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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Is your Home a Leaking Ship! Some Feng shui wealth leaks that you can easily avoid to increase your wealth

Many people say that over the years  wealth is increasing but still the expenses go on increasing more than that. They are always in a tight spot regarding finance and find it difficult to save. On questioning and detailed survey of their house photographs most of the times it is seen that the water structures are weak. Water element represents wealth in feng shui and need to be taken care off with top priority.
Either they have leaking pipes and continuous drip of water or the toilet is situated  under the finance and career feng shui area. Most of the problems regarding finance come down to this element, water,  which if not in harmony leads to undue financial pressures and ins serious cases break ups and separations in family. 

Goodluck Reiki Symbol Chinese Symbol Healing Table Art
Water is considered very auspicious in Feng shui. In fact it is termed as wealth and has to be taken and used carefully. Leakages and choked drains must not be taken lightly. Immediate repairing of leaking pipes helps to stop out flow of cash as unnecessary expenses.
You might get lucky if the career area  activated properly will show you immediate results in wealth and prosperity.  What if the area where the leakages are is your career area?  Water features, toilets and bathrooms coming up in north- Well think according to the elements of every particular feng shui area. If it is south keep a tall plant to opposite the force of the big drain. If it is in south area try to balance the fire element using red decorative ornaments to recharge the place. Hanging a mirror also helps reduce the negative impact of the toilet. Leakages and dripping pipes, rusted or broken water fixtures must be immediately repaired. Try to keep the drains and toilet lid always covered.
If any water structure is situated in career area always keep it clean and avoid stagnating water. Repair, replace refurbish and keep all energy active.
Be extra careful with water at home as it is one of the strongest wealth cures which can make or mar your wealth luck! Unknowingly little leaks and small drips make your home a leaking ship! that might sink! Do Take Care!
Thank you for coming by feng shui Simple Cures, like,share, comment for the love of Feng Shui!
All the Best from Rizwana!
Golden Rain Ba Gua Blessings
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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Aeroplane Car Posters paintings Displayed in wrong direction 7 Serious Bad Effects

Confusing energy comes up and you wait for your feng shui cures for travel and wealth luck with plane , train, car posters and paintings displayed in wrong directions. These work wonders on travel luck, career luck and wealth luck. Plane and Vehicles paintings and posters are displayed in wrong direction. Here it is very important that the direction of the vehicles and plane be proper. the Aeroplane , Train, car,  not coming in from the main door but going out.  And most important the sector must be north or west. The paintings can be displayed near windows or other door to attract energy and give the desired push to your career and travel luck. 
Things that can go wrong with incorrect display-
1) All opportunities may be visible to you but go away to someone else. The mentor luck sector becomes confusing with wrong display.
2) You will see no changes in opportunities coming up. Posters with images of your dreams put up yet it may not be clear focused hence there will be thoughts in your mind that are confusing and this hinders the energy to attract what you desire. 
3) You will notice that wealth reducing and moving out more inspite of your putting up feng shui cures. When the plane, car image hung on your wall,  goes out and is hung near the main door, it will also represent wealth going out. 
4) Posters are sometimes confusing and you lose focus or job desired. These posters are designed by people having no knowledge of perspective and feng shui so the plane may be really small as compared to the tree or the motor cycle in the same poster.
5) Directions of the artwork or poster of Aeroplane must be clear. The plane coming in house will bring in luck  but not work opportunities for travelling abroad. Choose the sector carefully.  
6) The direction of Aeroplane going towards the dead end wall or toilet is another very bad feng shui. 
7) The intentions you put up must be clear and if you yourself are in second thoughts as to work here or abroad , and you always keep saying anything will do, lets see, how this works out...then you will not see changes even with strong feng shui cures. 
Thank you for coming by Feng Shui- Simple Cures!
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All the Best from Rizwana!
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Friday, June 23, 2017

