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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Aeroplane Car Posters paintings Displayed in wrong direction 7 Serious Bad Effects

Confusing energy comes up and you wait for your feng shui cures for travel and wealth luck with plane , train, car posters and paintings displayed in wrong directions. These work wonders on travel luck, career luck and wealth luck. Plane and Vehicles paintings and posters are displayed in wrong direction. Here it is very important that the direction of the vehicles and plane be proper. the Aeroplane , Train, car,  not coming in from the main door but going out.  And most important the sector must be north or west. The paintings can be displayed near windows or other door to attract energy and give the desired push to your career and travel luck. 
Things that can go wrong with incorrect display-
1) All opportunities may be visible to you but go away to someone else. The mentor luck sector becomes confusing with wrong display.
2) You will see no changes in opportunities coming up. Posters with images of your dreams put up yet it may not be clear focused hence there will be thoughts in your mind that are confusing and this hinders the energy to attract what you desire. 
3) You will notice that wealth reducing and moving out more inspite of your putting up feng shui cures. When the plane, car image hung on your wall,  goes out and is hung near the main door, it will also represent wealth going out. 
4) Posters are sometimes confusing and you lose focus or job desired. These posters are designed by people having no knowledge of perspective and feng shui so the plane may be really small as compared to the tree or the motor cycle in the same poster.
5) Directions of the artwork or poster of Aeroplane must be clear. The plane coming in house will bring in luck  but not work opportunities for travelling abroad. Choose the sector carefully.  
6) The direction of Aeroplane going towards the dead end wall or toilet is another very bad feng shui. 
7) The intentions you put up must be clear and if you yourself are in second thoughts as to work here or abroad , and you always keep saying anything will do, lets see, how this works out...then you will not see changes even with strong feng shui cures. 
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