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Monday, January 26, 2015

Choosing feng shui color crystals guide Feng Shui Simple Cures for Poison arrows meaning Best Use of Crystals and Placement in Feng Shui

Light in any form is healing except for strong colorful lights, but this too in some cases of  negative energy help and heal.Crystals , good quality ones have cuts and finishes that reflect light beautifully when exposed to sunlight. Crystals are available in many colors and the most loved and sought after are pink, white/opaque or transparent and emerald green.
Poison arrows, often you hear this term from a feng shui master, and a poison arrow simply means a object, thing, color or light or wind that is not in sync  with your environment. A simple wooden plant or a tree in front of your entrance or an over grown branch peeping into your window becomes shar energy, a poison arrow that takes your energy each and every time you see, or pass by it.
So while it is best to trim such branches and for large trees it is not possible to remove. Thus however beautiful the space is this single aspects can create poison arrows that are directed towards you, affecting your health, peace of mind and prosperity.
Poison arrows in feng shui can also be from next door neighbors, strong lights, tall plants or some garbage and dumped old items that may be affecting your peace of mind. Then there are drain pipes, wiring and many more such things that are simple but may affect your mind and thus drain energy and your personal chi, this is termed as a poison arrow in feng shui.
Crystals in feng shui have a very important role as feng shui cures.  Reflecting light crystals are available in many colors. As in Reiki healing we have seven colors representing the energy of the seven chakras we can use crystals effectively to dissolve negative energy and poison arrows pointed towards you.
Poison Arrows meaning and Feng Shui Simple Cures Best Use of Crystals in Feng Shui

Pyramid shapes are great as they have a pointed tip that is the best , facing upwards representing direct connection with heaven luck energy, pointing towards the sky. White crystals, transparent are best as they actually have all the colors of the rainbow in best frequency making it appear white.
Green the color of heart chakra, and a green pyramid or healing prism can be placed in east sector to enhance wealth and health. Pink crystals also heals the heart and also a very very good feng shui cure to heal relationships. Best to hang pink crystals in pairs in south west, really effective in healing relationships  among couple and married people and also activating marital luck for singles.
A Dark blue crystal is best placed in north or north west to activate career, wealth, travel and job luck. Activating clear vision, good for business people, and top management professionals,  and focus in life.
Gemstones and crystals as feng shui cures

Green Crystals in feng shui 

Transparent  Good Quality Crystals in feng shui for healing

Pink crystals for feng shui ba gua  relationship corner
Purple crystals are great for enhancing wealth luck and are best in prosperity sector of your home or south east. Activating the crown chakra and spiritual growth.
We also have red, orange and yellow crystals that are best in south, south east and center of your space,
Always keep your crystals clean and sparkling  shiny, and do not allow them to chip or break, broken crystals are not considered good in feng shui.
God Bless and Have a Great Day from Rizwana!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Closed Doors in Your House and Feng Shui Tips for Feng Shuing Closed Doors Chinese New Year 2015 Wood Sheep Goat Symbolism

Closed doors, have very important feng shui symbolism. Ending up with losses in business, poor health, tussles in relationships, maybe even ending with serious consequences, to major life problems, closed doors in your house have very powerful shar energy coming towards you.
Some thoughts on feng shui energy and symbolism of this beautiful year 2015. The year of home, family and roots is 2015, the Chinese New Year. It seems sheeps love a secure cozy home so the focus this year goes on decorations and making your home decor good. Sheep loves beauty and surrounded by art and all things beautiful. Clear clutter , sheep does not like dirty and clutter and this will bring confusion and sadness in your life.
The left hand side of your home, prosperity corner can be decorated well with attractive colorful art. One of the important things to remember is that sheeps love paper, they eat paper, so the energy maybe some what of over spending this year, beware of your finances.
Every house has a main door , the mouth of your house from where positive energy comes in. The nourishment of your life, home comes from chi moving happily from the main door reaching each and every corner of your home. Many homes also have a back door, a garage door, an attic door and sometimes a kitchen door that may be outside the main home .
Opportunities Oil on Canvas by Rizwana A.Mundewadi Year 2000

