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Friday, November 30, 2012

Very Important to Choose the Right Online Art Gallery - by Rizwana A Mundewadi

Choosing the right online art gallery  is very important for every artist and their career success. How the art gallery represents us, how they project our work and how they promote artists all will affect your artists career in the long run.  
With our pet missing, suddenly I have come to understand how monotonously we all live. We eat fast, we pray with thousands thoughts in mind, and as soon as we are free we are hooked to tv. Life with so much advancement in technology, no time to wait and smell the fresh flowers, the fresh wet soil after the first rains and the flock of birds flying , not to mention the umpteen number of aeroplanes in the sky that I look upon still with some fantasy! With our pet missing I have learned to focus more on sounds, finding her is difficult except for her sound which has to be heard while walking down the road nearby, and am sure taking too many trips out for her, a small tiny light of hope and a giant amount of faith to find her..noise and sounds are so many, there is sound even in silence.
I love the new portfolio page and it seems great to have a gallery also keeping themselves refreshed, the energy level has improved as the page at a glance gives the total artist info without the viewer having to scroll the page. Online art galleries have sprung up in numbers and it becomes difficult to choose the right one or few galleries to represent your art as artists are bombarded daily with so many websites that promise you viewership.
Turning and tossing and updating is the right best gallery, one that involves each artist as unique, respects our art and is in constant touch with efforts for promoting our art. A simple mistake many artists around the globe do, they never get involved in the promotion of their own art, which I am afraid I also thought, you sign up and leave the rest to your gallery,  it is not the online art gallery's responsibility, it is yours , they are just mediators, guides, supporters who make a path for you, by laying footholds on the pebbled path, a platform, the final step you have to make. They bring our art in the open, in front of the whole world. As an artist we ourselves are the best to explain and promote our own original art, only we will have the fire inside! and keep it burning for years and years...and continue making art.
For every emerging new artist is is much safer to go through an art gallery, this is my personal opinion,  as online web is a two edged sword. You never know how it works, and many artists may also loose their original works in fraud sales. There are also galleries which are non operational, and communication becomes difficult once you post works online.Flexibility and accessibility is important.  Personally I feel we must develop a relationship with our online gallery, one of trust, one of relaibility, this is not a one time deal, that you sell one painting and you are done, but a life time relationship. I am sure as an artist we wish to sell art and not share art for free! selling art though not the most important part of art is one of the important part of making art and we all know how famous artists have given their life to reach the place their works are now, the birds eye, focus all the best to all emerging new artists around the globe, a long way to go..keep painting! keep posting!
I wish to make simple colorful understandable art, art that heals!
All the Best!  
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How to Use Profile Photograph on Your Resume Feng Shui Tips for Success

How to use personal profile photograph for success. Your Personal photograph on resume, a very important piece on your resume, the first which any  employer notices when they peruse your resume, may not be the only factor for you to get the job but may be one of the important criteria for selection.
 Let us consider few simple feng shui tips on how to photograph yourself for most success.
Feng shui, success photo for resume, would first involve you to get a good resolution high definition picture camera. In case you wish to personally get yourself clicked by your mobile or camera find out the best posture and pose you can present, the most photogenic pose you can give for your profile image. By viewing your previous photographs you will get this and understand where you look great in a photograph.
Feng shui for photographs for resume would first involve finding the right image you wish to present. This would solely depend upon the career you are in, the field of work you follow ,where you wish to upload or present your resume.  Being an artist, freelancer photographer, advertising professional would be totally different dress code whereas a doctor, teacher and corporate sector manager would have a more formal wear dress code for photographing. It would be a mismatch for your employer to see your photograph on your resume in colorful garish clothes, maybe got many likes posted on face book,  when they are about to hire you for a top managerial post, here you need to get clicked in formals. Whereas if you are an advertising professional a more informal look may do wearing casuals but not very informal as you get clicked in night suit! this will create an image that you are not serious about your work.
How to get job by feng shui photo tips and getting a good feng shui photo - Dress well for the resume photo to be clicked. Sufficient well lighted, with correct lights to focus on your face and subdue the flaws, get the best posture. There are a few  good luck rules for photographing using  feng shui principles which may put your resume forward. Dress appropriately according to your post. usually formal wear is encouraged as this shows you are serious about work. A suit in black or dark blue does good , avoid other colors , have the background as red or maroon as this will make a great contrast and highlight your face. let the light fall from all directions and avoid from above or back which presents shadows. It is said that clothes make man and it sure works.
You may also choose your favourite color clothes if they go with your job code. Try following feng shui color principles for success and getting the job resume photograph clicked. The element theory also helps when you add a piece of jewellery or semi precious stone on your body which may not be too prominent. Emerald for Gemini, Ruby Amethysts for Aquarians, Opal for Libras, pearls and diamonds for everyone etc may also help to get success in the right job.
keep a smiling face, grumpy, gloomy, tensed face attracts negative energy and is felt by the observer. Also you will get inspiration from looking at your smiling face, as feng shui energy transmits every time you view your smiling face , a smile will come to your face.
Choose the best time for photographing, the early part of the day is best as you feng shui energy is at its best after a good nights sleep. This will depend upon your individual body timing and your energy levels, and you may get yourself clicked at such time when you look good, maybe morning or early afternoon.
Your photo is an important part of your resume that you leave with your employer for perusal and it sure helps to get clicked right for success. But do remember there is no replacement to hard sincere effort, for everything else there is feng shui, feng shui will give you that extra push of positive energy, a boost to your resume, All the Best!

