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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Will My Tortoise Shaped Finger Ring Work Why is tortoise shaped ring not working

Will My Tortoise Shaped Finger Ring Work?
Feng shui Reiki cures are always followed by each one as individual preferences and with open heart. You cannot judge or question, doubt these feng shui cures. If you doubt and you mind wavers it automatically begins a cycle of negative energy force that will counter or hinder the positive outcomes from your feng shui cures.
Amazing results and changes are seen from those who love feng shui and Reiki and have made this a way of life. You can always try using the tortoise shaped finger ring and , then also try it in different hand and fingers, I always go with my personal instincts and not so much on reading or information by others.
why is Tortoise finger ring not working
Choose shapes of your finger rings carefully and those that you are comfortable with.
 Why is tortoise shaped ring feng shui cure not working?
If some people , though very few, find that there are no changes, it is that this cure may not be for you. Always trust the universe, there is always something better for you. It may have carried some negative energy from the shop, the buyers or the gifter.
What to do if your tortoise finger ring feng shui cure is not working or showing any change?
Cleanse it with mild  soapy water and purify it with burning incense and some fresh early morning sunlight. Put positive intentions and again wear it, hope this helps!
All the Best from Rizwana!

Who cannot wear Tortoise Finger Rings

Tortoise finger rings must never be worn by these people, who are sick and have chronic health serious problems. Then there are some people who suffer from depression and anxiety. Tortoise is a symbol of good health and good luck but practically thinking it really is a very slow animal. Harmless though the shape does trigger emotions and slow movements sometimes if the wearer suffers from mental disorders or mental health problems.
The tortoise finger rings symbolic of attracting good health,wealth and prosperity are usually worn in right hand fingers.
Small children and old people must avoid wearing tortoise shaped finger rings as the energy changes with feng shui cures worn on body may cause different reactions in their body and auras. As this will also depend upon the intentions and energy of the buyer of the ring.
Gemstone tortoise finger ring
When there  is a surge in liking the new trendy shaped tortoise finger rings, it is essential  that some people take care never to wear this shape. For attracting wealth there are many feng shui cures and the feng shui wealth , prosperity, sectors of your home space also need to be activated along side for the tortoise shaped finger ring  to work. It is always better to see that the wearer is comfortable wearing this shape and try wearing it facing inwards or outwards with open mind and see  how the ring connects with you. Always go with your personal instincts.
Always remember there is no replacement to hard sincere effort, for everything else there is feng shui!
All the Best from Rizwana!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Are Fish Tanks Good for Private Physician Consultant Clinics and Hospitals Feng Shui Tips

Fish tanks, the most powerful wealth and career luck energy feng shui cures seen in Clinics, Hospitals , private consultants and medical centers, today while some do take care of the feng shui aspects some drive their wealth and well as incoming traffic energy by placing the fish tank on wrong direction or getting an over overwhelmingly large sized fish tank in their small clinics.
While fishes moving are relaxing to observe in clinics today some people hire interior decorators and they go over board with the size of the fish tanks as well as the choice of fishes, thinking large is better and costly fishes are good! Sharing some important feng shui tips for fish tank placements in clinics and medical centers.
"The Joy of Simplicity" and "Harmony Pot"original healing art by Rizwana A.Mundewadi

"Color Therapy" by Rizwana A.Mundewadi

Fish Tanks In Private Physician Consultant Clinics and Hospitals Feng Shui Tips
1) Size of your clinic space. In a small clinic it is better to opt for feng shui cures wall paintings than have a fish tank.
2) Hygiene of your patients. However clean your fish tank is remember it does give out some smell!
3) Safety of your patients, how is your clientele, small children pets are always at risk of accidents while in the seating area or near entrances observing the fishes.
4) Directions are most important in feng shui. South , north east west be clear where you are placing the fish tank and for what purpose. Placing a tank near entrance with a water filter, water cooler on the other side attracts ill luck and not wealth but tears. Be careful!
5) If fishes keep dieing they take away so much luck and energy, and also indicate coming of ill luck. And you have to always keep replacing fishes, takes too much of your energy.  It is better to avoid placing fish tank in such cases in your clinic.
6) Clinics and Medical facility centers must have an ambiance of soothing and healing feng shui energies and placing too large sized fish tank or too many fishes moving fast in water,   creates strong energy, which may not be so good for serious sick patients.
"The Golden Wave" acrylic on canvas Rizwana A.Mundewadi
"Sernya The Two Gold Wishes, Wealth Flows"
All the Best from Rizwana!

