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Friday, December 30, 2016

9 Powerful Feng Shui Tips for New Year The Most Yang Moment of the Year Activate Feng Shui This New Years 2017!

The Years ending at midnight is the most Yang moment and tap this to see miraculous results, the best Feng Shui energy.
Happy New Year from Rizwana!

Amazing Turtle of Goodluck

Black Beauty Floral Painting

Sernya Two Fishes Vase

1) In Feng Shui, Old Masters used to advice to clean the house before sunset of the last day , and do not clean, sweep or mop the house on the first day of the new year. All blessings are absorbed in the house and chi is activated.
2) Try to keep the door open at midnight to welcome the strongest best energy in to your home to nourish it and give it strength. Light it well. 
3) Avoid arguments, bickering and any tussles during this time as the energy carries forward for the whole year. 
4) Do nine things trick for making the universe happy. Add nine new objects in your house. Anything as you wish. This can be furniture or any artifact pieces. 
5) Most powerful Feng Shui Reiki letter, if you have certain wishes and desires , write these just on the stroke of midnight and place it in an enclosed envelope with positive intentions under your pillow or a book. I have written many Reiki letters for those who have asked for along with adding my healing art, as these give great results. 
6) If you really have certain big dreams do the Sixteen Lucky trick. From the midnight letter, continue writing a new letter each day till sixteen days with your wishes . Trust the Universe for your best and wishes do come true!
7) Intentions and Trust, you must do with clear intentions and heart, to see miraculous changes in your future.
8) Most important, do not share this with anyone, as we do not know intentions of others ,also doubts and fears of others may create in your dreams fulfillment energy. Reiki, Distance Reiki, Feng Shui is a tried , tested since years and gives Awesum results. Do not do it just for fun, remember what you give out comes back to you! 
9) Whichever area , sector you need to activate, example wealth , career, relationships, health, mentor , travel luck, Be prepared with Feng Shui  cures on 31st and activate them, beginning,  with this most Yang moment of the New year and see faster results. 
Hope this helps! 
Let us cherish friends and family. Let us be respectful, kind and forgiving to each other. Let us be filled with gratitude and gladness.
If I have ever hurt you, I ask for your forgiveness. If you have ever hurt me, you already have my forgiveness.
After all, our journey TOGETHER is so short!
Elegant Healing Reiki symbol painting
Healing Reiki symbol Painting
Since the ongoing year 2016 is at the verge of its ending so I take the opportunity to pay my heartiest thanks to each and all for every thing. 
symbol Painting
All my readers, blog lovers, followers, social media friends , for taking time to read my posts, encourage me, and my art lovers and art buyers, I pray to God for well being of all my best friends and my family members in the coming year 2017 and shower all happiness to all of them. Thanks a lot for being such an important part of  my spiritual journey, and I will keep sharing my healing, Feng shui advice,  and healing art to the best of my talent and abilities, Thank you All. 

All the Best from Rizwana!
A Very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2017, to You and Yours!

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Underwater child paintings Child in water Paintings symbolism and 7 Tips for Choosing Art for Special Needs Children's room

 Special Children's rooms are many times never given a thought. They need to be  bright , cheerful and lovely, and especially the wall art must be positive and uplifting. There are some serious, mistakes people are doing today in choosing art for their special children's rooms. You notice serious wrong feng shui but we are helpless.
Birds paintings Childrens room
Brush up online, or visit a gallery for your children's room art. You notice they are promoting all the wrong paintings! Most dangerous feng shui! just saw a Underwater painting, child drowning, was shocked! promoting as feng shui children room painting! Then you see animals, abnormal and incomplete, you also will find abstracts that have broken body parts!Please do give this a thought, understand the symbolism behind the painting,  while choosing art for your child's room.
Healing Art Childrens Room

