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Monday, December 8, 2014

How to use Chinese Goodluck Coins to attract Wealth and Money with Feng Shui Shake the Money Tree

How to use Chinese Goodluck Coins to attract Wealth and Money with Feng Shui, feng shui number of coins symbolism, using feng shui coins tips to attract wealth. Money tree a strong feng shui symbol cure to attract wealth and prosperity. Shaking the money tree,regularly is symbolic of money falling over!
This important feng shui wealth cure there are  still many queries regarding how many coins and where and how to use these feng shui coins to attract wealth.
Never put one feng shui gold coin . Never ever, money never likes to be alone and will not increase.
Three gold coins Chinese preferably tied in red ribbon symbolize that money, wealth is already here. Money has arrived here.
Place them anywhere around your home, in files, near computers if this is your business. Near four corners of your home. Prosperity corner, as this gives the mind a message of abundance and thus attracts wealth energy into your life.
Two Turquoise Pots of Orange trees

Feng Shui Money bag

Feng Shui Wealth

With cash registers, box of incoming money, purse, below the door mat, even with clients files and fax or telephone tables. You can also hang these "inside" the door knob , preferably hidden, with red ribbons!
Coins placement tips for fast results 
right number of coins
The money tree is a very powerful wealth cure in feng shui and we see these feng shui miniature model  trees that have coins, tied to the branches. Feng shui consultants advise to shake this tree symbolically to attract more money luck.
The best placement suggestion for wealth money tree is south east or east or prosperity corner of your home.
Why shake the money tree?
 people are advised by feng shui consultants  to shake the tree mildly when leaving for work or business assignments or important deals. The energy you put in the money tree, by shaking it, it sends a message to your brain, and as I say what you think you attract , so the energy is multiplied manifolds and as you every day follow the same ritual this unconsciously sends message to your brain to act upon this wish.
Make your money tree at home, select a dried thick branch that has many tiny branches. Paint it and tie gold coins, your money wealth feng shui tree is ready! How to make your own money tree at home tutorial.
It is advisable to follow the practice regularly to see changes in wealth. And always keep the wealth sector clean and purified from negative energy.
Make your own feng shui wealth tree at home

Always remember there is no replacement to hard sincere effort, for everything else there is feng shui!
Gemstone Luck

All the Best from Rizwana!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Red Silk Ribbons a Great Feng Shui Cure for Good Luck Uses of silk Ribbons in Feng Shui Cures

Red Silk ribbons, red and orange tussles have been used in most feng shui cures. Even the most traditional Tibetan culture Ashtamangala eight auspicious symbols for complete good luck are always tied with red silk ribbons.
In feng shui the color red has strong symbolism and can be used to activate the energy many times more than without the use. Red color is an energy color and used to multiply the energy many folds.
This is also a very powerful symbol of fire energy.
Hence to activate the wealth sector of your home Chinese good luck bamboo plants are tied with red ribbons, Even other feng shui cures are also tied like feng shui bell, evil eye cure and the feng shui mirrors and many more, the reason being that it activates the feng shui cure immediately and brings about change.
While using color red in homes or in apparels always be careful that this is a strong energy color and those who suffer from anxiety, anger, blood pressure,  and other emotional diseases and problems can get aggravated with being around more of red. Even if the area falls in south sector try to go to the next closest energy color, orange and yellow or golden. They will have the same energy effects , and yet be soothing to your eyes and body.
The best feng shui cure for attracting wealth into your lives, a red purse, and keep good luck coins tied with red ribbons inside to welcome more money coming your way!
Feeling Blessed 

Greedy Dragons of Fame

Tangerines Goodluck 
All the Best from Rizwana!
Always remember there is no replacement for hard sincere effort, for everything else there is Feng shui!
Thank you for coming by feng shui Simple Cures, like, share, comment for the love of Feng Shui!
All the Best from Rizwana!

(All images are my original paintings , some are displayed with modern decor, All Paintings and Content Copyright© 2000-2017 Rizwana A.Mundewadi

Friday, November 7, 2014

House at Dead End of Hallway Wall in front of main door Ultimate Poison Arrow Energy 7 Feng Shui Cures

House at Dead End of Hallway Wall in front of main door  Ultimate Posion Arrow Energy Feng Shui Cures
What if your main door has a wall in front and as each day you open and close the door you are faced with the wall. There may be a passage way or hallway or a turn where you have the path but the wall produces ultimate shar energy that affects not only your mind but also your whole family health,wealth and productivity. Another problem comes when your home is at the end of the hall way, that is lined home doors of neighbors and your home falls the last then as the feng shui chi enters the hallway nourishing the houses one by one till ti reaches the end it is very much diluted and thus affecting your wealth and prosperity in a very strong way.
Such house locations show in various energy problems- lack of work, lack of money, missing opportunities, always feeling strain with finances, incoming money very low, frustrations with efforts not recognized, feelings of depression, mental sicknesses, irritability among relationships and so on.
Such house locations and decor arrangements may show their effects in your life in many many ways.

