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Monday, May 22, 2017

What to do to attract more wealth! Which is the Most important Feng shui Wealth sector? Begin with 6 Magical Steps

Change your thoughts and attract wealth! 
Your thoughts , your past beliefs, and that which were taught to you since childhood are one of the main reason for you either having wealth or not having wealth
Elders used to say, and Oh, how true this is, Money is like horses if you run after it  will run faster and if you stop it will wonder , become curious ...and come to you!
With so many emails regarding feng shui wealth cures sharing some important information of what you can do and how you can attract more wealth in your life.  
Gold Coins Limited Collection of Feng Shui Paintings
Begin with this- 
1) focus on giving good business and money will come. People usually ask for so many feng shui cures and my prompt advice , they follow and add up some simple cures, , majority usually go in for free downloads of horse photos, or Laughing Buddha statues . but then what? they just sit and look upon the cures to work magic, well, things change slowly but sometimes things don't change. think about this!why things don't change?
2) Business must have the focus of producing good quality and giving rather than taking. money should never be your only goal. do not worry about money it will not come with worry. Keep working and the wealth luck along with important feng shui cures will jump start your career.
3) Respect loose coins and change. In feng shui Old Masters have written about loads of respect to the coins. change is important. Hence w e have the Chinese Goodluck Gold coins and their symbolism is very strong and they act wonders to wealth luck.
4) Change focus, stop spending and start investing little returns will pile up. 
5) Most important  recognize the wealth corners.  This is of utmost importance, people  add up a few cures to just one or two feng shui sectors and want to see dramatic changes in luck and wealth. All sectors are inter connected and influence each other strongly. Energize wealth corner and activate earth luck by feng shui. south east ,north ,north west, south west all sectors are inter linked and some how influence the incoming wealth.
6) One Cure for All Results!!! You add up a galloping horses painting or poster and immediately ask for results!  So a horse painting, or a water fountain with its own energy as stand along feng shui cures may not show you dramatic changes in wealth luck. 
The Universe blesses only those that have pure intentions and are willing to work towards fulfilling their goals. What feng shui will do for you-it will give you the desired push of energy and opportunities will come in front. Known and unknown sources emerge and guide you, you also get lucky mentors , top peoples support and guidance, you may also get lucky with coupons discounts free gifts, remember wealth comes in many forms , recognize this. Learn to welcome wealth with open arms in whatever way it comes,  always,  and you get to see more of this! 
Love your feng shui cures, they will love you back!
Always remember there is no replacement for hard sincere effort, for everything else there is Feng shui!
Thank you for coming by Feng shui Simple Cures, like, share, comment for the love of Feng Shui!
All the Best from Rizwana! 
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