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Friday, May 26, 2017

Why is Right Guidance important to choose Feng shui paintings 3 Important insights

Feng shui paintings can be used effectively by right guidance for proper placement of these paintings to act as cures. The question does arise in many minds as to how a painting can be used as a cure? As there are many objects and colours that we use in feng shui to correct the defects in our element design of our home and office or restaurant the symbols used by an feng shui artist in their paintings will do the same. 
Colourful Abundance razarts

Golden Ship of Prosperity 

Mandarin Tangerine Limited Collection

It is advisable to purchase genuine feng shui paintings from a reputed feng shui and healing artists as the intentions here are very important. I get so many emails for advice and then people share images of free downloads, posters and sale of feng shui paintings  websites,  most of them end up buying cheap posters from local shops and then wonder why things are not changing! and believe that they will act in the same manner as original artworks. 
Sharing some insights, so that it helps you understand feng shui and the power of healing art.
1) You will feel the poster of any cure or just another art print will also do, but if you feel and would like to see the change in your present scenario then it is advisable to buy a genuine healing painting from an healing artist. Not only are these feng shui cure paintings charged with positive intentions and energy they are specifically made according to your life problems and designed to act as cures. Customized healing paintings have specific symbols that would help heal the energy lack in your lives. A feng shui art consultant helps you to understand the symbolism int he artwork and chooses carefully the appropriate art according to your budget that would help heal the energy lack in your lives. 
2) Many people search the web and just like some feng shui paintings,and hit the click button for print! and then trust the Universe to bless them. Just be really careful as karma never loses address, you can search the web for free downloads and if they have images then go ahead. but if you really want to see major changes in your life, a original feng shui painting only can do this. 
What happens with free downloads, you get an embedded name or printed code or company logo which you are goign to see day in and day out, so the feng shui energy goes in uplifting the company that have produced the free images. No wonder these free image sharers are making lot of name and money! because each time you print and hang these free images you unknowingly are adding up to their energy. Seriously speaking, the horse with the big logo on them, are distracting and energy draining and yet people put up such horse art prints as feng shui cures in north for career and wealth luck! 
3) The general feng shui paintings will not have any specific energy in them and are produced by lay people who may not even know about feng shui or symbolism. Energy and intentions are most important in feng shui paintings for them to work for you. It simply means you cannot just take any pimple medicine and expect it to cure your headache problem! 
Feng shui consultants advice for proper placements of artworks for best results. They also add up important decor hints to balance the art along with your  modern decor and blend in your rooms so that you add up some original art and these artworks also act as feng shui cures to activate energies in your life.
Love your feng shui cures, they will love you back!
Always remember there is no replacement for hard sincere effort, for everything else there is Feng shui!
Thank you for coming by Feng shui Simple Cures, like, share, comment for the love of Feng Shui!
All the Best from Rizwana! 
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