Image Personality Makeover with Feng Shui Tips for Attracting Prosperity [Kindle Edition]
All the Best!  
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Monday, November 26, 2012

How to Get Promotion and Improve Office Confidence and Office Work Progress with Feng Shui

How to get promotion using feng shui and improve office confidence by following simple feng shui cures. Office feng shui has a major aspect of office politics and colleagues back stabbing. Your work life is totally dependent upon how supportive your colleagues are and how the work office environment is. It has been proved that having unsupportive office colleagues and friends and an irritable argumentative boss will drain you energy and affect adversely on your work performance. Feng shui simple cures can help you to diffuse this negative energy and make it useful for your work progress and better office relationships.
The work environment with unsupportive colleagues and arguments will often bring about a loss of energy in you and you will as a result feel loss of confidence and avoid taking any challenging tasks at work. Your ideas will be objected by your boss and often colleagues may be back stabbing by petty office politics and hinder in your work progress and promotion leading to low self esteem and loss of confidence. Such environments are not only harmful for your financial and work professional life but this will also affect your family and home life. It is better to leave such a work place and choose some other job where colleagues are supportive and you share a good rapport with your boss. In case you wish to improve your office relationships and protect your self from office politics and gain confidence then you may use simple feng shui cures to improve confidence.
You may hang a mountain painting behind your back of the office chair where you sit in the office, this will provide support to you and improve your confidence. Hanging a Feng shui painting of mountains in shape of turtle is the best cure to improve confidence and create positive energy.  There are many feng shui cures available in form of artefacts that can be placed near your office table for improving confidence at work place.  You may also hang a painting of Chinese  dragon to improve you personal energy and get strength of the dragon as support from office work load and politics. The feng shui turtle the most humble yet powerful tool used as feng shui cure for wealth, support and good relations with colleagues and boss. By placing a turtle shaped mountain feng shui painting behind your back you will invite luck in form of good mentors and boss who will support you and also help in getting good rise and promotion in work. You will get support from the mountain and this will improve your confidence and morale at your office.
All the Best!  
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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Buy Paintings for Hotels Restaurants Simple Guidelines - by Rizwana A Mundewadi

We see paintings in almost every restaurant and hotel we visit, and as paintings with universal appeal are loved by all it is better to follow certain simple rules in buying art for hotels and restaurants, specially colorful happy feng shui paintings.
Think from the customer point of view while selecting any painting for hotel. People come to stay, relax , have food in your restaurant or hotel. The whole purpose of the hotel stay may be relaxing and paintings with too over powering colors and themes are not appreciated and create more yang energy which is good in board room but not in a suite. Select paintings that have a general universal appeal and are pleasing to the eye.
Select the appropriate size of the painting according to the hotel lobby or private suite room size. Too small an artwork will go unnoticed and too large painting will be misfit and create overpowering energy. You must also avoid hanging canvas paintings in hotels where there is lot of traffic areas, and prefer hanging paintings or prints of paintings covered with glass.  This will help in keeping the artwork clean and also protect from physical damage from the customers in way of touching or spilling food.
Select themes that are happy and colorful for the hotel lobby and reception area as you require more positive feng shui yang energy to have more business as customers. Red, orange, yellows and browns, gold go well to improve energy in the reception area, so choose paintings with these colours in mind. Landscapes and floral still life’s are best for private rooms and suites. Avoid landscapes showing dried scenes, lonely sad paintings, paintings depicting war, storms floods, drought, must be avoided, however famous the artist work it may be, as this may bring bad feng shui luck to hotel business. 
I wish to make simple colorful understandable art, art that heals.