Monday, July 13, 2015

Bed Side Table and symbolism 6 important bedroom side table feng shui tips

Ever thought how your bed side table can influence the feng shui of your life, yes how and where your bed side table is placed will affect your life, marriage, and marital happiness love.
Bed Side tables though began with a concept in interior decor are really very important part of the bedroom furniture.Feng shui of your bedroom is dependent not only by the placement of bed but also with the side tables and objects placed on this. Affecting marital happiness, if you are unable to find the right marriage partner, not feeling comfortable with your spouse, arguments and misunderstandings between partners, one of the spouse feeling low on energy and always inferior, one spouse always dominating and commanding nature, check out this simple yet  important feng shui in your bedroom, side tables.
Some suggestions from my side!
1) It is very important that every bedroom has two side tables on either side of the bed . This provides balanced male/female, yin and yang energy.
2) See that both tables are of same material as each element has a different energy. Wood is peaceful while metal has strength. If one side table is wood and other side is metal , fengshui metal cuts wood,  it will always clash with the other thus affecting relationships between the partners.
3) Side tables of same size. This will provide equal opportunities and love from both partners. And one will not feel thwarted or stifled in the relationship.
4) No pointed edges, see that the side tables in your bedroom have smooth edges so that they do not hurt while walking near them or near the bed. This produce really very strong sharp poison arrows affecting rest and peace.
5) I know each spouse has different tastes and while one has books on their side table near the bed other might have a tab , see that you keep at least a few objects in pairs. Like table lamps, flower vases , artefacts, sculptures etc that are same for both sides.
6) If you are single and wish to attract marital luck, then this is an important Feng Shui cure, put two side tables either side of your bed even if you do not use them, to attract this type of energy and good spouse and soul mate
7) Crystals and gemstones are also good for attracting love, peace and happiness in the bedroom.
Hope this helps!
Feng shui tips for Side Tables Bedroom feng shui
Thank you and All the Best from Rizwana!
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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Increased Expenses Wealth Losses and Feng Shui Unable to Save Money Check your Home Decor Items with Feng Shui

Increased Expenses Wealth Losses Unable to Save Money, facing these problems, however hard you work and wealth money just seems to slip away from your hands.
Check your Home Decor Items!
Yes while we purchase such costly home decor items one of the most commonest ones are Jars and Vases. Vases and Big jars are in fashion, Pots ceramic, antique and especially art decorated jars do not come cheap, are displayed in corners as center pieces as well as highlights in any room decor.
In feng shui when faced with quarrels, arguments and back biting gossip I always advise to put wide mouthed jars, can be with water ,   empty jars  absorb negative energy as they are wide mouthed and take in energy.
Now with modern decor the size of jars is going on increasing and as the home/room sizes are increasing so also the artefacts and decor items sizes increase. I see so many homes with jars, Pots, vases , really huge ones, yes they are beautiful , but not so much of god feng shui energy.
Large sized empty jars and pots absorb energy from the room and your home and life. They suck away your wealth.
Then also large antique pots displayed tend to absorb environment negative energy and this leads to quarrels, arguments and may even lead to serious consequences.
The tendency is such that these huge vases and jars are cleaned and dusted from outside and the inside is never thought of. Which leads to accumulation of negative energy over the years.
While displaying large sized jars, pots, ceramic containers as decor items-
1)  choose narrow mouthed ones.
2) Do not keep them empty
3) Limit the vases and empty pots to not more than two in a large sized room.
4) See that they are never placed in wealth and prosperity area.
5) Always remember to clean the large sized pots, jars and vases within few months from inside also.
Losing wealth and extra expenses and being unable to save money has been linked by feng shui to more empty large sized antique vases , pots large sized jars at home or office, check this out!share your experiences!
Antique Pot of Prosperity Original Symbolic Painting by Rizwana A.Mundewadi
Hope this helps!
God Bless and All the Best from Rizwana!
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