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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Simple Understanding of the Eight Auspicious Tibetan Symbols in Buddhism - by Rizwana Mundewadi

Simple understanding of the Eight Auspicious Tibetan Symbols in Buddhism

The tantrik culture and Buddhism is prevalent in Tibet and China. Since ancient times the monks used to write scriptures on flags and tie it above the mountains or huts. They believed that the wind when blowing would take these symbols to many other places of the world and bring about peace and enlightenment everywhere. The five elements theory of balancing all the five elements when living,that is fire, wood, earth , water and metal , what we know today as the principles in feng shui existed even before we came to know about this. The basic principle behind this is living in harmony  with nature. peaceful existence with nature not harmign any element in way for progress.
There are eight auspicious symbols of Tibetan Buddhism which were traditionally offered to teachers to transmit them to students and in healing rituals.Each symbol represents one of Buddha's teachings and when used all together their power is multiplied many folds. With these symbols appearing in most of my healing paintings along with Reiki symbols and Chinese Calligraphy I would like to give an simple explaination of these eight auspicious symbols.
1) Parasol- The Umbrella, symbolises royalty and spiritual power, protection from negative energies.
2) Gold Fishes, represent fertility and good fortune.Two fishes help to swim through the ocean of life problems smoothly.
3) Treasure Vase, a vase of inexhaustible treasures, spiritual and material abundance,   satisfaction from all material desires.
4) Lotus, denotes mental and spiritual purity and peace. The growing of lotus in muddied water symbolises the mind and soul growing from disturbances towards enlightenment.  
5)  Conch Shell represents the call for Buddha teachings, the symbol of enlightenment.
6) Endless knot having twined knots that are inter linked together also termed as  mystic knot as the beginning and end of the knot is not visible.
7) Victory Banner depicts victory of truth, peace and harmony over evil forces. Used to bring about victory in career, wealth and health and in fact all areas of life.
8) Wheel, representing the never ending cycle of life learning, its movement in circular direction, never ending indicates spiritual growth and learning of Buddha principles and bringing about spiritual change.
The eight lucky symbols often termed as Ashtamangala are the most powerful symbols used to bring about harmony, luck peace and enlightenment. The qualities of Buddha are represented by these eight auspicious symbols.
In some places the eight auspicious symbols are also depicted as symbol bearing Goddesses holding each symbol termed as Tashi-Lhamo Gyal in Tibet an culture, The Ashtamangala Devi in sanskrit. Each Goddess is seen holding a symbol and is decked with jewels and ornaments.

My latest painting has a form of green figure, is I think the Green Tara a Goddess in female form which I will write about later on. Paintings come first and later on the explainations...
All the Best!  

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How to make at Home Feng Shui Money Tree a Sure Wealth Cure

Money is one aspect of your life which every individual desires and as all our life needs require money we all need to activate our money and wealth luck. There are many feng shui cures and tips to activate your money and wealth luck but the easiest and simplest is the money tree.
The money tree means that the tree has money growing on it. Now we all know money does not grow on trees but it is symbolic gesture and has been an effective feng shui cure for many. The feng shui cure of money tree has given very good results to activate your wealth and money luck and see the money rolling into your life.
Instead of going out and buying a money tree which may not fit into your decor you can make a simple money tree in your house and which will be more effective than the ready made money tree. You need a tree branch of a real tree, wood is a Great element to activate money luck. The tree having many branches is good. Paint this according to the element be it red, black or brown or even shiny metallic colour to give it good finishing and appearance according to your home decor. If this is not available you can also use metal wire to make your money tree. Even metal is a good element and can active your wealth area south east.
How to make feng shui money tree at home
Use Chinese feng shui good luck coins or any metal coins of your chosen currency. Remember the coins must indicate wealth and shiny coins are best. Tie the coins on the branches of your tree in any pattern of numbers , even your lucky feng shui number for prosperity. You can activate chi by tying the coins with red shiny ribbons and use the mystic knot that is a lucky auspicious symbol. You can also buy readymade Chinese good luck coins that are already tied with red ribbons.
Purify the place where you will put the money tree by burning incense and then place your personalised money tree here. Do make clear intentions of increasing wealth and activating your money luck while using this feng shui cure. You can also use paper notes or currency that you are comfortable with, but remember the money used must symbolise wealth and richness. Avoid using rusty antique coins is also good but coins that have low money value or indicate less wealth must not be used in money tree as the value of attracting however much money of less value will give you less total money. 
All the Best!  

For buying any of my healing symbolic feng shui paintings for protection from negative energies, good luck, wealth, fame, happiness, focus, prosperity, health, karmic healing or getting one made according to your budget and size of painting customized  please visit my website Rizwana Mundewadi's Healing Art. Thank You!