All the Best!  
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Attract Wealth with Feng Shui Painting 'Sparkling Diamonds Enchanting Garden' Painting Oil, 2012 - Premiere Artist Portfolio -

It is very easy to attract wealth and prosperity into your life with hanging feng shui paintings. Colorful  symbolic feng shui good luck paintings help to attract more positive energy into your home and office and when hung in best directions show miraculous results in welcoming wealth and prosperity into your life. In  feng shui pairs, symbolic of relationships and marital life and attracting good life partner, usually pairs of objects are placed in the relationship section of your bedroom. They may be in form of feng shui paintings of birds, flowers, pots, candles or even placing two similar lucky feng shui objects does wonders on your brain.
 A symbolic colorful cubism abstract feng shui painting of jade green pots, symbols of abundance  and prosperity.   Size 40x29.5 Oil and Acrylic paints on canvas Year 2012.
All the Best!  
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Office Politics and Feng Shui Simple Cures

Office politics is what many people face and even if they are good, qualified and productive their whole energy goes into maintaining cordial relationships with colleagues and bickering office politics. Office politics is not only energy draining this will affect your position and productivity in your work place.
Placing a feng shui cure rooster statue or a rooster painting will counter the negative energy coming from people. Back stabbing and negative office politics can be handled with this simple feng shui cure. You may also hang a feng shui bird painting to counter this negative energy coming from office partners, colleagues and others. You may also place a crystal ball in the north to deflect all the negative energy coming to your office. The office table can have a crystal globe to reflect back the arguments and negative energy coming from office colleagues and boss. Having the globe or crystal, any shiny artifact of metal will give your strength and metal energy to face the office work and negative people.

Mystical abundance Reiki symbol abstract painting Raz

Office Table Small Art
 Feng shui masters have often advised to avoid negative people, those who undermine your work efforts and do not support your ideas. Arguments can be diffused by hanging crystals and stone artefacts especially  amethyst  stone, proved for its healing properties will have good effect on protecting you from office politics.  This can be in term of stone paper weight, stone statue of amethyst tree, or ball / globe of stone amethyst.
All the Best from Rizwana!  
Importance and Placement of Globe in office
How to attract Luck with Black and white Art Office feng shui
View Happy Galloping Horses

Loss of Wealth and Position of Car Porch

Feng shui wealth tips being the most sought after the location of your car porch also is an important part affecting the feng shui of wealth in your life.  How loss of wealth is related to feng shui and how parking your car in the right place will affect your money financial luck is discussed below.
Feng shui wealth section located in the south east part of your home is the most important place for activating wealth money luck. How this section of your house is kept will reflect directly to your finances. As we know feng shui element for the south east is wood and we usually recommend metal coins for activating money luck or water fountains for activating energy here we also must remember that blocking this area by car and having a car porch here will some how affect your finances and fortune luck for the better or worse.
Car being metal energy , a strong yang, and if your car porch falls in this sector of your home,  can be used for benefit to activate wealth in your life. Keep the car in very good condition and avoid break downs by regular maintenance. Consider the science of feng shui before making any major changes into your home or relocating your car porch. Metal clashes with wood, destroys wood element and thus if you cannot avoid the parking spot, place green luscious plants here. Good luck bamboo plants are a very good feng shui cure for all wealth related  issues. Some people also have water flowing regularly, a water feature here to keep the wealth energy activated instead of being blocked here.
Make it a point to start and use your car daily as energy created by starting the car engine will in turn affect activating the money wealth luck. You may also use feng shui colors for good luck here by choosing a car in the respective color of the element. Like having a red car is considered a great boost to welcome money into your life. So also a blue or green color car is considered good  as these are colors of fortune and wealth. The metal energy of the car, yang energy can be softened by having water here, or having a rose quartz crystal or shiny crystal balls to diffuse some yang metal energy and welcome the grace  with wealth, money into your life.
All the Best!  
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How to Improve your relationships sector by parking right Feng Shui Simple Cures