Why You are Not successful with Foreign Travel Luck Feng Shui Cures

Travel Luck Feng shui Painting
Foreign luck, work abroad, travel luck, a dream for many and even after applying certain feng shui cures there seems to be no change.People read on feng shui and bring in simple cures and wait for the miracles of feng shui , not knowing that feng shui is all about harmony and balance. The bigger the dream the bigger the amount of energy and planning you will need to activate this sector.So just by hanging a cheap poster people wait for the wonders, and well it also does work for some, its all upon the Universe! but in case you wish to see results you must go deep into the  feng shui cures and bring in a combination to give the space booster energy.
Here are some of the reasons why your travel luck feng shui cures are not working! So even after my advice there are certain simple mistakes people do and , keep doing, maybe its karma at work, then lose faith on feng shui!
1) The sector that needs to be activated is not a single one, for travel and career luck activate all the feng shui sectors. At least three to show you fast changes.
2) people even after my advice go with their decor trends and choose certain feng shui cures that are confusing.  Remember the universe loves clarity,ask only what you want to see achieve, otherwise nothing works. here this is the main cause,no focus and clarity. So if you love a certain sculpture and I have advised to avoid this please listen!for those who have followed are happy with the results
3) They talk too much about the Feng shui cures with everyone and not all are your friends and best wishers! Taking too much advice from many healers and astrologers confuses the energy. Add the cures in modern way and blend them with your interior modern decor.
I have noticed some people are obsessed with healers and ask too many questions and do not follow sincerely. It is really sad when I am asked to comment on some other healers advice, of course I never interfere with these as it is not good karma. Be respectful to your Feng shui master and Healers as each one has their own energy. Choose your healers carefully and only those whom you can trust and feel connected, otherwise it is difficult to follow their advice and you will not see changes.
Always remember there is no replacement for hard sincere effort, for everything else there is Feng shui!
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Golden Rain Ba Gua Blessings 
Thank you for coming by Feng Shui- Simple Cures!
All the Best from Rizwana!
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How to choose Find the right Career Direction in Life Feng Shui 

Monday, June 19, 2017

5x5 Tips for Foreign Abroad Career and Travel Luck Abroad

 Career and travel luck, for some the dream to study and work abroad begins since childhood and what better way to fan the passion than to sue feng shui cures from academic age to see the success in this goal.
Then there are many , (like me) who wish to travel the world to see beautiful amazing wonders of the world, and life seems to get busy being busy , yet the dream continues.
Fantastical Dreams Plane Paris Feng Shui Travel Luck Painting
Activating certain feng shui sectors with symbols of travel luck and career luck can boost the energy of this sector and help achieve this goal successfully.
How to activate the education sector for career luck-
1) North east sector can be activated with a seven, eight or nine layer education luck tower.Finding your child's lucky prosperity number and using this to activate the sector also helps.
2) Keep your child's study area preferably in north east or east sector.
3) Protect from negative energies by hanging or putting an evil eye cure.Green mother in laws tongue plant also works wonders here.
4) The wall that your child faces while studying must have symbols of clarity and focus and not games or entertainment images.
5)Make a wish fulfillment collage or dream fulfillment artwork for this sector.
For travel luck and career work abroad-
1) Clear space from clutter
2) Have clarity, it helps to sit in northeast few minutes daily to get clarity as to what travel luck means for you and what you want from the feng shui cures. This is the main cause why most feng shui cures fail to show results.
3) dream collage, wish fulfillment painting. North east , helps attract all that you desire. Be it a Aeroplane travel, places you wish to visit, Yatch, ship travel, mountains, hiking, camping, family bonding, certain companies you wish to work for, certain posts and designations you wish to achieve, just about anything, Always remember the Universe has everything in abundance, you just have to tap this correctly!
4) Birds with the Reiki letter of intention in their mouth also helps show fast changes. These are placed near the entrance coming in.
5) The important sector always going unnoticed, that can bring in travel luck also, west, put sky pictures and activate with circles and metal energy.
Always remember there is no replacement for hard sincere effort, for everything else there is Feng shui!
Ashtamangala Tibetan Mantra Healing Painting and Enso Reiki Symbols Wall Healing Art
 All the Best from Rizwana!
Thank you for coming by Feng Shui Simple Cures, like, share, comment for the love of Feng Shui!
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(All images are my original paintings , some are displayed with modern decor, All Paintings and Content Copyright© 2000-2017 Rizwana A.Mundewadi)

Thursday, June 15, 2017

What does the Dragon Turtle symbolize Combination Turtles Feng Shui Turtle Paintings Practical Display Suggestions

 What does a dragon turtle symbolize? two most powerful celestial creatures, strength, fame, recognition, career and growth. Courage, longevity, power and success.

