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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Yellow Art and Feng Shui Bedroom Energy 3 Simple Tips for hanging Yellow wall art

Creative Arty ModernYellow flower print

Yellow the colour of cheerfulness, joy and happiness. Add up this beautiful energy color of joy in any form in your home and see the energy transformation from dull boring quiet to harmonious peaceful and cheery. Try simple feng shui cures, yellow yin yang art print,yellow energy art print, protection symbols in yellow, goodluck yellow golden symbol art print, harmony symbol om in yellow, contemporary yin yang symbol art in yellow.
Mesmerizing yellow Flower print
 Centre of your home and north  as well as northwest all can be activated with the colour yellow.
3 simple tips for peace and harmony at home-
1) use yellow all art , choose carefully clear yellow colour art and not muddy confusing dark abstracts.
2) Avoid clutter in any form, even if its yellow! So whiel we advice yellow flowers for activating mentor luck see that there are not too many feng shui yellow cures in the centre. Clutter in any form disturbs harmony and peace of your home. Think minimalism for center of home and yellow.
3) Yellows are also a lot many when you see the color shades and hues! Choose your feng shui cures carefully and minimalist yellow. Yellow is an over powering colour and does not connect well with everyone. depends a lot upon your personal tastes and experiences with yellow colour.  Yes it works wonders for the center of your home feng shui but, Choose that yellow which you are comfortable with.

Spiritual Abstract Feng Shui bedroom Art
I used to avoid this colour, but somehow it has come up in my life and my wardrobe, and I realized just what I was missing! Thank you for coming by Feng Shui Simple Cures!
All the Best from Rizwana!
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