How to improve relationships sector by parking right using simple feng shui tips. Car parking has become a daily matter and with finding a place to park many societies have specific places numbered for the members. Where you get a place for parking has a whole lot to do with how this will affect the feng shui of your life.
Car parking is linked to feng shui relationships of your life.  If the relationships section of your home is used as car parking this will block or activate  energy of this element  from your home sector and will affect your life. How can you improve relationships, love and marital luck by parking right, feng shui for parking cars.
South west area of your home having the car porch, relationships corner, where the car is parked will affect your love life and marital life. If you have a second hand car or repaired vehicle which does not work efficiently this will affect adversely your relations with the family. Relationships will be tense resulting in frequent misunderstandings and arguments. The feng shui element attributed to this section is earth.   With screeching creaking sounds the car may be prone to breakdowns and thus also affect your family trips frequently. The area of your home is blocked with car parking in the relationship sector and will drain love luck from your life.
You may hang rose quartz crystals or rose quartz stone balls or two birds made of rose quartz in the south west section of your home to protect your love marital luck. Make the love luck stronger by placing pair of mandarin ducks , crystals, and a water fountain is also beneficial to keep the energy activated here. Also hang crystals of jade or rose quartz or clear crystals chandeliers  in the centre of your home for keeping the earth luck on your side. Remember to keep the feng shui cures in clean and good condition as chipped or cracks artefacts will bring bad feng shui luck and create more harm than good.

Image Personality Makeover with Feng Shui Tips for Attracting Prosperity [Kindle Edition]
All the Best!  
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Feng Shui Car Porch Right Place for Good luck

Metal element the car is a household name in every home. With every family having a vehicle of own there are also families where every member has a own private car for transportation. Let us see how the location of the car porch affects you and your family fortune and luck.
The metal energy a car has an engine and air conditioner with music systems and all the amenities that indicate yang energy or positive energy. Thus take this to your benefit and as you park use this energy for welcoming and attracting more wealth, luck, success and health. Using your car daily will activate the positive energy into your life and as metal indicates money wealth luck driving your car daily this is a great boost to your money luck.
As you find some cars lucky whereas some frequently break down and have major repairs or you hear so and so’s car is always in garage, the feng shui aspect of the car and the car porch may be one of the reason to blame apart from technical aspects. The car parked in south, east, west or north will have an affect on your finances, your health, relationships and supportive colleagues and mentors. Each element represents a major aspect of your life, as south for fame and recognition, west for creativity and children luck, and so on. Where you park your vehicle and how the energy responds will depend upon the feng shui cycle of elements theory. South east sector of wealth and money luck , south for fame, element wood, here we know metal harms wood energy thus there may be a tendency of your car to break down frequently. South sector you keep activating by starting your vehicle daily to improve the chi here.
Parking your car in the right place has much to do with how this will affect your life, the right place will bring lots of good luck, good health, love luck and prosperity.
All the Best!  
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Monday, November 12, 2012

How to Select Contemporary Style Bed Best Feng Shui Bed Selection Tips

How to select Contemporary style bed using best feng shui tips and get the maximum benefit of waking up relaxed every morning, full of new energy and enthusiasm. Contemporary  furniture is a rage in many homes today and as many choose contemporary style  over traditional furniture the bed an most important part of your home furniture also has taken the modern look! With head rests becoming sleek and even disappearing let us see what feng shui  has to share here.
The head rest of the contemporary style bed is considered the most important part of the bed. The resting place, support for the head as placed against the wall or any other back drop is important to restore the energy and positivity developed by seeping. As we rest our body replenishes the lost energy of the day and after getting a good nights sleep we feel refreshed and prepared for a new day. Opposite happens when the bed is not comfortable or does not have a proper head rest. You do not feel rested and wake up with less energy. As a result you are less productive for the day. Contemporary bed designs may have sleek head rests or no head rests. In case of contemporary beds metal or wrought iron ones have sharp corners or abnormal pattern designs. This creates shar, negative energy, as you may get hurt while lying down or sleeping, and then this fear is transferred every time you wish to lie down as you have to be careful. This obviously hinders in your rest sessions and makes you uneasy and low on energy in such homes.
Feng shui tips for selecting contemporary Steel furniture bed- Preference is always given to the element wood, hence best feng shui bed is made of wood, sleek and simple with rounded smooth corners and edges. But wood is being more and more replaced my metal and steel furniture that shines sparkles and looks great giving a contemporary look. Tips for such metal beds would involve choosing simple styles and patterns in contemporary beds. Minimize design lines and complicated designs artworks in bed selection.
Many people incorporate healing stones in bed designs. This gives a contemporary look to your furniture and also promotes healing. The rose quartz and amethysts are very good healing stones that when placed near bed are good energy enhancers.This will facilitate cleaning and keeping clean the bedroom furniture. Avoid sharp corners for the bed head rest back rest and foot rest. A feng shui bed always has  head rest and a foot rest, always the former larger higher than the latter. Balance two side table preferable with the bed in a bedroom even if you are single or married as energy coming from the double bed will attract marital luck if you are searching for a partner,  and with married ones promote love and harmony in existing relationships. Metal is a strong element , also one which emits coldness and aloofness, so try to feng shui balance the energy of your bedroom by having some wood in from of artefacts, paintings frames, writing wooden table or relaxer recliner made of wood.
All the Best!  
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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Practical Feng Shui Tips Latest Home Security Systems