There are different combinations with Tortoises and Turtles in feng shui cures paintings and once can benefit from the required type of energy. All tortoises and turtles attract good luck, except for incomplete images and broken cures that may produce shar energy and are best removed from your space.
 Right Direction To Display Turtle Paintings is important. Turtles and Tortoises are very auspicious in Feng shui. Actual real tortoises and turtles were kept in ancient homes in China to attract great luck. today real turtles and tortoises are banned and also these humble creatures are not well taken care off and die, so this brings bad feng shui.
I always advice to go in for paintings or sculptures of turtles and tortoises to bring in the feng shui luck of long life, health and prosperity.
Cosmic Tortoises are great luck enhancers. Hardly do they have any side effects and always work wonders.
Hardly does this humble creature create negative energy, yet following some practical tips while displaying and direction of tortoise and turtle paintings helps-
Amazing Turtle of Goodluck
The Tortoise is one of the four celestial animals, guardians in feng shui. East is guarded by the green dragon, Black tortoise guards north, the south is guarded by red phoenix, and the west is ruled by the white tiger.
Turtles and tortoises bring in stable career, opportunities and regular flow of income when placed in career sector.
Protection and strength as they live along life and are quite persistent movers, encouraging gradual promotions and career growth.
These Reiki symbol Turtle feng shui paintings are a mystical combinations of cosmic chi and universal life force.
The element of water , tortoises rule north and the number is one. The way in which Tortoises activate feng shui is seen in increased earned income and support. this support is very essential in everyone's life , be it good friends, supportive family and great mentors that help you to reach your career to the next level of successes.
1) With choosing feng shui tortoise and other celestial creature combinations artworks  consider  the energy and ruling element of the feng shui sector. this will help you to find the best place to display your feng shui cure  tortoise paintings.
2) Choose combinations with your personal nature and energy,  some people cannot tolerate dragon energy and must avoid such feng shui cure paintings that have more red and strong dragon turtle energy.
3) Consider your lucky element and number, if metal is your lucky strong element best north sector and turtles tortoises rule here. If west go in for a ceramic lighter color tortoises artworks.
There are no rigid  rules here, only guidelines, I love Tortoises and Turtles, they never let me down!  and each one can benefit differently and in many ways from the feng shui tortoise combination paintings.
Mystic Knot Rooster Combination
Most humble animals , they will multiply their love and respect manifolds , if you show them love!
The Turtle and The Wheel
Always remember there is no replacement for hard sincere effort, for everything else there is Feng shui!
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Thank you for coming by Feng Shui- Simple Cures!

All the Best from Rizwana!
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Friday, June 9, 2017

9 Practical workable Suggestions to display Feng Shui Tortoise paintings How will a Feng Shui Tortoise Painting work to attract wealth and opportunities

The Tortoise wins the race! yup! true to its folk tale , the tortoise does help to bring in energy of slow hard sincere work and brings the person to achieving success and growth. Turtles and tortoises are different creatures but in feng shui both work the same energy wonders and most often feng shui cures are used by using any of these.

Amazing Turtle of Goodluck
The Tortoises are considered more auspicious as they carry the Ba gua, the lo shu square on its back. History and Chinese feng shui masters believed that the Turtles comes out of the water with blessings and wisdom from deep seas.
Displaying Tortoise and Turtle feng shui paintings are auspicious and bring in the energy of this celestial creature.
More so Tortoises and turtles are more important in feng shui as these are alive creatures, in like the dragons and phoenix that are mythology fantasy characters.
Keeping real Tortoises are not allowed today as these creatures need special care and are becoming extinct. Thus hanging a feng shui turtle Tortoise painting brings immense benefits and energy for attracting career growth, stability in career, strength to achieve completion of projects and wealth.
9 Practical workable  Suggestions to display Feng Shui Tortoise paintings-
1) Health sector, east, relationships and wealth also. They provide strength and heal relationships among family members as well as attract wealth. Wealth here is not just money but success in all aspects of life.
2) Place him behind your office work table back and see his strength. He will provide support in known and unknown ways.
The Turtle and The Wheel
3) Of course the wealth sector! south east can be activated with a water fountain with Turtle.
4) Best place , North- Moving up the career ladder, promotions, north, opportunities,  and wealth.
5) People suffering from nightmares and sleeplessness or troubled sleep also benefit from his strength and support. sleep soundly under your bed
6) More money,wealth, place a coin in its mouth, the feng shui turtle with a coin in his mouth is considered auspicious in feng shui wealth.
7) If you are not able to place the tortoise painting on wall try a side tables small artwork,  Keep the turtle tortoise painting on the opposite end of your table facing towards you.
8) Another powerful feng shui luck and wealth enhancer, Reiki symbol tortoise feng shui paintings in prosperity sector. Facing towards the main door.
9) Tortoise and Turtle artworks can be carried along as products with images that will keep the energy active and live alongside with you.
Tortoises and Turtles are humble creatures with strong symbolism and feng shui powerful wealth enhancers cures. Use them for your benefit and attract happiness and success!
Always remember there is no replacement for hard sincere effort, for everything else there is Feng shui!
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Thank you for coming by Feng Shui- Simple Cures!
All the Best from Rizwana!
Lily Pad of goodluck
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Monday, June 5, 2017

Worst Places in Feng Shui To Hang Couple walking in Rain Love Art Dangerous Analysis of Feng shui Love Paintings

