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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Feng Shui Turtle How to select Turtle and Where to place Turtle Best material for Turtle in Feng Shui

Feng Shui Family Turtle
Which is the best material for feng shui turtles, where to place turtles for best results, as  turtles are one of the most beneficial feng shui cures and also effective placement tips for turtles always help to get good results.
In feng shui turtles are used to attract luck in many ways. the golden silver colored metal turtle very often seen in shops and showrooms is the best feng shui cure for attracting good business and money wealth luck. Placed near the entrance facing the door attracts good luck and prosperity. Feng shui masters advice  never face turtles facing inwards as they are considered to be slow , so this may lead to slowing in incoming wealth. As you place  the feng shui turtle face outwards they help to reduce feng shui expenses, that is slows expenses in other terms helps to save money and thus increase wealth.
Ceramic turtles are also very attractive and can be placed in north for career luck. On the body they have  Metal turtles are believed to increase life as turtles live for many years. Also believed to improve insight and intuition energy as they are slow and intelligent creatures, which is very essential for running any business successfully with lots of profits.
The hexagon shapes back is very auspicious as this shape represents the feng shui ba gua shape, eight sided best shape for attracting good luck and prosperity.
According to feng shui masters it is advisable to place turtles in a plate or bowl of water for best feng shui energy, as turtles live in water.  Nowadays we see feng shui cures turtles as crystal turtles, rose quartz turtles, jade stone green turtles and wood turtles along with metal turtles and ceramic ones.
Family turtle brings in family luck for the home owner and they can fulfill their responsibility towards their family in great manner. Representing two small turtles on the back of a large turtle is of great feng shui family luck. There are also available feng shui  turtles that have many small turtles on the back of a single big turtle.
All the Best from Rizwana!
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Turtle of Wealth painting

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Where to place water feature and Which Direction for Feng Shui Good luck Wealth

best place for water features in feng shui career wealth luck
Best place  to put water fountain water feature in feng shui is the north section as water represents wealth and money. Any water feature to be place din home or office has to have dominating elements as metal, may be bamboo (wood), stones , colored for energy,  along with water  to have a good feng shui energy. 
where to place water feature feng shui wealth
Usually many people buy fountains, water features and then are at thoughts whether they have placed it right or not. While buying any water feature consider the size of the area it has to be placed. In gardens near entrances, back sides or centre hall in offices. This will help to decide  what type of water feature you need. A trickling slow type for the living room where you need to relax at the end of the day, a energy gushing water fall in the garden, a central fountain in the main large hall of the office , the flow of water is the deciding factor in any water feature.
right direction to place water fountain feng shui
Feng shui right direction to place water feature- Best place in feng shui as water element , water represents metal element, the north is best to attract good wealth, business opportunities and money luck.
Symbolizing money coming inwards is a great feng shui tool to attract money luck into your life. Never place any water feature where the water flows in opposite direction to your main door or home. As this represents money going out, and we don't want losses in finances and attracting extra more expenditures your way!
Place the water feature near entrance is also beneficial provided the water flows inwards. Take care to see  that the water feature is not our home, placed in bedroom or south , fame area of your home, the fire element will be harmed seriously by water feature, resulting in bad energy, feng shui bad name and loss of reputation and clients.
Select the right size of water feature, always keep in in working condition, that is replace any parts not working, keep it clean and functional for best results.
Use this feng shui simple cure to maximum benefit and attract money into your life.
Always remember there is no replacement to hard sincere effort, for everything else there is feng shui.
All the Best!
Rizwana Mundewadi's Healing Art

Wealth Prosperity Feng Shui Plant Orange Plant Attract Feng Shui Wealth

Orange Plant Feng Shui wealth Money Luck
 Orange plants have been an very important Feng shui symbol of good luck and prosperity. Oranges, the sweet, citrus fruits, with bright orange colored skin peel also taste tangy and great and also have immense health benefits as they are a great dose nutrients and Vitamin C.
With orange plants growing in almost many homes this plant has become a strong symbol of good luck and wealth.
Feng shui plants like the lucky bamboo always rock but orange plants  also   enjoy a premium place among feng shui plants for good luck and wealth.
Prosperity Plant Feng Shui Wealth Money Luck
Orange plants grown in containers loaded  with many fruits  symbolize wealth and money, and the more healthy the plant the better feng shui wealth luck to you and  your family.
So  while our orange plant is loaded with juicy healthy fruits, you may grow a orange plant , remember to get a healthy plant, and keep in a place w here it can receive sunlight and does get fruits.
Dried plants, sick plants and infected plants will only attract negative energy.
Grow this orange plant in south or south east section , best place for   money wealth luck. Also can be grown in career section as career boost and attracting good business and wealth.
Always remember there is no replacement to hard sincere effort, for everything else there is feng shui. just about anything, we have a feng shui simple cure!
All the Best!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Feng Shui For Career Development a great guiding tips Online College Finder

Feng shui for career and selecting the right college helps to make your life goals easier to reach and achieve success in life and prosperity. With every facility online feng shui places more importance on ease and getting the right information online instead  of wasting precious resources in money and time and personal chi, energy.
A great online college finder will help you to select the appropriate college according to your qualifications and budget.  A great way to first find out what you want to do?   select an appropriate field by getting advice by advisers  in top educational fields. This one step in beginning will affect your decisions later on and also in your higher education and career. Which in turn will proportionately affect your finances and your family relationships and success in life.
For success  in jobs also you can learn and get every piece of guidance and its for preparing for the job, interviews, preparing for entrance exams and so on.
Be specific in the field of education you wish to select, joining health care, teaching, advertising, art, interior designing, law, medicine, communications and the many new fields that can help  you to earn a good decent pay package.
Getting scholarships and educational loans will also help you to reduce the burden of finances and fees arrangements, while you select the best field  to study. The online college finder also guides you to avail educational loans and other financial arrangements.
Get Right International Educational Opportunities
You can also get online degrees in various states right from where you stay. Right from Alabama, Florida, New Jersey, New   Mexico, Ohio, Montana,to Virginia, Texas and Hawaii you can get an easy guide in this online college finder website. So much information and also in very easy understanding language with online help in form of advisors who can be contacted by email and instant chats, blogs and face book , twitter.

Feng shui and career a very important part of each individuals life, selecting the right college education, the best educational qualification, and the best job or business will on the whole affect your life as well as affect your relationships and happiness of your family and around.
So while we search online  for educational options, it is also good to have a small rocks or educational pyramid in the self realisation , education, area north east, north west for helpful mentors and friends and a crystal in the north  that brings opportunities your way.
Career Options

Career Fields in Aviation

Always remember there is no replacement for hard sincere effort, for everything else there is feng shui.
All the Best!