Large homes and less members usually are faced with this issue of having doors locked permanently or most of the times as all rooms are not in regular use. Then also some people buy houses that are divided into two and thus have a wall in between or a door coming in between that has to be locked.
Some consequences of closed doors in your home and how you can feng shui the space.
1) closed doors in fame area will block life energy, affect health and also attract bad name in business , academic and job.
2) closed door north sector affects wealth, business and career luck, loss of opportunities, hindrances in  promotions and offers.
3) East sector affects relationships badly, broken families, no affection from elders, wealth also suffers.
Each and very sector of your home has and is corresponding to some life energy. If this area has a closed door or a door which is not in use regularly you can activate this with colors, objects and feng shui cures.
Closed Door feng Shui Symbolism
1) use feng shui colors effectively to cover the door. Mostly neglected and broken doors are very bad, if you can incorporate color and style then the same doors can benefit with some energy.
2) use wall art on the door to attract beneficial feng shui and fill up the  lack of energy.
3) If the door is open but just not used frequently you can once in few weeks or months open the door , clean the room and burn incense to purify the space, thus activating the energy here.
These are few tips shared here and there are many simple feng shui cures and ways to bring in feng shui into your home and dissolve the shar energy coming into your home from closed doors.
Always remember there is no replacement to hard sincere effort, for everything else there is feng shui!
All the Best from Rizwana!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Welcome New 2015 with Fresh Flower Bouquets, 9 Important Feng Shui tips for Gifted flower bouquets displayed at home and office

Thank you my Feng Shui- Simple Cures Blog readers, by feng shui art lovers, my fan followers, and my healing art buyers, Heartfull Thanks to each and every one of you, out there who have loved my blog, supported my art and continue in doing so!God Bless and all the Best from Rizwana!
Welcome 2015! am back refreshed from Back Waters, Kerala, awesum place, God's Own Country!healing the water element and a great feng shui place with strong positive chi energy.
the best gift we receive and give and that has universal appeal are fresh flower bouquets. Flowers rule our hearts and soul and as they connect and bring happiness and positive chi around , what do we do when we receive  a lot of them. With every function , occasion and celebration we are gifted lots of lower bouquets, its  a special language of wishing simply to anyone of any age.
After the celebrations I am writing this post on feng shui flower bouquets, especially for all of you who really have a lot of flower bouquets and have stocked them up decorated their living rooms, bedrooms and children rooms with these.
Visit to Back Waters, Alleppey,  Kerala

Decorated Flowers from Flower Bouquets

 1) Flower bouquets when fresh are beautiful and fragrant, but take care if there are some family members allergic to this. Pets and small children need care. So if this is the case then the feng shui of your environment goes haywire. You can minimize the fresh flower arrangements and give out some of the bouquets among friends, neighbours,  or relatives.
2) Displaying fresh flower bouquets in living room is alright as long as the flowers are fresh. Dead flowers must immediately be removed as they represent feng shui dead chi, energy. Changing the water in your flower pots or the flower bouquet containers helps to keep the flowers fresh for longer time , even a week.
Gifted Flower Bouquet Flowers on display feng shui tips
3) Bedrooms decorated with gifted flower bouquets must be avoided as they will continue to emit the emotions and energy of the giver. Also it may not be comfortable for both the partners, as they may not both love the same type of flowers, thus affecting your peace, sleep and bedroom feng shui.
4) It is advisable to open the gifted flower bouquets and select good quality flowers and arrange it in your own vase or pots as compared to stacking the bouquets every where. Here in a simple way you add up your personal chi , thus surrounding your family with happiness. Anthuriums last for a month if cared for and roses can for more than a week. Chrysanthemums begin to start drying from outer layers as each petal begins to fall you can remove the dried parts and let the flower remain in water, this way they last longer.
5) Children's room can be decorated with some fresh flowers keeping in mind the age and health of your child, as many times young ones may accidentally get hurt from the large flower vases, or  end up eating the flowers when no one is looking!
6) You can follow feng shui principles and activate certain areas with these beautiful fresh flower bouquets. Centre with yellow or cream flowers will attract peace.  How about some vibrant red orange roses in the fame area, and some peach colored blooms in the south west to activate relationships and attract happiness among family.
7) Use the feng shui numerology principles to attract luck with flowers. Two for south west, eight for your prosperity area, nine for wealth.
Exotic Red Anthuriums
8) One important principle in feng shui, avoid dead energy. Stagnant, blocked energy creates a lot of shar energy in your space , as the flowers rot, all positive chi will be converted into a negative poison arrow, keep a check and remove them immediately after they begin to droop. The same effect they will have on your emotions and health.
9) The flower bouquets remains can be recycled, they act as wonderful mulch for your flowering plants and will add as a bonus feed for them, Happily add this and see how your positive feng shui energy is transferred and they give out lovely blooms!
Gifting fresh flower bouquets online is very easy from many online flower delivery websites and one can be delivered at your doorstep at any time and any occasion. So if you have this year received a lot of fresh flower bouquets and have decorated your home, check out these simple feng shui tips and rearrange, relocate, and realign them and use the feng shui energy for your benefit.
All the Best from Rizwana, Have a Great 2015!