House at Dead End of Hallway Wall in front of main door  Ultimate Posion Arrow Energy Feng Shui Cures
House at Dead End of Hallway Wall in front of main door  Ultimate Poison Arrow Energy 7 Feng Shui Cures -
1) Color the wall white or bright color.
2) Have a painting depicting vastness like landscape with open sky.
3) Hang a mirror on the wall so that the beauty inside the home is reflected as double also in front. Be sure to have some good object reflected like symbols of wealth and prosperity.
4) Put tall green Chinese Good Luck Bamboo plants to bring in nature luck into your home.
5) Use light effectively, have bright lights above your main door and also in front of your door so that as anyone enters the hallway they can see your home even if it is at the end.
6) Hang a feng shui evil eye cure.
7) Hang a metal bell outside your main door handle.
Always remember there is no replacement to hard sincere effort, for everything else there is feng shui!
Hope this helps, All the Best from Rizwana!

Monday, November 3, 2014

How to Purify Your Oven Modern Cooking Appliances Equipments with Feng Shui

Purifying Oven and Modern Cooking Appliances Equipment  with feng shui, as we and all feng shui practitioners advise to strongly avoid electrical equipment for cooking food, today we really may not have an option with so many modern cooking ranges and microwave ovens in every modern homes.
Contemporary modern homes have electrical appliances and cooking ranges with micro wave ovens, electrical gadgets, grills and many other ways to cook food.
Try to avoid cooking in micro wave as the radiation is not such a good energy for your health.
Feng shui for micro waves and cooking ranges -
Feng Shui Ovens Microwave Gas Cooking Ranges
1) Keep your cooking equipment clean, and working condition. Blocks in these indicate block in incoming wealth and work opportunities.
2) Green, the color of nature helps to control emitted radiations thus try to inculcate green as covers , for your electrical oven or cooking ranges.
3) wood another very powerful element that can help to prevent electrical radiations from such requirements. Have a wooden board, partition or block in between or cabinets where you store these modern cooking equipment.
4) Micro wave oven represent fire energy so best placed in south.
5)Avoid having modern cooking equipment, micro wave oven near fridge or wash basin.
6) Unplug the equipment after every use as the plug on will continue to take electricity and also spread charged radiation energy around.
Feng shui health has food that are as close to natural as possible. Fire has been used traditionally to cook food. and still many feng shui practitioners suggest to avoid installing modern cooking equipment in home kitchen. If you have try to minimize cooking in micro wave ovens and make sure to cover them after every use in green colored wooden objects.
Hope this helps!
All the Best from Rizwana!

Your Trash Can and feng shui Important Tips for Garbage Dust Bins Trash Cans

Feng shui for your trash can can affect your wealth, happiness and fame and recognition , relationships and prosperity. Here I share some very important points for Trash cans and garbage bins.
1) Colors toned down and not very bright. Garbage is waste that goes away from your home and has to be in light colors as it must not draw a lot of attention. 
2) Always keep trash clean, LOL, not that you avoid keeping trash in but after use always clean it or have a disposable garbage bag inside the bin.
Feng Shui Trash Cans Dust Bins Tips
3) Stinking and broken lid trash cans must be changed. It attracts disease, flies as well as ugly gestures from neighbors and passers by!
4) Never place trash cans in front or side of neighbors doors. This is a bad habit and even if the entrances of your neighbours meet you must avoid to place two trash cans side by side. Keep it at a distance or lower. 
5) Check where the garbage area falls , never in wealth and relationships  sector. Place garbage in any area but avoid strongly south, south east, north sectors. 

6) Use trash cans of adequate sizes, overflowing garbage form cans can prevent happiness and wealth coming your way!
7) Use color, shape and modern feng shui symbolism to use your trash can to attract peace and happiness. No wonder baby trash cans have cartoon characters and fairy tales images and we also see lot of cheery yellow, vibrant red and royal blue trash cans , designer funky trash cans, modern feng shui!
All the Best from Rizwana!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Dead Persons Photo Opposite to you main door Shar energy 9 Effective Poison Arrow feng shui cures for Main Door

Dead Persons Photo Opposite to you main door Shar energy Poison Arrow feng shui cures.
A very tricky situation comes up when you and your neighbour may have not problems but they hang an image of dead person, of Idol maybe out of respect over their main door.
What more it may send shar energy, poison arrow towards your home.
Feng shui evil eye cure Suraksha Kavach
First of all in feng shui we never advice to hang pictures or photographs of dead people, as they are dead, and this means stagnant energy.
Feng Shui Mirror for protection