Coming in contact with special needs children, slow learners, ADHD, and OCD, ( obsessed artist !) through my Husband's patients. Healing art can help bring in harmony, good health and also improve confidence and academic grades.
Music Paintings for Special children's Room 
Underwater paintings children under water drowning children paintings symbolism-
Creativity has no rules, agreed but there are some seriously negative shar emitting paintings showing children under water. Swimming children paintings are also seen but in case your child has fear of water this will do more harm to their mental status. When we see child under water, it has negative symbolism. You may see fishes swimming alongside, old ship sunk, sea horses- good symbols but not with child in the artwork.
what is the symbolism of a child under water painting-
1) with such art in their room, you will notice Serious health issues, with child.
2) they will gradually lower in concentration and show poor grades.
3) they will be affected psychologically as if drowning in this big world feelings and will affect their confidence.
4) Ship travel paintings with water waves rising above the level of the ship must be avoided. this indicates risk of drowning and the viewers get the feeling of always facing high tides in life sectors.
5) If child looks happy under water in the painting , with fishes and sea horses, this is representative of distance building up between you and your child. Gradually if such painting is hung in your child's room you will find the gap widening between you and your child, and may find it difficult to communicate their needs to you.
It is better to avoid water and under water paintings for children's rooms. Even if your child is a swimmer and loves water do give a thought at the image sin the artwork before choosing art for your child's room.
Sharing some really important practical tips for choosing art for your special child's room. Also in special needs children wall art can assist in healing their health and gaining confidence. Reiki symbols used in healing art not only unblock the energy but also improves health and brings well being.
 1) Focus on your child's special liking while choosing art. Do they love colours, shapes, objects,they will respond well to colour they love and colours heal. Slow learners benefit well with Se He Ki and Harth Reiki symbols. Avoid total black and white paintings for special needs children's rooms.
You would love that your child has good friends and improves academically. Activate Feng Shui north west and north east sectors with appropriate paintings. Flying birds .
2) It would be good to select vocabulary and calligraphy art so that they connect with the motivational art. Here again avoid incomplete messages and words. Avoid erratic strokes in abstract paintings and completely red colour paintings.
3) Health and relationships, east is most important. Feng Shui cure paintings used here show beautiful healing results. Growing green energy. Blessings from mother Earth.
4) Avoid irregular shaped abstracts., half body or incomplete images paintings.
5) If vision is affected activate East. If hearing problems activate North, in case of chronic diseases activate the west sector. Emotional health and psychological problems activate the north east sector.
6) Totally avoid water paintings in special needs children's rooms. water is flowing and not such a good option for child's room art. Huge water falls, also bring in strong energy , not good for children.
7) Choose right places to hang art in your special needs children's room. The height of wall art must be such that it can be viewed easily by your child.
Circles of Wisdom Tibetan Buddhism Symbol painting

Turtle Feng shui Reiki Symbol paintings for Luck

Reiki symbol Confidence Painting

Childrens room art

Reiki symbol Abundance

Santa Clause Paintings
Hope this helps! God Bless and All the Best from Rizwana!
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Monday, December 19, 2016

Feng Shui Children's Room Paintings Wrong Choices Children's Room Wall Art Feng shui Which Paintings to choose For Children's Bedroom for Goodluck

Childrens' bedroom and study rooms are very important affecting your child's health and academic as well as social performance. Balancing the Feng shui elements for your child's bedroom will keep them well adjusted and progressive in their life.
Feng Shui Painting
People when choosing paintings for children make many serious mistakes and then wonder why their child is restless, uncomfortable, spends more time out of their room , and also show poor grades and performance at school!
Good Luck
Feng Shui Children's Room Paintings  Wrong Choices-
1)- Horses paintings are great energy boosters and bring strong energy for work, and fame but they are not very good for children's rooms. Affects adversely on child's health , low and poor sleep, and performance. puts undue pressure on their mind and also they feel restless in such rooms.
Horse paintings in Feng Shui
2) Hanging Paintings of little child for a grown up teenager. again parents feel their baby girl is cute and choose barbie wall art, and decor but children soon over grow these and while toys are good which they pack away after play time,  , but with wall art, they are not comfortable with such decor for most of the time. 
3) Complete Black and white Paintings and decor- avoid strictly these decor colours for children's bedroom. While your living room may look elegant with classic black and white children often get bored soon and have low energy thus affecting their health and academic performance. 
4) Choose very carefully paintings for the west and North west sector of your child's bedroom and study room, This feng Shui will show major effects on their life and yours too! The Feng Shui child sector , and helpful friends, mentor luck sector. Any mistakes here will show effects as gradually reducing friends and also not so helpful teachers, so your child has to do that extra push of effort to study and perform. Affecting their mental status and also reducing their confidence.
5) Birds are a great symbol for your children's bedroom but avoid paintings of  eagles and vultures. The paintings of birds must have energy and colours  of happiness and confidence, and not that of dark thundering skies and lonely birds!
 There are so many choices today for children's bedroom feng shui paintings and use these as cures to attract goodluck for your child.
Music instruments and musicians , happy flying birds, evil eye protection  cures, colorful abstracts and strong motivational and symbolic paintings are a great way to uplift the energy of your children's rooms and bedrooms. Also do remember to activate their study sector for better academic performance.