Best home security systems are the need of the hour. With crime increasing day by day and safety becoming our priority, we all need to have top security systems installed in our homes and office. A good feng shui, home having the red door and a welcoming display, the shiny door knobs, plants and wind chimes making soothing music by slow breeze and of course the open door to welcome chi! the ideal feng shui home or office.
 This all was good a few years back when the population was in control and people loved and respected each other. But today in competition and inflation as well as poverty drives many people to opt for the easy way out. It has become very common to hear about thefts, murders and break ups in home and offices.  To have a good security alarm system installed is the priority today after purchasing a home or office.  Security locks, alarm systems and security doors have become necessary to protect your family and property from burglers and thefts. In feng shui the main energy comes from the main door and the principle followed since many years was to keep the door open as often to allow beneficial chi to enter and nourish the energy of your home. Following these principles we can adjust feng shui and have a back up security system for the home and office. Feng shui energy can enter your home and also keep the security matter in order. You can install latest security systems for alerting about thefts and any mishaps or accidents due to wind, fire or gas leaks.
The CCTV cameras installed will bring to your notice the person entering and you are safe. Here you can follow the principles of feng shui by installing the feng shui colored door , that is the door put up of metal or wood , an extra fixture can be painted in the feng shui color for good luck and prosperity. example the south facing door can have a grill or security safety door painted in red thus feng shuing the main door. The south west facing direction main door can have peach, brown or orange shaded color. You may also have a good chiming bell for your main door thus making beautiful music , while keeping in mind the security of your home. Window blinds and tinted windows can be added to prevent extra harmful ultra violet radiations to enter your home. Protecting your garden from thefts and animals is important as however much you consider feng shui while planting and caring for your garden any stray animal will break the harmony of your garden by plucking and stamping, thus bringing the need for security and safety systems.around. So while I think of feeding the birds they have already plucked and destroyed many of my flowering and fruit plants. Keeping a balanced and practical view point while feng shuing your home is important.
While you consider feng shui principles for the main door and home feng shui do consider the safety of your family and priced possessions also.
Practical tips for feng shui security systems- Follow the ba gua map and jot down the directions of your home. By this you can get the element ruling the area of your main door and garden or back door. example all shades and hues of Red for south, pink for south west, blue or black for north, purple for north west, white for west. Think color and feng shui element while selecting materials in your security systems. Though metal ones are the best to give strength and do not compromise on this as fear itself produces negative energy and would act as shar energy every time you live in fear.
You may also incorporate a part of wood in terms of door knobs or fancy knick knacks hanging on your main door if it is south direction or any of the ruling element. By putting a small piece of any object of the ruling element you feng shui the main door along with having your security alarm system in place. You may consider hanging a feng shui mirror for protection on your main door. A feng shui wind chime can be hung in your garden to alert you of any movement there. The back door also is considered very important  as all the bad energy from your home leaves from here, an having a security alarm here also is essential as this part comes to end of the home or garden where usually no one is present. The door when fitted with alarm system makes you feel safe and thus produces happy feelings that is positive energy chi around.
Main door feng shui though the most important in feng shui is also one of the main security alert place in the whole home. While you may feel it important to allow fresh air and positive energy to enter your home, it is considered good to allow fresh air inside, at least for few minutes to remove the stale air circulating inside your home. For this a practical suggestion is that you may allow the main door to be open for some time under your supervision or keep the safety door with grills or net closed while the main door is open. This will serve dual purpose, that is allow fresh air to come in as well as keep the safety door locked, thus keeping in mind the safety of your home.
Plants as very good feng shui cures can come as help with locked door and security systems installed, as a single plant can nourish the main door energy and make a welcoming sight.
All the Best!  
For buying any of my healing symbolic feng shui paintings or getting one made according to your budget and size of painting customized  please visit my website Rizwana Mundewadi's Healing Art. Thank You!