Meaning and Significance of Education Tower in Feng Shui

The education tower shaped in structure of pagoda is a very effective education luck feng shui cure. When we see architectural structures the different and eye catching  Chinese and Tibetans structures in form of pagoda and the beautiful temples are unique. The symbol of pagoda and its shape is unique and a very powerful shape for inviting heaven and earth luck. In feng shui this same principle is used to attract education and self goal luck.
Jade Tower of Education Luck 
The tiers and the shape of the pagoda are unique and represent different aspects of life. You can use the education tower for health by placing it in the east, for new career opportunities in the north and for minatory luck and helpful friends in the north west. The education tower has multiple uses as feng shui cures and not only for education luck. If your child suffers form poor grades and has difficulty in performing simple educational tasks you can place the education tower in your child’s study room on their table. If he lacks confidence and is being bullied by everyone put the tower in a place behind his chair and see him gain confidence and stability. Also activate the south west to improve all relationships and the north west to invite helpful friends in his life, you will see his grades improve and friends and teachers who will be happy to help and encourage him.
The five tier education tower represents the five elements in nature and are the base in feng shui. This is the best shape and universally accepted feng shui cure. The seven tier represents Buddhist auspicious symbols for good luck and prosperity along with enlightenment and healing. Nine tier is a symbol of completion, whole representing the entire universe.   It indicates power, position, stability, confidence and helps remove insecure feelings from your child’s mind.
If your child lacks clarity and is unable to concentrate on studies try self talk and confidence talk by making your child repeat positive affirmations. Place the education tower with positive intentions .This sends a message to the universe that you want to invite education luck into your child’s life. You may use the tower as any feng shui cure but remember to make clear cut intentions of what that you wish to gain from using this cure. Always remember there is no replacement for hard sincere effort, for everything else there is Feng Shuii!  
All the Best from Rizwana! All content and Paintings Photos displayed are my original. Do not copy for fear of karma! It is sad I have read the same post on other sites with different author names,they don't know, karma never loses address,  Karma soon catches up! 

Education Luck Tower Pagoda and Education Luck Feng Shui Cure

In the Chinese history most of the structures are made in form of pagodas. The layers of each pagoda signifies growth and upper energy. Hence most of the structure seen in China and Tibet and even the temples have the shape of tower, growing from a wide base to a narrowing above the top. The point above indicates focus of energy leading to connection to heaven. The education tower is one of the most effective feng shui cures for education luck.
There are many pagodas or education towers available as feng shui cures. The towers may be of three tier, five ,seven or nine tier towers. The education tower indicates strength, stability and luck leading to focussed energy for anyone who places it as an feng shui cure. Pagodas will convert disturbed minds and restless minds into focussed one. The children finding difficulty in concentrating or suffering form poor school grades regularly will surely benefit from using this cure . Placement of pagoda or education tower is done in the most important area for activating education luck, the north east section of your living room or study room , or children’s room.
The Educational luck tower modern healing Painting

Education towers are made up of different materials and you can also choose it according to your personal element to activate your personal luck along with education luck. Crystal education towers for increasing chi around, Jade tower pagodas for increasing wealth and prosperity luck, onyx towers for good luck , rose quartz towers for also activating personal love and compassion and bringing about peaceful minds, Metal towers for strength to your career corner as well as wooden towers of also activating your health and prosperity luck along with education luck. Try to avoid using plastic material education towers as they are artificial man made materials and not from nature.
The best education towers and most effective feng shui cures for education luck are the jade or the metal towers and having seven or nine tiers in the design of pagoda.
Improve grades, improve concentration, improve focus and perseverance for achieving high standards in education as well as making children well disciplined and organised are some of the qualities you can expect by using this powerful education luck feng shui cure. This feng shui cure of education tower or pagoda can also be used when children or individuals are not able to select the right career or job. This brings clarity in thoughts and as the tower is an connection between the heaven and the earth it leads to mental clarity and defined life goals.
All the Best!  

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Feng Shui Tips for Vehicle, Two Wheeler and Car

Feng shui simple tips for vehicles, car , two wheelers helps  to maintain harmony and also attract wealth into your lives.
 Feng shui is a science of balance of the five elements and even though literally it means wind and water, feng shui is being practised in all aspects of li9fe be it your home, office, pet , plants and even you car! Feng shuing your car or vehicle will ensure that your vehicle does not give you many problems and runs smoothly with less petrol consumption and will minimise problems of break down and start up. . Use feng shui tips for your car but do try to follow the principles of saving petrol by switching off your engine during signals.
Your car, bike or motor cycle like your home is a very important part of your life. Be it a two wheeler or a four wheeler the vehicle ensures that your each your destination on time and in good spirits. Usual problems coming up are breakdowns, more petrol consumption than other same make vehicles, breaking up of parts, start up problems etc. The same principles that work for your home or office will be considered in feng shuing your vehicle or car.
The most important place in the car, the drivers seat must be comfortable, well balanced and with perfect conditions. The steering wheel and gas meters must all be in good condition. Do give a thorough cleaning and check up regularly to maintain your car in good condition. A small leak is also considerate bad feng shui of your car and may lead to loss of finances and wealth. Keep the car windows glass clean and dust free as windows are the eyes of your car. The handles must be greased and open well without creaking sounds. Regular servicing will help to maintain good chi in your vehicle.
It is  advisable to consider your personal element while being in the driver seat. You can enhance this by hanging a small crystal or moving object that will balance the car feng shui. The fancy object can be a crystal , a hanging of beads, wooden beads or even colourful threads that will activate your personal luck element. Another good feng shui tip is to have a seat of wooden beads that will help you to activate good health luck and also keep the drivers seat well aerated. This will also increase your confidence and stability in your life by activating the stability of wood element as the car has strength of metal. The music system must also be in good condition and it is also good to play some music, if you are comfortable while driving or when the vehicle is stationary to activate the chi inside the car.
Finally do consider parking space and position according to feng shui. Never park your car or have any car parked right in front of your main door entrance facing inwards. This creates negative energy and a shar for the inmates of the house. Park the vehicle side ways facing the road and not your main door. Also when you have other people sitting or taking a lift in your car do purify it from the negative energy that they bring along by burning incense and purifying and activating the chi around.
A well feng shuid car will make the drive pleasant and the journey smooth.
All the Best from Rizwana!  

Thank You!
 Sernya Two Golden Fishes Vase Painting

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