to wear the same dresses for other occasions.
The major feng shuii clutter clearing step one is not to over flow your wardrobe!so this is a major breakthrough in lifestyle of clothing fashion industry.
The websites that rent designer clothing do have special hygienic purification systems for the clothes and one is assured of quality and uniqueness in every outfit. Next function and occasion check out websites that offer clothes on rent and enjoy the uniqueness with costly designer outfits and be the limelite of the space!
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Some feng shuii tips for taking clothes on rent-
1) Check the authenticity of the website so that you are assured of the cleanliness,  neatness and hygiene aspect.
2) While you will be over whelmed with so many options of latest designer outfits , choose only similar or little more that will go with your personalty and nature. This will help to avoid erratic flow of energy in your body. Going for a  long flowy gown if you are used to chudidaars and leggings would make you feel uneasy and also bring in hassles in travelling to the destination weddings or functions.
3) Renting designer clothes from authentic sites is important also for the guarantee that the clothes are authentic. You do not wish to be embarrassed with a cheap faulty designer label.
4) The clothes are fitted according to your size, that is great feng shuii!
5) No hassles of pick up and delivery as the site attendants do that for you according to your time and date. Here again with the reassurance you can enjoy the occasion without stress.
Renting robes, renting apparels in in fashion and also a practical way to avoid feng shuii clutter in your wardrobe.
Important feng shuii tip- wear the clothes you are going to rent, as this is most necessary to understand its energy and what type of feelings it brings out in you. Most designer label branded clothes renting websites do have their shops and showrooms so , no harm in visiting them and then choosing outfits if you are a first timer!later once you get comfortable these designer clothes can be ordered online without any hassles!
What I liked about this concept- hassle free, no bonding, no space usage in your wardrobe and you enjoy the occasion without the heavy pull on your purse strings!
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