Mirror globe to dissolve  negative energy
Large Container with Tall Plant
God Sculpture with wide mouthed water contaienr
Try to communicate with your neighbor if possible so that they  may hang the photo inside their house, but most of the times I know it is never possible.
So let us see some simple feng shui cures that we can apply to our main door to protect from this negative poison arrow coming towards your home.
1) Color your main door white, if possible.Purity and brightness is the best to counter yin energy and posion arrows.
2) Hang a mirror globe to deflect negative energy.
3) Hang feng shui mirror if the shar is impossible to bear and draining all your energy.
4) Put sculpture of God idol for protection.
5)  wide mouthed container with water. Water in feng shui has been proved to absorb negative energy.
6) Put a large plant container with tall plant, preferably Feng shui Bamboo plant outside your main door.
7) Feng shui evil eye cure, suraksha kavach, can be hung to protect from shar poison arrows.
8) Strong bright lights over your main door. A large watt bulb or light and keep it on day and night.
9) Hang a healing cure protection painting, symbols are the best to protect as well as dissolve the negative energy coming towards you and your home, and within few days the neighbors will remove the objects sending shar energy, poison arrow towards you.
Always remember there is no replacement to hard sincere effort, for everything else there is feng shui!
All the Best from Rizwana!

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Exercising Machines and Your personal Gym in Feng Shui where to have personal gym

Exercising Machines and Your personal Gym in Feng Shui where to have personal gym.
With health awareness and focus on exercising we see a lot of people joining gyms for health purposes. Then the trends are also increasing towards having a personal gym at home so that every family member can work out at their convenience.
Once bought these exercising equipment after a few months of use are seen lying idle and in bad condition. This creates bad feng shui and if these broken or not working equipment are kept in your wealth or helpful friends are just think what type of energy they will keep on adding or blocking in your life.
Feng shui tips for exercise equipment and personal gym-
1) never have gym or exercising equipment in bedroom. This is the place to unwind and exercise represents yang energy.
2) never keep gym equipment under bed ,as this will affect your sleep. these equipment's keep producing energy even when kept on floor and it can be felt if they are stored under or in the bed storage. This will affect your sleep, health and relationships.
3) Never have gym in living room or near the entrances as here as we enter after a hard day it will again make us feel drained and many will feel less motivated to work out.
4) with positive chi coming from windows , best to have gym and exercise equipment near windows.
5) Always keep exercising equipment and gym materials in good condition and smoothly working. Repair anything broken or grease them if not smooth.
6) East sector represents feng shui health and is very good to have your personal gym and have all exercising equipment here.
Hope this helps!
All the Best from Rizwana!
for some health n wealth and modern abstract symbolic happiness Floral Fantasy
Feng Shui Evil Eye Cure and Modern Evil Eye Cure Painting

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

How to protect from shar energy from modern cooking equipment Protect from Feng Shui Energy Wealth Drain

How to protect from shar energy emitted from modern cooking equipment in modern kitchens. Finding wealth slipping away, losses in business and finding it hard to save money, check out your kitchen feng shui.
Ovens, cooking ranges, chimney, refrigerators and the rotating dining table top, everything today in kitchen has an electrical energy in it. This continues to produce shar energy in your kitchen affecting your health.
Feng shuing you kitchen, first let us see how many elements are already here in your kitchen.
Kitchen with water (wash basin) , fire (cooking gas range) and metal  (refrigerator) energy and wind from windows only lacks one element to have the perfect harmony and feng shui. Add up the wooden element with modern kitchen wooden cabinets to balance energy in your kitchen.
Modern sleek kitchen cabinets are beautiful and also available in so many elegant designs and colors. What I love most about these modern kitchen is that convenience and cleaning along with performance is best with these modern sleek kitchens.And they can be dismantled if you wish to move!
Kitchen Feng Shui Modern Sleek Kitchen Feng Shui
Bring in wooden element in your kitchen to protect your family from harmful UV radiations emitted from modern electrical cooking appliances. Avoid colors dark and dull, use of browns and wood work wonders to feng shui of your kitchen.
Keeping these appliances open continuously drains energy from the kitchen room and reduces chi , sometimes the cook also feels drained after spending just a little time in the kitchen. Yes technology is advanced and we have a way too much equipment lined up in our modern kitchens. Many times most are also never used regularly.
Feng shui protection to avoid chi from escaping from your kitchen, and in other way wealth from escaping from your kitchen-
1) Always allow fresh air for at least some time of the day in your kitchen.
2) Best to have kitchen fire element in south but if you have your kitchen in any other space apply simple feng shui cures like mirror to bring in lacking energy.
3) Cover all modern cooking equipment in wooden cabinets with wooden doors. Modern sleek kitchen cabinets have doors of wood, which protect from continuous exposure to these electrical energy.
4) Clean cooking  equipment, ovens, cooking ranges, hot plates, mixers and grinders, juice makers,  with salt water after every use and dry off well before closing the cabinets. Removes stains and leaves a fresh smell and removes stale smell of food.
5) Wood element is a strong protector from negative energy and very important element in the feng shui of your kitchen. Bring this with wooden cabinets and wooden doors.

