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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Designer Shoe Racks and Feng Shui Where to place your designer shoe rack

Designer shoe racks are available in many designs , colros and materials and when the whole house furniture is custom made and elite even we see many designer shoe racks available in beautiful designs and sizes.
Shoe rack rules in feng shui follow the simple principle that shoes, accumulate negative energy while traveling and must not be mixed with the home energy. In olden times people used to have shoes outside of their home. in todays times we cannot keep our designer shoes lying outside. It is also not good to welcome positive energy, chi , which is often done with flowers, with shoes into our house.
Shoes though are very important for our feet that do accumulate negative energy from outside, the mud, soil, dust and dirt germs. Keep your shoes clean after every use and also if wet dry them well before keeping them in the shoe rack.
Contemporary designer shoe racks are available in many colros and designs that blend well with the interior decor of your home. It is very important that shoes not be lying outside the home, scattered and spoil the chi around the main door which is very important for prosperity and wealth. As anyone comes the first glance goes to the shoes lying scattered outside the main door creating a bad first impression.
Whichever area comes nearest to the main door you can have the shoe rack placed here. Always take care to keep the shoe rack clean and remove unused old footwear from time to time. never accumulate clutter in anyway. Sometimes also seen is that the shoe rack is overspilling, with shoes! the door cannot be easily closed and this negative energy unknowingly mixes with the home energy.
This will affect the area of your life where the furniture is displayed if it is dirty or with clutter. example if the shoe rack is placed in the house falling in the south west area and there is dirt and clutter it will affect your relationships with everyone and also affect the health of the lady of the house, as south west corresponds to feng shui energy of yin or female .
So also it is better to avoid placing shoe racks in east as this corresponds to the health area. If you have this area nearest to the main door then you can have healthy plant above the shoe rack thus helping in balancing the energy here.
Many people also place their shoe racks at the back door or outside in their back gardens so that this energy does not mix with the positive front door chi.
Never place the shoe rack, however beautiful it is, and however costly designer shoe rack you have in the center of the house, as the centre has to be kept clean and spacious corresponding to self.
You may mar the negative energy of the shoe rack by placing a lovely colorful painting above the furniture piece. A mirror is also a good way to deflect negative energy from shoe rack placed inside the home.
Contemporary shoe racks today look a piece of art and can be kept inside along with the designer furniture but maintaining simple feng shui rules for shoe rack placements. 

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