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Friday, February 14, 2014

Horse paintings and feng shui energy symbolism where to hang horse painting Selection tips

Horse year coming up and with strong feng shui energy associated with horse painting many are going in for horse paintings and artefacts. Feng shui energy associated with horses is a strong yang energy and always brings in loads of energy, especially galloping horses paintings.
Kala Ghoda Art festival just went by successfully and as the symbolic horse festival of arts coinciding with the Chinese year of the horse there were many artworks and just about any thing , even the road toys, that could have an image had horses.
Kala Ghoda Art Festival Rizwana
Feng shui symbolism of horse paintings and artefacts sculptures- Horses symbolize strong energy. Galloping horses artworks are great to boost energy into your home and office for attracting good luck wealth and prosperity. Why horses? Horses have been used since ages by kings royals and soldiers who were strong and horses gallop fast with strong energy. The horse shoe has been an auspicious symbol since ages and hoofs of old horses still can be seen at doorsteps in traditional homes, to attract good luck and for protection.
In business, horse races,  it is often said that put money on the black, dark horse. Also a symbolic name for the best individual who will go a long way working towards success.
Another aspect for the horse ruling is that horses are focused wit the side part covered with leather cape as they cannot see sideways, they will barge forward with total focus. Belief was that when the male horse sees another female it gets agitated, as share those who have horses, and thus keeping them in focus.
This is one of the reasons why horse paintings are taking centre stage today. To boost business, pick up sales and increase wealth, good luck.
Choosing the right horse painting and horse artifact-
1) Never select half shapes , as this symbolizes incomplete energy, which will in some way affect your life.
2) Angry, sad, confused (horses running haywire) horses against each other, are not good symbols to view daily. They may create clash among the strongest partners and family. Happy galloping horse bring about positive energy to move forward.
3) Horse are often found in great shades of black brown and white naturally. Reds, greens, blues are not for horses so finding a black horse artworks is great for money wealth luck.
4) Lonely horse moving in dried fields, yes many times we see such artworks, and they have the horse too but not a good choice for good luck. Such artworks when viewed will bring about an emotional response of confusion and feeling lost in the world. Not good for a business head.
5) Hanging horse paintings is very very important. Never hang horse paintings in bedroom, this energy will upset the serene environment required for relaxation, which is the main feng shui purpose of the bedroom.
6) Hanging horse paintings near the door is good but the galloping horses must be facing inwards. As if they face outwards they are flying with great speed outside, thus symbolizing energy from your home (wealth) going outside.
7) Buy an horse painting of artifacts only if you like horses , as they symbolize strong energy and though, horse symbolize strong wealth and good luck energy, this is not for everyone. After a few days the energy of the space may change to restlessness, irritability and create arguments. You need to be able to handle the horse energy, and if you are the quite type, focused on work maybe some other feng shui cure symbol can work better for you to attract good luck.
Always remember there is no replacement to hard sincere effort, for everything else there is feng shui!
Take Care and All the Best!
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