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Monday, May 8, 2017

Tiny Tots room Feng shui Precious Practical Tips for Children's Bedroom Feng Shui

Exalted Circles  Children's Room Healing art
Your child's room, usually  we select colours and furniture that goes with the home decor and our likes. Here we hardly consider the age of child and that they have perspectives  different than ours, and our likes and choices would not necessarily be that of your young one. Hence many parents complain of children being bored, tired, dull and irritable. they cannot focus on studies and have no true friends. 
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Keep the rules of feng shui in mind and these simple tips will show you a vast difference in your little one. Colour according to their nature, furniture which is comfortable for them, toys which they like and clothes which they are comfortable in will make your children feel an important part of the family and give them the feeling of ownership of their room. 
Special feng shui tips- 
1) Hang small metal wind chimes in the North West corner to promote friendship luck. 
2) lace a globe of earth in the north east section of their room to promote education luck. 
3) every thing has its own place! In very simple terms make the children’s bedroom is comfortable for them.
4) Arrange the study table near the left side of the window and take care to see that the children’s bedroom gets fresh air and sunlight for some hours of the day. One can keep plants near the window, keeping in mind to protect your toddler from making a meal of the soil!. 
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5)Their wardrobe can be arranged in a place where they can have access independently. This will encourage them to learn the quality of selection, and choosing clothes daily will help them to learn the habit of independence.
6)Avoid fire in the room even if you wish to activate the area for fame and recognition in your child’s bedroom. One can hang pictures of red colour things or paintings or red flowers to activate this area with positive energy.

Balancing the five elements is the thumb rule of feng shui. Even in children’s bedroom, try to use furniture and objects of decor keeping this in mind. 
7)avoid any furniture, object or toy that has sharp edges. These emit negative arrows and are always harmful for your child. Over head beams must be taken care of in children’s bedroom as they may get hurt while playing. Try to keep some floor space clear for them to play freely as when their bedroom is congested there will be no place for positive chi to enter the room and your child may end up with boredom and always look dull with lack of energy. 
With small children or new born children it is very important to consider their age and their requirements before choosing any furniture or decor. Very young babies can have colourful rooms, except for yellow which is thought to bring about excitement and makes babies irritable and prone to crying. Red and orange which are bright colours also need not be in very high proportions as we want our babies to be relax and have precious sleep during sleeping hours, which these colours do not promote as they are known to increase activity and excitement. Boys rooms can be in blue or green whereas girls room can be in pink, peach, lilac or other pastel shades. Decorate the children’s bedroom with colourful pictures, toys and other sound decorations or wind chimes. Take care to avoid sharp objects, very heavy toys and furniture having sharp corners. Go along with latest ternds for childrens bedrooms but keep feng shui tips in mind. We also see fantasy themes, cartoon character themes for childrens bedrooms in latest decor. choose according to their likes and preferences of your child , and keep in mind the size, otherwise they end up scared by the large hooded batman!
For bigger children keep their play area clean and organised, I know this is next to impossible for the little ones but it is better to clear away the clutter in few days so that they do not accidentally trip or fall over the toys displayed for playing.Give them a positive enriching environment which caters to all their senses and then see how your little flower blooms into a healthy and well adjusted individual.
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Always remember there is no replacement for hard sincere effort, for everything else there is feng shui!
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