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Friday, February 14, 2014

Horse paintings and feng shui energy symbolism where to hang horse painting Selection tips

Horse year coming up and with strong feng shui energy associated with horse painting many are going in for horse paintings and artefacts. Feng shui energy associated with horses is a strong yang energy and always brings in loads of energy, especially galloping horses paintings.
Kala Ghoda Art festival just went by successfully and as the symbolic horse festival of arts coinciding with the Chinese year of the horse there were many artworks and just about any thing , even the road toys, that could have an image had horses.
Kala Ghoda Art Festival Rizwana
Feng shui symbolism of horse paintings and artefacts sculptures- Horses symbolize strong energy. Galloping horses artworks are great to boost energy into your home and office for attracting good luck wealth and prosperity. Why horses? Horses have been used since ages by kings royals and soldiers who were strong and horses gallop fast with strong energy. The horse shoe has been an auspicious symbol since ages and hoofs of old horses still can be seen at doorsteps in traditional homes, to attract good luck and for protection.
In business, horse races,  it is often said that put money on the black, dark horse. Also a symbolic name for the best individual who will go a long way working towards success.
Another aspect for the horse ruling is that horses are focused wit the side part covered with leather cape as they cannot see sideways, they will barge forward with total focus. Belief was that when the male horse sees another female it gets agitated, as share those who have horses, and thus keeping them in focus.
This is one of the reasons why horse paintings are taking centre stage today. To boost business, pick up sales and increase wealth, good luck.
Choosing the right horse painting and horse artifact-
1) Never select half shapes , as this symbolizes incomplete energy, which will in some way affect your life.
2) Angry, sad, confused (horses running haywire) horses against each other, are not good symbols to view daily. They may create clash among the strongest partners and family. Happy galloping horse bring about positive energy to move forward.
3) Horse are often found in great shades of black brown and white naturally. Reds, greens, blues are not for horses so finding a black horse artworks is great for money wealth luck.
4) Lonely horse moving in dried fields, yes many times we see such artworks, and they have the horse too but not a good choice for good luck. Such artworks when viewed will bring about an emotional response of confusion and feeling lost in the world. Not good for a business head.
5) Hanging horse paintings is very very important. Never hang horse paintings in bedroom, this energy will upset the serene environment required for relaxation, which is the main feng shui purpose of the bedroom.
6) Hanging horse paintings near the door is good but the galloping horses must be facing inwards. As if they face outwards they are flying with great speed outside, thus symbolizing energy from your home (wealth) going outside.
7) Buy an horse painting of artifacts only if you like horses , as they symbolize strong energy and though, horse symbolize strong wealth and good luck energy, this is not for everyone. After a few days the energy of the space may change to restlessness, irritability and create arguments. You need to be able to handle the horse energy, and if you are the quite type, focused on work maybe some other feng shui cure symbol can work better for you to attract good luck.
Always remember there is no replacement to hard sincere effort, for everything else there is feng shui!
Take Care and All the Best!
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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Designer Shoe Racks and Feng Shui Where to place your designer shoe rack

Designer shoe racks are available in many designs , colros and materials and when the whole house furniture is custom made and elite even we see many designer shoe racks available in beautiful designs and sizes.
Shoe rack rules in feng shui follow the simple principle that shoes, accumulate negative energy while traveling and must not be mixed with the home energy. In olden times people used to have shoes outside of their home. in todays times we cannot keep our designer shoes lying outside. It is also not good to welcome positive energy, chi , which is often done with flowers, with shoes into our house.
Shoes though are very important for our feet that do accumulate negative energy from outside, the mud, soil, dust and dirt germs. Keep your shoes clean after every use and also if wet dry them well before keeping them in the shoe rack.
Contemporary designer shoe racks are available in many colros and designs that blend well with the interior decor of your home. It is very important that shoes not be lying outside the home, scattered and spoil the chi around the main door which is very important for prosperity and wealth. As anyone comes the first glance goes to the shoes lying scattered outside the main door creating a bad first impression.
Whichever area comes nearest to the main door you can have the shoe rack placed here. Always take care to keep the shoe rack clean and remove unused old footwear from time to time. never accumulate clutter in anyway. Sometimes also seen is that the shoe rack is overspilling, with shoes! the door cannot be easily closed and this negative energy unknowingly mixes with the home energy.
This will affect the area of your life where the furniture is displayed if it is dirty or with clutter. example if the shoe rack is placed in the house falling in the south west area and there is dirt and clutter it will affect your relationships with everyone and also affect the health of the lady of the house, as south west corresponds to feng shui energy of yin or female .
So also it is better to avoid placing shoe racks in east as this corresponds to the health area. If you have this area nearest to the main door then you can have healthy plant above the shoe rack thus helping in balancing the energy here.
Many people also place their shoe racks at the back door or outside in their back gardens so that this energy does not mix with the positive front door chi.
Never place the shoe rack, however beautiful it is, and however costly designer shoe rack you have in the center of the house, as the centre has to be kept clean and spacious corresponding to self.
You may mar the negative energy of the shoe rack by placing a lovely colorful painting above the furniture piece. A mirror is also a good way to deflect negative energy from shoe rack placed inside the home.
Contemporary shoe racks today look a piece of art and can be kept inside along with the designer furniture but maintaining simple feng shui rules for shoe rack placements. 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Feng Shui Your Wash Room Toilet for Prosperity Tips Feng shui symbols never to display in washrooms

