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Monday, June 5, 2017

Worst Places in Feng Shui To Hang Couple walking in Rain Love Art Dangerous Analysis of Feng shui Love Paintings

Love paintings, love symbol artworks and texts on love, all bring the emotions of love and happiness and are always said to have great feng shui energy to attract love and harmony.
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Strange case of Love artworks of couples and rainy walking scenes with couples displayed going wrong have come up with our latest trends and lifestyles and here we need to choose and hang love paintings with care as these displayed in wrong spaces can create a not so good energy.
The sight of couple walking hand in hand always brings a romantic emotion from viewers and so also couples walking in thunder storms and rainy season with a single umbrella. 
Recently analysis of a painting that was creating havoc between a loving couple and good this has been replaced. The married couple seemed to be happy with their new beginnings till the couples walking in dark night rainy season painting,  gifted to them was hung in their bedroom and things started to change for worse, even to serious issues related to their marriage.
Sharing here Some insights into the energy symbolism of love couple artwork-
1) The couple painted in the love painting was not of proper orientation. The lady in the painting was large and taller than the male . here the energy indicated is Yin becomes stronger than yang, passive energy increases.
2) The man was inclined to the lady and most part of the body was leaned towards the female body. In reality, here the man started to lean more for comfort and finances on the female partner and this suddenly started to create personal and financial uneasiness between them. 
3) There was a dried tree just towards the side, touching the figure  of the female and this had an effect on her fertility and gradually there were difficulties in conceiving a child. 
4) The night was dark, and I have seen most love couple paintings are seen with dark night backgrounds, and this gradually attracts gloomy night yin energy in lives. Happy occasions start to reduce and people try to avoid them. 
5) The place they chose to hang was the ultimate disaster! South west as they had read about feng shui relationships sector on the internet and followed this rule in feng shui! And the south west happened to be their bedroom door and they hung this couple painting as if unknowingly welcoming dark night yin energy into their relationships. Storms, and each day never went by without any arguments. And gradually as day in and day out when the painting was viewed over a time period their thoughts and mind started to change and thus they began to attract occasions and incidences that were not so good for their healthy relationships. There was also entry of third in the relationship as they also displayed  a painting of three cactus flowers above their bed! 
Serious cases need strong  feng shui changes from every object in the bedroom and home  purified and rearranged and refurbished. Adding powerful feng shui cures and healing symbols immediately begins to show changes in thought processes and environment as well as emotions. The only important factor is the person affected must take responsibility to change and ask for the healing, other family members asking for help to save a relationship may work slowly as compared to when the couple decides by themselves to save, and give their marriage a try. always remember the Universe has everything in abundance, you just have to tap this!
Simple feng shui cures can go a long way in bringing positive changes and attarcting best possible future!
 Wall art has the power and feng shui energy to help and attract what our hearts desire but choose and hang paintings carefully for maximum benefits from your wall art!Wall art and feng shui paintings are a best way to activate feng shui sectors withhold much care and hassles provided you choose the feng shui paintings with understanding their energy and correct symbolism.
Be extra careful with feng shui paintings of relationships, fame, wealth sector artworks and childrens luck and academic grades, creativity luck.
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All the Best from Rizwana!
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