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Saturday, May 13, 2017

7 Best Practical Tips for Visiting Cards Business Cards with Feng Shui

Your visiting cards, the first entry, the face of your business can be activated with simple feng shui rules to attract more opportunities, business, and wealth. 1) Go for standard sized business cards. People feel choosing irregular and out of shaped visiting cards will bring notice to their business but this is not so. Maybe at first glance people love unique visiting cards, but later due to finding it difficult to store and carry such visiting cards these are left in back side of drawers and most times go unnoticed.
2) Tall side and not horizontal. represents upward growth. Feng shui always prefer tall that horizontal. But here it can be your choice as each shape has its own symbolism. Tall indicate upwards growth and horizontal indicates wide spread growth so choose according to what business you are in and what intentions you have for your professional success. 
3) Logo on left side and never above your will be under the burden of your company. Keep your name free of any additions from all sides so that you get the choice to work your way.
4) avoid sharp arrows. in logo and design and words. Pointed fonts, sharp fonts and very dark fonts have their own symbolism and energy. Usually go ion for clear fonts and that too it must represent the profession you are in. A Top executive manager would be better having clear fonts name while a fashion designer and creative artist can have cursive or ornamental calligraphy name. yet in feng shui choose clear fonts so that your name, most important, has to be read clearly. 
There is no Life without colour
5) colour harmony and going together. Your card must look in harmony and words and images must not clash with each other.  
6) Most important tip, writing and company logo moving upwards direction. Slanting words are chosen by some, see that the words move in upwards direction.  
7) Best Feng Shui tip! always keep white space for additional info. clutter free card. This shows you are open to progress and opportunities.
Hope this helps! 
All the Best from Rizwana!
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All the Best from Rizwana!
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