All the Best from Rizwana!
for some feng shui healing kitchen paintings check out my website!
Thank you!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Feng Shui Paintings for Popularity Fame and Wealth Success Bird paintings for Good Luck and Fame

For all those who are successful will sure share that wealth is a by product of hard sincere effort and loads of heaven and earth luck. For heaven luck you can add healing paintings and  healing symbols and apply feng shui cures as with feng shui symbolic healing paintings.
Fame Luck
One cannot go without the other, feng shui is a blend of all sectors of life going in harmony with nature that brings about success in your life. Feng shui paintings of birds can be hung in office with positive intentions of the healer and the healee to attract good business opportunities, helpful friends ,strong mentor luck and wealth.
Feng shui lays a lot of importance on birds as birds represent strong heaven luck energy. For fame and recognition and success in business and job one can display some healing bird paintings. Phoenix brings popularity and fame. The rooster another beautiful bird symbolic of great business luck as it is a early riser and has a clear loud call that represents  your popularity spreading far and wide.
Attract good business, success and successful people towards you by displaying healing bird paintings. Fame , wealth and success  can also be attracted by displaying peacock paintings as the peacock has a hundred eyes, it also helps to protect form evil eye and ill luck and attracts prosperity and fame.
These paintings for fame and recognition must be carefully  chosen with feng shui color symbolism and healing energies for maximum benefits and faster results. Display these healing paintings in south sector.

Thank you for coming by Feng Shuii simple cures!
All the Best from Rizwana!

(All images are my original paintings , some are displayed with modern decor, All Paintings and Content Copyright©  Rizwana A.Mundewadi Do Not Copy for Fear of Karma!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Air Coolers and air Conditioners in Feng Shui Where to have air conditioners and feng shui tips

Air Coolers and air Conditioners in Feng Shui are considered not so good energy as they produce artificial forces that are not existing in nature. Yet in todays' environment we see homes and offices having air coolers and air conditioners installed in every room and in fact they just cannot do without these.
Air Coolers and feng Shui
The fact also comes up in cold snow countries where heaters are a must for survival.
Air conditioners do produce forces and energy from their vents as chi enters your space , even though artificially is a source to invite  yang flow thus balancing the yin , that is hot or cold at home. With proper flow of energy the inmates feel peaceful and are able to work constructively.
Feng shui and air conditioners/ air coolers some simple tips-
1) Try to maintain the temperatures to near normal and never extremes. Have temperatures set in your air conditioners near to what is acceptable to body.
2) never install air coolers or air conditioners above your head rest in bedroom, the flow will go in opposite direction. And also affect your rest and sleep.
3) Avoid vents of ac or air coolers right in front of seating arrangements in living room or bed in bedroom , as again the blast of air will affect your life adversely.
4) Always keep the Air conditioner or air cooler vents dust free and clean.
5) Choose air conditioners and air coolers according to your personal  needs and budget. No point in having a large air conditioner for small spaces and also the high maintenance costs will affect your outgoing wealth in terms of regular electricity bills.
6) Never have air conditioners right in front of your seating arrangement or bed as here also the strong blast will come directly to your body, too strong an energy again is not good for the feng shui of your body.
7) Most importantly even if you have air conditioners in all rooms try to invite fresh energy at least for some part of the day. As air flow is very essential to maintain the feng shui of your home, which affects directly your health and  happiness.
Hope this helps!
All the Best from Rizwana!
Laughing Buddha Best Feng Shui Wealth Cure
for some cool color modern healing paintings Contemporary WealthDesign of Blue Harmony

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Micro wave oven equipment and Cooking Ranges feng shui cures

Micro wave oven equipment and Cooking Ranges feng shui cures
Feeling energy drained after using an electrical equipment, modern cooking method micro wave ovens, try this simple yet very effective feng shui cure.
Salt a very very powerful cure to remove negative energy.
Your micro wave oven and cooking ranges can benefit with some positive chi around.
At times after many uses we see that electrical cooking ranges and micro wave ovens draw more energy from electricity as well as you. Cooking  sometimes starts to become boring and energy draining for you. Check out the feng shui of your modern cooking equipment and ovens.
Add some color here and use green to protect from radiations.
1) unplug after every use all equipment and cooking ranges . Removing from electricity sources will conserve energy of your equipment and you.
2) Clean them after every use, left over foods, and stains drain your energy gradually unknowingly.
3) Clean your ovens with salt and lemon water, if possible boil water with some salt and lemon juice to purify your equipment. Remember to dry off the oven and all modern cooking equipment well before next use.
Hope this helps!
All the Best from Rizwana!
Kitchen Wealth  Micro wave Oven feng Shui

