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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Wealth Prosperity Feng Shui Plant Orange Plant Attract Feng Shui Wealth

Orange Plant Feng Shui wealth Money Luck
 Orange plants have been an very important Feng shui symbol of good luck and prosperity. Oranges, the sweet, citrus fruits, with bright orange colored skin peel also taste tangy and great and also have immense health benefits as they are a great dose nutrients and Vitamin C.
With orange plants growing in almost many homes this plant has become a strong symbol of good luck and wealth.
Feng shui plants like the lucky bamboo always rock but orange plants  also   enjoy a premium place among feng shui plants for good luck and wealth.
Prosperity Plant Feng Shui Wealth Money Luck
Orange plants grown in containers loaded  with many fruits  symbolize wealth and money, and the more healthy the plant the better feng shui wealth luck to you and  your family.
So  while our orange plant is loaded with juicy healthy fruits, you may grow a orange plant , remember to get a healthy plant, and keep in a place w here it can receive sunlight and does get fruits.
Dried plants, sick plants and infected plants will only attract negative energy.
Grow this orange plant in south or south east section , best place for   money wealth luck. Also can be grown in career section as career boost and attracting good business and wealth.
Always remember there is no replacement to hard sincere effort, for everything else there is feng shui. just about anything, we have a feng shui simple cure!
All the Best!


  1. 1. Wow……!! Actually great businessman and high class families always consult Feng Shui experts before buying land or beginning construction on their homes or buildings. A real feng shui master carries all tips and strategy for the shaping of the life and building steps for better growth in future.

    1. Yes Neeta, a Good Feng Shui Master guides correctly and helps ease out blocks of energies to attract prosperity.


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