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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Music in feng shui has an important role in healing spaces Use Music to Activate Feng shui

Listen to Music that you love! Music in feng shui has an important role in healing spaces.  Activating energy, filling the emptiness and driving away negative energy! It will also remove strong blocks in spaces and dark corners if used correctly.  Soft tones, Pleasant and soothing music is considered very good feng shui and can be used effectively as a feng shui cure. Today we see in health spas, meditation centres and healing clinics music that is specifically designed and recorded for them is played and this assists in healing. 
As we know bedroom and home feng shui energy is a balance of yin and yang that is strong and subdued, light and dark and black and white. An imbalance or having one energy in higher rate will spoil the harmony of your home and result in restlessness, lethargy and weakness along with less motivation to work. The result is poor health and slow business which will affect adversely your health, wealth and prosperity , and also of your family and total members at home.
Music Room

Music Art

Music especially helps here! When there are frequent bickering about health and everyone seems to be low on energy then feng shui cures can help to uplift the energy of your home and increase motivation and energy levels in your home and family. Music has been used to cure mental illnesses and stress related problems and music can be effectively used to cure and uplift the energy of your home. 
Usually having too much yin or passive energy that is too much quiet environment will affect adversely on the energy levels of the members of your family. We see that many families live a dull and boring life and all this leads us to their passive lifestyle of living. They have less motivation to do anything and as time passes this energy that is too much yin spreads in all areas of their life. When we visit such homes we see all members lack life energy and always keep bickering about weak health. This dull energy is transferred to all visitors and either people avoid visiting such homes or even they are attacked by this negative passive energy and come home with drained energy.
Use a simple feng shui cure, music to cure and uplift the energy of your home.
 Restaurants have soothing and pleasant music going on and discos have high volumes to uplift the energy and make the mood. All this indicates the effect music has on our psyche.

When you are faced with such problem of too much yin energy in your home try music as a feng shui cure. You can play music of elements or soothing music or even ring a metal bell. Kindly take care to avoid any form of music that does not feel good to your ears. One feng shui cure may not be universal for everyone and also do consider the needs of all family members before applying any feng shui cure. 
Also remember energy deep energy blocks and space clutter blocking progress energy can be purified with using appropriate healing music but this has to be regularly played for many months , long term basis. Music has to be used alongside with other feng shui cures, like feng shui paintings  to see major changes fast. 
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