Where to Hang God Paintings in Your Office or work place according to Feng Shui

Where to Hang  God Paintings  in Your Office  or work place according to Feng Shui
 Religious , and spiritual people are in love with God figures and paintings and we immediately realize the ones when we visit their home or office. Right from entrances, main door where they have a God figure or sculpture installed above the main door outside to the inside door and even the panels of each door has some symbols of God.
Then we also see walls that may have some different God paintings along with artifacts that also are having some religious spiritual significance. We all have entered such spaces and personally I never feel at peace in such surroundings and the owners too never seem to be at peace. Too much focus on God figures.
Without realizing the energy and power of hanging Different God paintings and  having this over powering presence of such images viewed daily there is a strong energy that may be circulating inside the space that does not allow mind to work in freedom. The thinking may be affected and also many times business may suffer due to clients repelling under pressure of theses images displayed around the space.
There also comes one thought that your clients may not be following your religious practices and God's so this may affect your business adversely. The love for hanging different God paintings comes from love for images and representations of God. Many swear by their religious beliefs and it is Ok for them. But when dealing with other people and if you wish to feng shui your office space to attract more clients I always suggest to keep God figurines in North East sector or hang a religious God Figure painting here. You can have a God painting behind your back , near the cash counter or inside of the entrance main door.
Protection Paintings

Collection of Elephant Painting
Your feng shui wealth and business luck in office and work place comes from the main door and hanging universally accepted wealth cures helps a lot. Since feng shui is all about going with the flow modern feng shui cures and paintings help to attract the same energy that can benefit in all aspects of life.
For modern offices feng shui and God Figures must be a blend of your religious beliefs and what goes with contemporary decor.
Mandala paintings , sacred geometry and symbolic art is what attracts good feng shui as well as blends with your modern office decor.
Just one or two God Figures may be put up and avoid the number three and more than this. Many Gods Idols or God Paintings  in one Room must be avoided according to Feng Shui
For attracting more business follow simple feng shui cures that will not only blend with your modern decor but also act as cures to heal your life from all aspects, and of course attract more wealth, good luck and business luck.
Always remember there is no replacement to hard sincere effort, for everything else there is feng shui!
All the Best from Rizwana!
Horse Shoe Luck Painting
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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Modern Wash Basin in Kitchen Simple Feng Shui Tips for Selecting Wash Basin Taps and Water Pipes with Feng Shui

Wash basins in kitchen form a major part of water element that brings in wealth, water is considered wealth in feng shui, into your home. Modern homes and kitchens have exotic taps, designer wash basins and also they are made up of many different types of materials from stainless steel, stone to glass and marble.
Modern Wash basins (Image Credit Google)
From water pipes that bring in cold as well as hot water to different sizes and also different compartments in wash basins for kitchen we see two or three side by side wash basins in modern kitchens today.
Unknowingly as your interior designer will follow your likes and decor tastes and apply it in kitchen design it is helpful to avoid energy and wealth leaks and feng shui drain of energy by selecting right types and right sizes of wash basins for kitchen.
1) Select a wash basin of appropriate size, too large wash basins in kitchen represent more water draining away,that is more wealth washing away.
2) If possible have the wash basin in the North sector which represents feng shui water element energy.
3) Choose the number of wash basins appropriately, too many basins again represent that much use of flowing water , that goes down the drain. Usually women have two basins that is one for washing utensils and one for vegetables and other for food items.
4) Select taps of correct sizes , very large nozzle ones will again splash more water outside your wash basin while using and thus wasting precious wealth energy from your home.
5) There are some elements that go hand in hand, prefer to have metal taps and wash basins so that they go happily with the water element.
6) Keeping dirty used utensils and stale food in wash basins creates a very bad feng shui energy for your kitchen, your home and your health. You can store the used utensils in some other space that is covered till they are washed later on.
7) Blocked wash basins, dirty wash basins and leaking water taps are another aspects that need immediate care , especially if you are looking for a job, or having problems with money coming in and staying in.
8) Avoid installing wash basins in south and south east sector of your kitchen as these are dominated by elements fire.
9) Never have wash basins lower than your seating arrangements, it is considered inauspicious to have water at lower level in kitchens.
Hope this helps!
Always remember there is no replacement to hard sincere effort.
for everything else there is Feng Shui!
All the Best from Rizwana!
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Monday, September 22, 2014

The Feng shui Good Luck Cat Money Cats and Lucky Cats Which Feng Shui Cat to Select Where to place Maneki Neko Cats

