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Friday, May 19, 2017

7 Practical Tips to Use Music as Feng Shui Cures

When there are frequent bickering about health and everyone seems to be low on energy then music can help to uplift the energy of your home and increase motivation and energy levels in your home and family. Music has been used to help assist in healing many illnesses and stress related problems and music can be effectively used to cure and uplift the energy of your home. 
Blue Dreams The Young Guitarist
1) Identify the energy in your home - Usually having too much yin or yang is the problem. Passive energy that is too much quiet environment will affect adversely on the energy levels of the members of your family. Too loud talking and very talkative  people also create imbalance and unrest in the family with hyper activated energy
2)  clear the clutter and energize the whole house by cleaning all furniture, windows, doors and walls. Burn a pleasant fragrant incense to clear off the negative energy or too much yin energy that has accumulated over the years. Music needs to find space to spread energy.
3) Do remember to ring the bell in corners and dark spots of your home. You can also put on your religious music or chants in your home to purify the area and clear off the negative energy, provided the sound is in limit and does not disturb your neighbors. 
4) use music regularly for seeing changes. Since the stagnated energy has accumulated over the years you must give at least three months time for improvement to be seen. Do play the feng shui music cure regularly once a week for at least three months and see the difference in energy levels of the members of your home.
5) Choose music carefully. We find a lot of varied music on You tube and a lot of healing artists and Reiki healers have put up music to listen to. there are also free soft sounds, background music and meditation music. Just select music for feng shui purposes carefully,  that music which has universal appeal to all members of your family. 
6) For Yin and for Yang keep the balance in music.  So once in a while do play loud rock,  punk rock music for the happiness of your teen children , to spread Yang energy. Go in for soft music if your family has loud conversations (arguments) , this will help ease out and soothe minds and make everyone relaxed and refreshed. 
7) Keep changing the music, one type become boring and  monotonous and after few days it may not show you the desired energy results. So you can have a few collection of favorite feng shui, relaxation , healing  music albums  and play them alternately .  
You will see happiness and good health and strong motivation to work and creativeness will increase in all fields. Feng shui your kitchen with music and it will improve the mood of the cook, your family and eating time will be a refreshing time. Living room will show more enthusiasm and guests will feel invited and energized to be in your company. This will improve your relationships with other people and within your family.

Very important practical tip! When using music as cure try to use clear sounds and not very loud music or film songs , instrumentalist film songs music, as this will focus your attention to the song and will not give the desired feng shui result.
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