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Monday, December 8, 2014

How to use Chinese Goodluck Coins to attract Wealth and Money with Feng Shui Shake the Money Tree

How to use Chinese Goodluck Coins to attract Wealth and Money with Feng Shui, feng shui number of coins symbolism, using feng shui coins tips to attract wealth. Money tree a strong feng shui symbol cure to attract wealth and prosperity. Shaking the money tree,regularly is symbolic of money falling over!
This important feng shui wealth cure there are  still many queries regarding how many coins and where and how to use these feng shui coins to attract wealth.
Never put one feng shui gold coin . Never ever, money never likes to be alone and will not increase.
Three gold coins Chinese preferably tied in red ribbon symbolize that money, wealth is already here. Money has arrived here.
Place them anywhere around your home, in files, near computers if this is your business. Near four corners of your home. Prosperity corner, as this gives the mind a message of abundance and thus attracts wealth energy into your life.
Two Turquoise Pots of Orange trees

Feng Shui Money bag

Feng Shui Wealth

With cash registers, box of incoming money, purse, below the door mat, even with clients files and fax or telephone tables. You can also hang these "inside" the door knob , preferably hidden, with red ribbons!
Coins placement tips for fast results 
right number of coins
The money tree is a very powerful wealth cure in feng shui and we see these feng shui miniature model  trees that have coins, tied to the branches. Feng shui consultants advise to shake this tree symbolically to attract more money luck.
The best placement suggestion for wealth money tree is south east or east or prosperity corner of your home.
Why shake the money tree?
 people are advised by feng shui consultants  to shake the tree mildly when leaving for work or business assignments or important deals. The energy you put in the money tree, by shaking it, it sends a message to your brain, and as I say what you think you attract , so the energy is multiplied manifolds and as you every day follow the same ritual this unconsciously sends message to your brain to act upon this wish.
Make your money tree at home, select a dried thick branch that has many tiny branches. Paint it and tie gold coins, your money wealth feng shui tree is ready! How to make your own money tree at home tutorial.
It is advisable to follow the practice regularly to see changes in wealth. And always keep the wealth sector clean and purified from negative energy.
Make your own feng shui wealth tree at home

Always remember there is no replacement to hard sincere effort, for everything else there is feng shui!
Gemstone Luck

All the Best from Rizwana!


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