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Monday, May 1, 2017

Do not buy Ba Gua with incomplete Lines! Deep Understanding of Feng Shui Ba Gua Ill Effects of Incomplete Feng Shui Ba Gua

The most powerful Feng Shui luck prosperity symbol the Feng Shui ba Gua. It is not just a map or guideline for placement of furniture. It is a symbol of complete harmony, goodluck and prosperity.  Since Masters advice to understand the Ba Gua it is a deep study and not easily understood. A complex shape with its many sides the lines in Ba Gua represent life aspects. These lines actually need to be written with absolute care and clarity to bring about positive changes wherever this Ba Gua is hung. 
While the Ba Gua like any other feng shui cure has become so common that it is available as a feng shui cure along with other cures. The makers of these cheaper versions of Ba Gua hardly have the correct knowledge or symbolism of effects of the Ba Gua on your life. Just like the Ba Gua mirror that is sold with just some ornamental lines painted by some artist who is unaware of its consequences for the receivers. 
While we take a look at the Feng Shui Ba Gua,we see colors, each representing to activate and nourish the corresponding sector.
The Feng Shui Ba Gua

1) Family and Auspicious New Beginnings, base with single line with two broken lines above this, symbolizing energy force to break open two lines and bring changes. Thunder.
2) Prosperity- Two Yang over One Yin.Wind, spreads prosperity and brings luck.
3) Fame and Reputation- Two strong Yang lines and in between a Yin line. Fire- making way for fame and your path in life.
4)Relationships Marriage Sector-Most Auspicious, charged with Feminine Mother Earth Energy, three Yin lines. Symbolizing relationships, nourishment, just like a Mother.
5) Creativity and Child Luck- Two strong Yang lines below, with a single Yin on top. Water , lake, a beautiful innocent child like energy. 
6) Mentor Travel Helpful people Sector- Very strong energy, three Yang lines, representing Heaven. Very important as Heaven luck is a strong force and the Blessings are always required to see any changes in life. 
7)Career , Life Journey, Self realization sector- One strong Yang line between two Yin, representing Water. Very important for flow of wealth and opportunities.
8) Education Wisdom Knowledge Luck sector- Two Yin lines at base with a strong Yang line, representing a Mountain. Important sector for realizing life goals, and working towards that.
9) The center of the Ba Gua Map an important sector for peace and well being- The Tao symbol, Universal symbol of Yin and Yang bringing in happiness, harmony and prosperity. 
Ill effects of Wrong Ba Gua- consequences can be from disillusionment to losing focus in life to extreme cases of separation, divorce and even suicidal tendencies.  People lose will to survive, get attached to wrong people and may also lose job and begin losing wealth unknowingly. Serious cases also affects children and their health and may get worse...leading to ill health and low IQ in children. The fire energy may create havoc is wrongly written and may attract bad reputation and lost offers and opportunities. The Feng Shui Ba Gua is not an ornamental object and must be used with utmost care.

The Ba Gua is one of the most beautiful symbols of Feng Shui Prosperity. Use it for your benefit and Gift your loved ones Awesum Goodluck!
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All the Best from Rizwana!

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