Feng shui cat, little cute Neko Kitty , Fortune Cat, Beckoning Cat, the waving cat wherever seen always brings a smile on your face. Available on many internet feng shui cures sites for sale in so many different colors and materials. Made of ceramic porcelain and usually seen in white with red adornments or golden with red bow and ribbons with coins. No wonder the cute kitty waves its paws to welcome good luck displaying this symbol has almost always brought many happy changes to wealth and luck for many.
The story goes far off when an old lady in Japan was very poor and had to sell off her cat. The cat then started coming in her dreams and encouraged her to make symbols in clay. She made cat of clay and soon after started selling off and earning well.
The Cat when displayed near the entrance always grabs attention and brings loads of feng shui energy to attract more business and wealth.  Usually we see these lucky cats near entrances of restaurants, business offices and companies as these are more of modern cures with the golden colored feng shui good luck cats, they can be displayed in any profession to attract more prosperity and wealth.
The feng shui lucky cat is also seen with gold coins and money wealth bag on its shoulders or paws. Always remember to place the cat in such a manner where its energy can greet the visitors and welcome them in and never facing inside the office or home as it represents her back to the world and wealth. Right paw raised attracts wealth and left paw raised attracts more customers. And both paws raised total prosperity! Then there are cats which have inbuilt cells that keep the cat paws moving, great visual appeal and also symbolically full of energy as it is moving its paws ,definitely attracts attention and thus brings more business and clients.
Maneki Neko is the Japanese name for this cat, meaning Beckoning Cat.  White Cat is good for attracting great health. With its paw raised high it brings in welcoming energy and also provides protection. They are also used symbolically to attract the right soul mates, good health, peace of mind, protection from negative energy and evil eye, and of course attract more wealth and prosperity.
Feng shui symbolism, which cat to select?
One paw raised is welcoming good luck and wealth and there are some with both paws raised bringing loads of good luck and prosperity welcoming with both paws generously, just like the Laughing Buddha.
Black cat is strong symbolism to protect from evil eyes and negative energies and bring about good health.
Golden Maneki Neko Feng Shui Good Luck Cat

White cat represents peace, purity  and happiness
Red cats for good luck and protection from evil spirits.
Green cats for educational luck and academic achievements.
Purple cats for wisdom, knowledge , intuitive capabilities and self realization.
Yellow cats for happiness and cheerfulness and good luck
Blue cats, feng shui color of north , great for career and job success.
Pink cats for attracting great success in finding right mates and love and happiness , marital success.
As the colors differ so do the placement of these good luck Maneki Neko  Cats-
West sector is for creativity and children luck where yellow , white and silver cats go very well to uplift energy here Pink in the south west and purple in the centre.
When the cat is painted with certain symbols then again the symbolism energy increases with this. Bamboo images painted on the Maneki Neko represents wealth. Eagle painted on the cat represents high ambition and success. We also see these cats with bells around their neck which again symbolizes welcoming  good luck and prosperity.
Go in for thsif eng shui cure only when you are comfortable with the visual appeal and trust the symbolism behind the fortune cat, and not just because it is being referred by a feng shui consultant. As the more you love your feng shui cures the more they will reciprocate their love for your wishes!
The Lucky pot

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Never display fish tanks or fish tank paintings in bedroom as Feng Shui Cures for Wealth

Fishes displayed in home are considered very auspicious in feng shui. From wealth to career prospects and growth fishes also represent the harmonious way the two swim in the sea of life, that is for family happiness and love. With such strong symbolism on fishes being displayed in homes and office people have been putting up fish tanks in every space to attract more wealth and prosperity.
Sernya, the two fishes, one of the eight auspicious Tibetan Buddhism symbols is one strong symbolic way to attract good luck and harmony. Not only do the fishes come in form of fish tanks but also a lot of fish paintings and posters make way into every room and office to attract prosperity.
Fishes do bring in a lot of energy as they continuously swim and keep moving, no doubt a soothing relaxing the mind activity to observe the fishes swimming, it is great to display fish tanks especially in north sector to attract career prospects and wealth.
Fish Tank Fish Paintings as Feng Shui Cures  in Bedroom

