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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Effects of Tortoise Shaped Finger Ring Worn in Ring Finger How does wearing Tortoise shape ring in ring finger affect relationships

Tortoise shaped jewelry is a great symbol to attract good health, wealth, luck, prosperity. Finger symbolism is an important part in healing as each finger represents a different type of energy. While the right hand has energy that goes out, giving; the left hand receiving. It is important to wear rings properly as this affects life in many ways.
From the Tortoise finger rings many people get confused and then disturb the energy which is not good. Once you begin doubting and remove the ring it accumulates negative energy from your mind and then it may not show results or show adverse results. And then people doubt the Feng Shui cures and also spread negative about these beautiful energy cures.
Wearing a finger ring some acupressure points are pressed that bring in feeling of good health and well being.
Love Actually Feng Shui Love Marital Luck Rizwana Mundewadi
Ring finger has very important significance as it represents marital luck, marital status and pure love. As women and men wear the symbol of true love on engagement and marriage , its a bonding , a promise to connect and live in happiness and harmony.Maximum energy benefit comes from this finger when a gold ring or one with diamond is worn.
Tortoise finger rings must be worn in different fingers but avoid wearing this in ring finger. Feng Shui about tortoises is they attract good luck and wealth and are great symbols of protection and long life. But they are also slow! They are symbolic of attracting wealth and thus confuse the Universe where relationship energy is placed. Wearing symbols of wealth and work energy related cure in ring finger  will dilute relationships, love and affectation in your life. While one or both spouses may focus more on career wealth and thus reducing love energy in life that may lead to misunderstanding and arguments.
Tortoise finger ring
While they are symbols of luck, they bring benefit when worn in little finger of fore finger better. For some individuals these tortoise shaped finger rings can also be worn in middle finger.
Material for Tortoise finger ring is very important. Scientific and healing explanation- the ring touches the skin and presses some points that represent some body part and life energy. Divine energy flows to the individual and negative energy is absorbed by metals. especially gold is best metal for finger rings. And even with tortoise finger rings it is better to make this in silver or gold to gain maximum benefit. Plastic, acrylic and other materials may have the most beautiful shape of tortoise in your finger ring but they accumulate negative dark energy around the finger thus affecting body energy. And when the aura is viewed there is a dark black circle of light seen. Choose the metals carefully and wear it in proper finger with positive intentions, All the Best from Rizwana!
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