Love paintings, love symbol artworks and texts on love, all bring the emotions of love and happiness and are always said to have great feng shui energy to attract love and harmony.
Original Modern Healing Feng Shui Happiness Art Collages Silky Sheen collection
Strange case of Love artworks of couples and rainy walking scenes with couples displayed going wrong have come up with our latest trends and lifestyles and here we need to choose and hang love paintings with care as these displayed in wrong spaces can create a not so good energy.
The sight of couple walking hand in hand always brings a romantic emotion from viewers and so also couples walking in thunder storms and rainy season with a single umbrella. 
Recently analysis of a painting that was creating havoc between a loving couple and good this has been replaced. The married couple seemed to be happy with their new beginnings till the couples walking in dark night rainy season painting,  gifted to them was hung in their bedroom and things started to change for worse, even to serious issues related to their marriage.
Sharing here Some insights into the energy symbolism of love couple artwork-
1) The couple painted in the love painting was not of proper orientation. The lady in the painting was large and taller than the male . here the energy indicated is Yin becomes stronger than yang, passive energy increases.
2) The man was inclined to the lady and most part of the body was leaned towards the female body. In reality, here the man started to lean more for comfort and finances on the female partner and this suddenly started to create personal and financial uneasiness between them. 
3) There was a dried tree just towards the side, touching the figure  of the female and this had an effect on her fertility and gradually there were difficulties in conceiving a child. 
4) The night was dark, and I have seen most love couple paintings are seen with dark night backgrounds, and this gradually attracts gloomy night yin energy in lives. Happy occasions start to reduce and people try to avoid them. 
5) The place they chose to hang was the ultimate disaster! South west as they had read about feng shui relationships sector on the internet and followed this rule in feng shui! And the south west happened to be their bedroom door and they hung this couple painting as if unknowingly welcoming dark night yin energy into their relationships. Storms, and each day never went by without any arguments. And gradually as day in and day out when the painting was viewed over a time period their thoughts and mind started to change and thus they began to attract occasions and incidences that were not so good for their healthy relationships. There was also entry of third in the relationship as they also displayed  a painting of three cactus flowers above their bed! 
Serious cases need strong  feng shui changes from every object in the bedroom and home  purified and rearranged and refurbished. Adding powerful feng shui cures and healing symbols immediately begins to show changes in thought processes and environment as well as emotions. The only important factor is the person affected must take responsibility to change and ask for the healing, other family members asking for help to save a relationship may work slowly as compared to when the couple decides by themselves to save, and give their marriage a try. always remember the Universe has everything in abundance, you just have to tap this!
Simple feng shui cures can go a long way in bringing positive changes and attarcting best possible future!
 Wall art has the power and feng shui energy to help and attract what our hearts desire but choose and hang paintings carefully for maximum benefits from your wall art!Wall art and feng shui paintings are a best way to activate feng shui sectors withhold much care and hassles provided you choose the feng shui paintings with understanding their energy and correct symbolism.
Be extra careful with feng shui paintings of relationships, fame, wealth sector artworks and childrens luck and academic grades, creativity luck.
Pink Love Original Reiki Feng Shui Paintings Artworks 
All the Best from Rizwana!
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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Yellow Art and Feng Shui Bedroom Energy 3 Simple Tips for hanging Yellow wall art

Creative Arty ModernYellow flower print

Yellow the colour of cheerfulness, joy and happiness. Add up this beautiful energy color of joy in any form in your home and see the energy transformation from dull boring quiet to harmonious peaceful and cheery. Try simple feng shui cures, yellow yin yang art print,yellow energy art print, protection symbols in yellow, goodluck yellow golden symbol art print, harmony symbol om in yellow, contemporary yin yang symbol art in yellow.
Mesmerizing yellow Flower print
 Centre of your home and north  as well as northwest all can be activated with the colour yellow.
3 simple tips for peace and harmony at home-
1) use yellow all art , choose carefully clear yellow colour art and not muddy confusing dark abstracts.
2) Avoid clutter in any form, even if its yellow! So whiel we advice yellow flowers for activating mentor luck see that there are not too many feng shui yellow cures in the centre. Clutter in any form disturbs harmony and peace of your home. Think minimalism for center of home and yellow.
3) Yellows are also a lot many when you see the color shades and hues! Choose your feng shui cures carefully and minimalist yellow. Yellow is an over powering colour and does not connect well with everyone. depends a lot upon your personal tastes and experiences with yellow colour.  Yes it works wonders for the center of your home feng shui but, Choose that yellow which you are comfortable with.

Spiritual Abstract Feng Shui bedroom Art
I used to avoid this colour, but somehow it has come up in my life and my wardrobe, and I realized just what I was missing! Thank you for coming by Feng Shui Simple Cures!
All the Best from Rizwana!
How to choose Laughing Buddha

For some original yellow Reiki symbol healing paintings Lemon Soul Collection