The problem comes when fish tanks and fish paintings or posters are also displayed in the bedroom which is not such a good feng shui energy. In feng shui water element has to be totally avoided in the bedroom. Water , flowing water, has  a lot of energy that can break rocks. Also water in any form must never be displayed in bedrooms.
Even if the north sector falls in the bedroom or the helpful friend sector one must avoid the use of feng shui water symbols or feng shui water cures in bedroom.  You can use different representative symbols here to bring in this feng shui energy to activate these corners.
Why you must not display fish tanks of fish painting in bedroom-
1) Water is never to be displayed in bedroom even mirrors that represent metal element are to be avoided as it disturbs relationships and may lead to serious consequences.
Fish Tank Fish Paintings as Feng Shui Cures  in Bedroom
2) Fishes swim continuously and this energy , constantly moving is not the one required in bedroom which is a place for rest and unwinding. Here we need soothing relaxing peaceful energy to re energize.
3) Water in fish tanks may get muddied, infected, the pre washing time of fish tanks, as a result may  lead to impure air and environment.
4) The moving energy of fishes affects the couple who may feel restless and be tempted to always be on the move, thus not very good for forming stable relationships.
5) Under water pictures represent a symbolism of being in debt or having financial burdens and getting drowned. Many people also put small baby dolls, houses and human characters inside the fish tanks, which is very very bad feng shui energy as this represents the family being under water and always in trouble or suffocating in relationships.
6) There may be bloody fighter  fishes also along with many colored fishes in your fish under water painting and this again symbolizes that they eat up your energy and your wealth. Displaying fighter fishes in fish tanks and placing this in your bedroom has serious feng shui energy effects on the emotions of the family, especially the couple.
Hope this helps. 
Always remember there is no replacement to hard sincere effort. For everything else there is feng shui!

Thank you, All the Best from Rizwana!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Never display shoe rack in the south east Is your shoe rack driving your wealth away Feng Shui for Shoe Rack Placement

Shoe rack one of the important furniture piece seen in all homes and offices is one necessity and while in feng shui consultants  lay a lot of importance in the right placement of furniture and every object shoe racks too have it be placed with proper care. 
Shoe Rack and feng Shui
From keeping them organized to cutting down clutter of unused or torn broken shoe even the right placement of the shoe rack will affect your wealth and prosperity.
Shoes and Feng Shui
How a shoe rack can drive you wealth away? Symbolism counts a lot and placing this furniture in south or south east will adversely affect your home and office  energy. The south sector represents feng shui fame and recognition energy and having a shoe rack here will attract bad name,  bringing you in attention, recognition in not so good terms.  Shoes represent  the day long dirt and road energy that comes into our homes with us with each day. We bring this energy and place this in the shoe rack which if falling in the wealth or prosperity sector will in long run affect your name and wealth.

Shoe rack placed in south west sector but must always be kept clean and clutter free.  Never put a shoe rack in bedrooms or prayer rooms. Also avoid having shoe racks in north or north west sectors as these are two very important places to attract career and mentor luck, magical star,  which affects strongly to your prosperity and wealth.
Hope this helps!
All the Best from Rizwana!
Turtle of Wealth
Feeling Blessed
Magical Star

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Relationships and Feng Shui Attract Marital happiness and feng shui for matrimony alliance

In feng shui,  relationships are most important for any individual to progress in his personal and professional life this painting is best and effective when hung on the south west wall of your bedroom which according to feng shui is the relationships corner.  Most relationship healing paintings are suitable for bedroom walls and these paintings will act as a feng shui cure to attract marital luck. The Reiki symbols used attract happiness, greater understanding and also a balance of Yin and Yang energies between the couple. There are many cases where the wife is extra dominating, that is the Yang energy is more which may create energy tussles at home. So also there are cases where the man of the house is too timid, that is low in Yang energy and high in dark Yin energy thus affecting  decision making, the peace and stability of the house.
Then there are many singles who wish to find the right soul mate but are unable to find the right person. For those who are single and trying to find the right partner feng shui cure  paintings act to attract good marriage proposals and also make harmony in the bedroom.

There are few people lucky to have a loving and caring family. Those who have know the value of having a supportive and encouraging family. In times of any problems or career the family that is strong will survive all odds and progress in leading a happy life.
Not all are lucky and sometimes even when the family is very caring due to some misunderstandings or problems there is distance developed between family members. For healing relationships this feng shui cure paintings help heal all misunderstandings and attract happy ties.  Maintaining love in your family life between husband and wife and for those who are single to invite marriage luck in their lives this painting is a feng shui cure for attracting marital luck.
The healing paintings act as feng shui relationship cures and can also be used to heal relationships between couple who are heading for divorce. If you are suffering from a bad marriage let feng shui help you come out of this. For specific cases it is advisable to communicate your problems to your spiritual healer and healing artist who can suggest an appropriate cure painting or who can customize a painting according to your life source needed.
Simply Love by Rizwana A
Simple cures to attract marital Happiness in Life-
1) Always keep the south west sector clean and clutter free as dirt and stagnant energy here directly affects your relationships.
2) bedroom must have most things in pairs, symbols of couples,  two side tables, two table lamps and two birds paintings etc. Single objects bring about and attracts energy of loneliness and aloneness.
3) Never Use Symbols of Past relationships, past breakups or past issues in the bedroom.
4) It is a feng shui cure to light two fragrant candles in this area , but taking care of safety and health issues of the family. Other wise paintings displayed on walls suffice as great feng shui cures to attract marital happiness.
5) Avoid objects or paintings of three figures. This attracts energy of third person in life of the couple.
6) Avoid sleeping in front of the mirror. In feng shui it is said that such couples attracts interference of third persons in life thus affecting relationships very badly, which in serious cases leading to separation or divorce.
7) For the single ones trying to find the right matrimony alliance they must hang paintings of pairs of objects and place vases or flowers, birds, symbols of pairs in the south west to attract matrimony alliances.
8) The energy of the south west can also be activated by hanging crystals here, shiny ones that reflect light thus symbolizing happiness and positive energy in the relationship between the couple and family.
All the Best from Rizwana!
Have a Great Life!

