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Sunday, May 7, 2017

How to choose and use a feng shui painting for best results

 Simple Feng Shui cures can be used to activate energy and heal flaws in decor.  Feng shui paintings are an easy way to cure any elemental mistakes in our structure and designing of our house . Not only can we uplift the energy of any area of your home or office but we can also attract money luck and all other feng shui sector lucks into our life. Paintings can be easily hung on your walls and as they will be as a decorative piece in your interior design they will also act as a feng shui cure for your problems.
Chestnut of Success Goodluck

Eight Gold Ignots

Red Feng Shui Money Bag

How to  use a feng shui painting for best results? Ba Gua, the same principles that we follow in feng shui. firstly divide your home or office according to the directions of east, west, north and south. The sub sections also are very important that is south east, north east, south west, north west etc. Then consider the elements in your interior. Very important to understand  the positive cycle of the elements for better results from feng shui paintings as cures. 
The east is wood, the south is fire, the north is water and the west is metal. 
Remember to hang your feng shui paintings by keeping in mind the feng shui rules of elements. Now if there is harmony and peace and all is going well you will not need any special advice but if there are serious karmic defects and you are not progressing even after taking lots of efforts in your wealth and relationships and everything is going hay wire then you will need special guidance of a feng shui master , consultant, and healing artist to make special feng shui cure paintings to help you out of  the situations blocks you are going through.
1) Choose the feng shui paintings very carefully and buy only authentic hand painted original feng shui paintings from genuine healing artists  for best results. Nowadays there are many websites selling Feng shui paintings , cheaper versions, without understanding the symbolism. be careful about the choice of colours, images and themes as simple mistakes in choosing art can make or mar the feng shui effects and blessings coming your way! I saw a website selling Feng Shui painting of a baby under water, for children's bedroom, what a shocking sight! but guess we cant do much!imagine the horror of the energy coming in the child's room by hanging such an artwork! that too on the name of feng shui wealth luck!
2) Hang the  feng shui painting in the best direction. Wrong directions are the main reason why cures don't work.
3) Always put positive intentions with the feng shui art while hanging it.
4) Never doubt the feng shui cure effects of a feng shui painting
5) Hang it in a space where you can view the feng shui cure painting for more time of the day.
6) Love your feng shui cures, they will love you back!
Always remember there is no replacement for hard sincere effort, for everything else there is Feng shui!
Thank you for coming by feng shui Simple Cures, like, share, comment for the love of Feng Shui!
All the Best from Rizwana!

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