Feng shui for wash rooms and toilet
Washrooms and toilets the areas which are often not considered while using feng shui cures for wealth and prosperity, and in fact are directly related in some way to your home finances and wealth.
Toilets in feng shui, olden Chinese people used to have simple toilets and these were situated away from home as they believed the negative energy from wastes must not mix with the positive chi of the house.
Today , the flats, we have attached washrooms and toilets as in master bedrooms, children's bedrooms and even common wash rooms for visitors and guests. With fully decorated washrooms, tiled and many people spend a fortune on making washrooms a piece of beauty as along with the interior decoration of the whole house.
Feng shui is simplicity, elegance, you need not have costly wash rooms , but having clean great smelling washrooms are a sure way to attract good health and prosperity.
After the costly affair the washrooms are then used and used without proper maintenance. Very often the taps and fixtures are installed with hidden concealed plumbing to bring out the beauty of the mosaic designs tiled bathrooms.
Dripping taps, leaky faucets, even the commode and toilet seat all affect feng shui energy of your bathroom, your home and your finances.
In feng shui masters believe that water is money. Leaking pipes, rusted pipes, choked drains all affect proportionately to your finances in life.
How often have you found yourself with tight finances, and at that time only many problems like choked drains, wash basins and even broken pipes have come up, making you think of the extra burden of expenses incurred in tight financial situations.
It is the other way round. The leaking pipes over time, choked drains have led to this energy into your life. Small drips of water, neglected drain way finances little by little which we hardly notice.
Toilet seats must always be covered after every use. Since wash rooms are attached with bedrooms and your home the negative energy emitted from this area, by the wastes, gets mixed with your  home energy and thus diluting the  positive chi.
Another aspect of wash rooms is very often we hardly pay attention to the water spilling all over the area. It is important to avoid wastage of water and keep the area clean and smelliness fresh. Now we have many air fresheners and air purifiants to make the environment smell fresh.
The commode is also never discussed and even leaking water, inside will not only stain the pot but also bring about hidden expenses gradually leaking your finances. The spray water features do add to the beauty of your washroom but do consider how much water is being  used with every use. Now we have water saver taps and nozzles available.
The water Tank above also has the same feng shui rules to be followed. Any leaks, even a tiny sprinkler will add up to bigger leaks and proportionately affect your finances. Repair all water features in time and promptly to maintain the feng shui of your wash rooms and toilets.
Keep the toilet seat closed after every use to avoid mixing of energy inside the home. keep the toilet and wash room door closed after use.
Feng shui symbols never  to display in washrooms- 
1) Do not have fire symbols of fire feng shui cures in the toilet and wash rooms. Red is a color great for kitchens and not for washrooms.Red also creates uneasiness and an energy color which may make you irritable and also affect your health.
2) Do not use extra colors, too many colors, too many lighting's fixtures here. Sufficient lighting is a must but decorating wash rooms too much is not good. Feng shui is happiness and prosperity and wash rooms here symbolize a space where we leave all negative wastes, it is better to keep it toned down and less glamorous. Go in for soft shades in tiles as this area needs passive energy.
3) Bath linen and wash room fixtures must not over take the whole area of the wash room. Clutter is no good in any space. So for a small washroom a costly shower panel will look out of place and also the water spilling all over may also spill out of the small bathrooms. Bath tubs can also be easily avoided in small bathrooms and a shower curtain used for diving areas will add more beauty and space to your feng shuid bathroom. Have fixtures in washroom proportionate to the size of your washroom.
4) Never leave washrooms doors open for full day. So also the toilet seat must not be left open for full day and closed after very use.
5) Never Have more than three washrooms in a  home. The maximum number of wash rooms the more draining in affecting finances.
6) Artworks and paintings are also hung in large washrooms today to beautify the space. Avoid raging bulls, angry raging horses, kites , eagles, vultures,and hawks, dried landscape paintings here. Choose soothing color artworks for wash rooms if you need to display art here.
When considered looses motions, a digestive stomach sickness,  are proportionate to high expenses, the more often you suffer from this sickness, look into your finances and plan them well, avoid unnecessary high expenses and see your health improve, think about this!
All the Best, Take Care!