The painting shown above is a small feng shui symbolic  bedroom painting 'Simply Love' in oil paint on oil sketch paper,  size 6x9 Inches, for buying this visit my website

Thursday, August 14, 2014

9 Important practical Feng Shui Tips for Study Room Students Feng Shui

9 Important practical Feng Shui Tips for Study Room Students Feng Shui
Educational luck Painting 
Tower of Goodluck

Third Eye , Evil Eye Cure  Painting

1) Make the student sit facing East sector or north facing and study table preferred in the north east or even north is good.
Tower of Fame Respect
2) Never sit under a beam in the study room, avoid such places for study.
3) Select study room furniture which has no shar energy, that is no pointed sharp corners or textures.
4) Avoid clutter in the study room or study table. Remove all symbols of past failures in case any. 
5)Keep space between the table chair and wall for  student to allow free movement while studying to not make them feel crammed in their  academic performances.This stutters growth in their life. 
6) Display medals, awards, projects work in west and south sector. Best Feng Shui sector for children and creativity luck. 
7) Hang some beautiful energy motivational artwork in the room near or above the study table. Daily inspiration is must to be focussed.
small sized Reiki artwork Clarity 
small sized artwork Colorful Purification
8) Check for adequate natural and artificial lighting in the study room. Major cause, too much lighting is not good, as also dim lighting, will affect eye sight and academic performance.
9) Bring the study room walls to life by choosing good wall colors that represent active Feng Shui energy and not dull boring energy that may put the student to sleep.
small sized canvas painting GoodNews
These tips are not just for children and they work great for every one , especially in creative fields like fashion designing,architects, artists , actors, management fields etc.
All the Best from Rizwana!


Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Dull phase in your life feng shui cures, not much happening in life and work check the feng shui of your home and office

Dull phase in your life feng shui cures, not much happening in life and work,  creative energy, feng shui, is affected. When things are just not happening look into feng shui, how to improve creativity with feng shui.

Creative Field professional with Blocked Energy Feng Shui Tips for Advertising and Artist Architects Professionals need fresh ideas at work follow these feng ship tips. Even after following feng shui sometimes after a few years the energy starts becoming boring and the same artwork that you loved and that gave  you great energy starts looking dull, then is the time for reshifting objects and artworks.
Those who are in creative fields like advertising, making movies, artists, architects and many individuals who are in creative fields and whose jobs require them to come up with unique ideas and concepts benefit immensely from activating  the feng shui creativity corner of your home, studio, work space and office.
Professionals from creative fields can benefit immensely by following certain feng shui tips . the creativity corner according to feng shui falls in the west sector area. The corresponding elements here is metal. When the space starts becoming quiet you need to add some action. Refurbish , color, change, shift, even the simple act of rearranging the furniture can brings loads of positive energy.
The feng shui shape that is lucky is circle that represents round coins, money. Here hanging a wind chime helps if you can as the movement of fresh energy makes the chime move so also the stagnant energy is pushed aside welcoming new fresh energy in this area. Then there are photographs,  sculptures and images of successful people from your field who have received recognition and awards.
One of my feng shui healing Painting on oil sketch paper
You can also display your medals, awards and past success certificates in the west for  more creative energy and motivation to work better.
Always keep the space fresh and clean with colorful photos or motivational inspirational artworks here. As in creative fields like advertising, artists and professional movie makers their camera is the most important tool, some good tools that help in the results. Example a movie maker a great camera, lights, lenses , an artist needs good quality brushes and paints canvasses and papers, and advertising professional may look into successful ad campaigns and great impact advertisements , all these required tools and symbols of success can be displayed in the west sector.
If the area falls in a corner or angle or has pillar apply some simple feng shui cures to deflect this energy. Lighting the space helps a lot to attract beneficial chi here. Hanging feng shui symbolic  art helps to improve energy and attract good feng shui energy here. The feng shui energy for creativity can be activated with colors, shapes, images, artworks,  lights and crystals.
Add something new, or rearrange and keep the energy power in your space on!
All the Best from Rizwana!