Red Flowered wall art 
Two Birds 

Ba Gua Luck 

Elegant Strong Symbolism Painting

Music Guitarist painting for Children's Room

Happy Galloping Horses

Colourful Art The Magic Ball 

Colourful Guitarist Symbol Goodluck painting
It would also be good to let your children participate in the selection and buying of paintings for their rooms and areas. This gives them happiness and a feeling of importance and they also love their wall art!
Hope this helps!
Wishing You a Merry Christmas and a Very Prosperous Great 2017!
All the Best from Rizwana!
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Thursday, December 1, 2016

White Walls are Not Elegant! Energy of White Homes and Tight Budget decor Feng Shui Mistakes

White Homes
 White wall, White homes have been loved by so many and as people have the notion that white homes are classy and elegant, elite the Feng Shui symbolism and energy tells a different tale! Going from huge spaces with white everywhere, it is often termed as evolved spaces. Zen, a word often abused by not knowing its true meaning. Well Zen is not black and white, nor it is empty space! Zen is a evoked feeling!
 Considering the energy aspect of white. No, I am not against white, I love the purity of white, its ambiance and its strength of positivity, yet white as a colour for large home spaces is a no no! repeating my mantra, There is no life without colour!
Ancient times white colour was connected with barren, widowhood and leading a life without enjoyment. Truly speaking white is a higher level of spectrum which has all colours but yet it looks white. Studying colour symbolism each colour has its own effects and emotional responses from viewers.
Some Yellow
 Some Serious Feng Shui  Backfires from white walls energy -
1) Large expanses of white spaces leads to loneliness and aloofness, try it , you will realize what I mean!
2) Large rooms, especially living rooms with high white ceilings makes it appear larger and gives a feeling of getting lost.
3) It appears cold! the home no doubt may have latest decor but too much of white will bring an energy of cold vibes.
4) Important Feng Shui sectors , fame recognition, will to work, need energy colors and white here will cool down this fire within, also in long run affecting will to survive.
5) Long term effects show people become too self centered and narrow minded in only black and white coloured decor.
6) Complete homes in white leads to losing focus of reality. Still therapy rooms are kept white!
7) White homes with large canvasses of white and grey abstract artworks, again a serious Feng Shui mistake, bringing a not so good energy. As in Feng Shui we advise to avoid total abstracts , they confuse the mind.
Black wall
What you can do-
Colours are Great energy
1) Choose some coloured wall art
2) Activate Feng Shui sectors with corresponding colours, see how it works magic!
Colours Evil Eye Cures
3) Even if you love white and want to go ahead with complete white homes add up at least few highlight walls with colours of your choice.
Soothing Yellow
4) Throw cushions are such an Awesum way to add colour in white rooms.
5) Blending colours also work wonders. They may not be white but they go in harmony with white and also break the monotony of white.
Tight budget should not be a reason for wrong Feng Shuing! 
People often use this term, tight budget and added this piece! Absolutely wrong feng shui, negative, one must avoid such terms. as using them frequently more often will unconsciously attract this type of  energy into your life.
Tight budget issues-
people choose cheaper versions of art and artifacts. Originals have a class of their own, here we are talking of energy.
2) They buy for others, inspite of not liking the things.again not such a good type of energy. Uncomfortable and uneasy for many years till you have the objects.
3) People tend to add up more mirrors as they will shine and add up to the glamour but it backfires most of the times with serious issues.
4) Buying things, items of decor,  illegally, is another way to attract not such a good type of energy for your space, it will affect your life. Official sales are great but avoid back table dealings.
5) People feel white walls are cheaper. No, white also requires cost and getting the pure white, is more difficult! and costly!

Abstract art

Your attitude is like a box of crayons that color your world. Constantly color your picture gray, and your picture will always be bleak. Try adding some bright colors to the picture by including humor, and your picture begins to lighten up. Allen Klein"
Life is beautiful, but not without colours. Enjoy life to the fullest, surround yourself with colours and symbols of happiness and Abundance! I used to so love full white years back, and Yes , I do love white even now, but I prefer colours!  There is no life without colors!
All the Best from Rizwana!

No Life without colour
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Friday, November 25, 2016

Music room Feng Shui How to Feng Shui Your Music Room Wall Decor Tips for Music room in Feng Shui

