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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Increased Expenses Wealth Losses and Feng Shui Unable to Save Money Check your Home Decor Items with Feng Shui

Increased Expenses Wealth Losses Unable to Save Money, facing these problems, however hard you work and wealth money just seems to slip away from your hands.
Check your Home Decor Items!
Yes while we purchase such costly home decor items one of the most commonest ones are Jars and Vases. Vases and Big jars are in fashion, Pots ceramic, antique and especially art decorated jars do not come cheap, are displayed in corners as center pieces as well as highlights in any room decor.
In feng shui when faced with quarrels, arguments and back biting gossip I always advise to put wide mouthed jars, can be with water ,   empty jars  absorb negative energy as they are wide mouthed and take in energy.
Now with modern decor the size of jars is going on increasing and as the home/room sizes are increasing so also the artefacts and decor items sizes increase. I see so many homes with jars, Pots, vases , really huge ones, yes they are beautiful , but not so much of god feng shui energy.
Large sized empty jars and pots absorb energy from the room and your home and life. They suck away your wealth.
Then also large antique pots displayed tend to absorb environment negative energy and this leads to quarrels, arguments and may even lead to serious consequences.
The tendency is such that these huge vases and jars are cleaned and dusted from outside and the inside is never thought of. Which leads to accumulation of negative energy over the years.
While displaying large sized jars, pots, ceramic containers as decor items-
1)  choose narrow mouthed ones.
2) Do not keep them empty
3) Limit the vases and empty pots to not more than two in a large sized room.
4) See that they are never placed in wealth and prosperity area.
5) Always remember to clean the large sized pots, jars and vases within few months from inside also.
Losing wealth and extra expenses and being unable to save money has been linked by feng shui to more empty large sized antique vases , pots large sized jars at home or office, check this out!share your experiences!
Antique Pot of Prosperity Original Symbolic Painting by Rizwana A.Mundewadi
Hope this helps!
God Bless and All the Best from Rizwana!
Good Luck Pot Paintings

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