Music room, a special place, with equipment and musical instruments, a dream for many singers and Guitarists and of course even people loving music have their own music rooms. Music itself, if chosen carefully,  is healing, it helps relax the mind and also activates energy,all is upon the choice of music and your surroundings. Some love Pop, Punk, rock, some love melodious harmonies. A great music room evokes feelings, emotions, connects , relaxes, quietens your mind and helps in refreshing energy. Good Feng Shui must bring out feelings of harmony, the decor, the art, the energy of your music room must bring out beautiful energy of happiness, hope, freedom, laughter, all working together on the conscious and unconscious self to attract goodluckness. 
The Young Guitarist razarts
Feng Shui is all about happiness and going with the flow. Sharing some very important  Feng Shui tips for music rooms.
1) The room has to be sound proof so that music played or played on  does not disturb others in the family. Basically from Feng Shui point of view metal instruments and electronic gadgets are best in west sector. It will maintain harmony in your home elements. 
2) Choose the decor of main door carefully, it has to be an energy space and not dull. The door has to be in lively colour and image over it must be colourful. Whatever your tastes with music the main door has to be an indicator about the room. This is the main Feng Shui reason where most music rooms fail, and are left abandoned!ending up as guest rooms or store rooms! 
3) Choose wall colours judiciously going according to your music tastes and also bring in some energy. Remember people love energy in music rooms and if you are the type who invites people often then do keep in mind tastes in music and age of your guests and friends also. 
4) Feng Shui , the term , brings to your mind harmony, peace, soothing, NO not for music rooms! If you are a singer or musician, guitarist keep in mind the room has to encourage creativity and bring out the best in you. If you are a music lover and wish to listen to music peacefully , yet choose some great  wall art to enliven your music room. 
5) If you are a traditional classical music lover do ahng relevant wall art in your music room. 
Mehfil Traditional Musical Instruments Painting
People loving classical music go in for more traditional colours for walls and choose decor along with this theme. Many people choose sculptures, artifacts and wall decor going along with this theme of music.Also instruments are decorated and have a place of their own in their music rooms.  
6) Children learning music or playing instruments to become artists as a career, 
Desires abstract Painting Rizwana A
then these music rooms must also be activated for the Feng Shui creativity sector and also the mentor luck sector for success in their dreams. 
Confidence Reiki Symbol Healing Abstract Painting

Blue Strings  The Young Guitarist 

7) For the younger generation people who have their music rooms, who love bands and rock, metal, punk rock music, need highly equipped sound systems and also here the energy and colors need to be vibrant and active. A soothing pastel room with floral art will be a misfit!
The Young Guitarist RizwanaA
Blue Strings Punk Rocker
 8) If you are the party hard type and the music room is used frequently for entertainment and parties ,a gain keep in mind the age and tastes of your friends and guests to bring out the best energy in your music rooms.
9) A parent having dreams for making your child a musician or singer , guitarist , keep all these above points in mind and also activate the north east sector, this will help you child to be focused on the goals and bring clarity for career choice.
Galloping Goodluck Razarts

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All the Best from Rizwana!

Happiness RizwanaA
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Monday, November 14, 2016

Important Mistakes in Main Door Entrance Feng Shui Take Care of Wealth and Evil eye for Main Door Feng Shui

Entrance Console Table Healing Art 

Important mistakes that many people do with entrance Feng Shui, is to choose any images, posters and artworks which may symbolize loss of wealth, loneliness and drive away wealth from the house. While in Feng Shui we consider the main door as most important , the mouth of your home, it has to be well planned and well cared for. It welcomes fresh energy, that is wealth and opportunities.
Blue Cubism Pot of Grapes Razarts
Common mistakes with main door Feng Shui-
1) Put green plants that are tall and bushy. that happens so often I see houses with overflowing pots, this blocks the entrances and even are so overpowering with their tall stems and branches that it hinders walking in. 
2) Large wide mouthed Vases and Antique pots- wide mouthed vases leak chi away. drain wealth sooner. In feng shui we advise to choose Pots and Antique vases with narrow bottom, wide center and narrow mouth. 
3) Empty large Vases again store negative energy and accumulate dark energies. Never have too many empty vases near the entrance, outside or inside. Always put some flowers in them. Real plants are best but even artificial silk flowers do , if cared for properly. 
4) Evil eye has been affecting so many unknowingly. People hardly notice that a wrong intended glance can affect the energy of the house and family. Advisable to hang an evil eye cure near the main door entrance, outside or inside. 
Refreshing Blessings
5) It is important to hang evil eye cures that would work! most of the evil eye cures available in market are incomplete and commercially made without any symbolism and incomplete images bring out more negative energy. They are so small, sometimes chipped, broken, and also with incomplete symbols, no wonder they do not show any results for protection!
Defining Radiance 
6) Loss of Wealth symbols- paintings with water flowing outside. Horse paintings which are galloping in a direction out of the house. Single objects , hung near the entrance.
7) Having fish tank near entrances! Main door, very very important, please do not put fish tanks near main door. First of all water, I advise to avoid near main door. Usually even if north sector falls near the main door avoid placing water, you can hang paintings, that too chosen carefully understanding their symbolism , if you wish to activate wealth sector.  

Purple Leaf of Healing
Hope this helps!
All the Best from Rizwana!
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